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June 22, 2008

One Hour Track

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Sunday June 22nd 2008
Sarnia Walking Club
One Hour Track walk
Osmond Priaulx Playing Fields
Katrine Thomson walks 9999 metres in the hour
Carl Thomson, 43 years old, walked almost 800 metres further than his nearest rival in the Sarnia Walking Clubs One Hour Track walk held on Sunday. His final distance of 11,776 metres was good enough to break the old Guernsey Age Best time, held by Rob Elliott. (Thomson Split times 10.20, 20.42, 31.02, 41.11, 51.22: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 kms).
Brothers Jason and Stuart Le Noury finished within 85 metres of each other to claim the second and third furthest distances walked, both falling just short of 11,000 metres.
In fourth place Phil Lockwood broke his 10 kilometres personal best time, en route to walking 10,721 metres in the hour. (11.02, 22.09, 33.29, 44.58, 56.11). 
Katrine pictured a week ago in Half Marathon
Walk of the day though belonged to Katrine Thomson, the only woman competitor, who walked a metre short of 10 kilometres in the hour.(12.23, 24.26, 36.27).
The next walk is on Sunday June 29th. It starts and finishes at Amarreurs Road, Vale at 8.00am over a distance of 20 kilometres. Details from Jayne Le Noury, Tel: 246865.
1 Carl Thomson M/40 11776 metres (Guernsey age best)
2 Jason Le Noury M 10978m
3 Stuart Le Noury M 10895m
4 Phil Lockwood M/35 10721m
5 Terry Bates M/55 10019m (Guernsey age best)
6 Katrine Thomson W 9999m (Unofficial Guernsey Best)
7 Kevin Le Noury M/50 9001m
8 John Dedman M/35 9001m
9 Mick Le Sauvage M/65 8675m 

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