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April 14, 2010

Philadelphia Cup

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With a reminder that it is the Philadelphia Cup One Mile team race this Sunday at Les Amarreurs, it was timely that the Cups donor is on the island at this time.

Mick Perrio (pictured right in 2010) donated the Cup around 30 years ago and started its life as a relay event from North Side to the White Rock, with three walkers each walking a mile, all walkers walking on a ” handicapped basis”.

This gave all teams the same chance, ensuring some tight finishes when the Sarnia WC, with plenty of youngsters at the time, could field a good number of teams. As time went on and less walkers avaliable, the race was stopped for a while. It was reintroduced in the 1990`s, but this time utilising the one mile lap at Lucksall. With only three or four teams, the winners could usually be identified before the third walkers started. This resulted in some, realising they had no chance of catching anyone, not putting in full effort for the final leg.

This led to tweaking the format to a One Mile Handicap Race, slowest off first, fastest last. The winning team of three, drawn before the event, is now found by combining the race times of the three walkers. This means all walkers have to go all out as every second counts.

And no, I have no idea how Mick  decided to call the Cup the “Philadelphia Cup”! Perhaps he liked cheese going by his teams name below.

Pictured below in the 1977 Church Walk. Mick Perrio (6) leads the way representing “Fromage de France”.

Other walkers left to right, Rob Elliott (11) winner, Dave Dorey (2) second place, Geoff Greening (15), Len Bretel (5) past winner, Paul Ingrouille (14) now stalwart GIAAC member, Mick Le Sauvage (behind Paul). Micks profile can be found by clicking on his name above.


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