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March 1, 2009

Bob Wright Series Race 7 One mile

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Sunday March 1st 2009 Photos at

Sarnia Walking Club
Bob Wright Handicap Series Race 7
1 mile track walk
Osmond Priaulx Playing Fields, Guernsey
Sheppard Takes the Bob Wright Series Trophy (left to right Jason Le Noury, Karen Sheppard and third placed Kevin Le Noury)
The two pre race favourites for the Bob Wright Memorial Handicap Series, Karen Sheppard and Jason Le Noury, took the first two places in the final walk over one mile. Karen Sheppard started off first and held that position to the finish as Jason Le Noury finished 10 seconds down. karenfinishSheppard recorded her best time for some years as she deservedly took the Bob Wright Trophy, managing four first places in the five out of seven to score Series. Third in the final event was Jane Rowlinson.
Jason Le Noury, one of the last to start the race, was in a determined mood to keep backmarker Carl Thomson behind him. After a fast first lap of 1.40, Jason Le Noury had increased his lead over Thomson from a 15 seconds starting advantage to 21 seconds.
Half way through the race and a sub seven minutes time was possible, but the inevitable slowing gave him a final time of 7.07 and a six seconds personal best. Thomson was making ground on Le Noury over the final half of the race, but finished a second short of Jasons actual time as the youngster beat the Masters walker.
Jason Le Noury  (1)chases Lockwood (11) on first lap.
Carl Thomson races next weekend in Lugano, Switzerland in 20 kms EAA Permit Meeting, where he hopes to get a new personal best time and to start to get close to the 93 minutes standard for possible inclusion in the Guernsey Commonwealth Games team for 2010.
The next Guernsey walk is on Sunday March 15th at Footes Lane. It will be over 10 kilometres on  the track and will be the first Championship walk in the 2009 Yorkshire Guernsey Championships. Start time is 8.30 am. Details from Jayne Le Noury, tel 246865.
1 Karen Sheppard W40 11.12 (watch time) 11.12 (actual time)
2 Jason Le Noury M 11.22 / 7.07
3 Jane Rowlinson W45 11.26 / 10.56
4 Carol Bates W55 11.32 / 11.02
5= Jayne Le Noury W45 11.38 / 10.38
5= Carl Thomson M40 11.38 / 7.08
7 Mick Le Sauvage M65 11.52 / 10.22
8 Stuart Le Noury M 11.56 / 7.41
9 Kay Coulson W40 11.57 / 11.47
10 Alan Roger M55 11.59 / 10.29
11 Kevin Le Noury M50 12.02 / 10.02
12 Phil Lockwood M35 12.10 / 8.00
Last years Series winner Phil Lockwood reflects on his race.
Bob Wright Handicap Series final positions.
1st Karen Sheppard 93 pts, 2nd Jason le Noury 91, 3rd Kevin Le Noury 82, 4th Phil Lockwood 78, 5th Mick Le Sauvage 76, 6th Jayne le Noury 74.5, 7th Kay Coulson 69, 8th Alan Roger 69, 9th Rose Druckes 64, 10th Carl Thomson 62.5, 11th Dave Dorey 55, 12th Jane Rowlinson 52, 13th Carol Bates 37, 14th John Dedman 36, 15th Stuart Le Noury 33, 16th Bjoern Staben 26, 17th Terry Bates 12.

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