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January 2, 2009

UK 2008 ranking lists

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Taken from the site.

Sarnia Walking Club members in top 50 positions for 2008 UK lists.

3000 metres men

10th Carl Thomson 13.44, 14th Stuart Le Noury 14.02, 16th Jason Le Noury 14.16, 32nd Phil Lockwood 14.59, 36th Terry Bates 15.24, 37th Rob Elliott 15.25

5000 metres men

11th Carl Thomson 23.03, 26th Jason Le Noury 24.39, 28th Stuart Le Noury 24.59, 41st Phil Lockwood 26.15, 50th Rob Elliott 26.53

10,000 metres men

14th Carl Thomson 48.30, 24th Jason Le Noury 50.49, 32nd Stuart Le Noury 52.39, 40th Phil Lockwood 53.41, 46th Rob Elliott 54.28.

20,000 metres men

12th Carl Thomson 1.44.03, 33rd Phil Lockwood 1.57.51, 46th Rob Elliott 2.04.55

10,000 metres women

9th Katrine Thomson 56.16, 49th Jayne Le Noury 70.52

20,000 metres women

5th Katrine Thomson 2.02.16, 17th Jayne Le Noury 2.32.42, 19th Rose Drückes 2.39.14

For fun: top Guernsey % marks taking athletes age into consideration against performance.

Age Graded UK performances Top Guernsey walkers %

Carl Thomson (M40) 84.00% at 5000m

Terry Bates (M55) 82.44% at 3000m

Rob Elliott (M45) 78.99% at 1500m

Jason Le Noury (U23)78.64% at 1 mile

Stuart Le Noury (U23) 77.83% at 1 mile

Phil Lockwood (M35) 77.69% at 1 mile

Mick Le Sauvage (M65) 76.97% at 1500m

Rose Drückes 74.24% at 10 kms

Katrine Thomson 72.80% at 10 kms


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