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May 2, 2010

Graham Mann Team Trophy 3 kms


Sunday May 2nd 2010
Sarnia Walking Club
Graham Mann Team Race
3 kms handicap road walk
Les Amarreurs, Guernsey
(Photo Carol Bates, Dave Dorey, Jayne Le Noury)
Two good walks from the first two across the line in the Graham Mann 3 kilometres handicap walk gave them a great start in the team race. Winner Jayne Le Noury edged out her team mate Carol Bates by only three seconds as they were joined by Dave Dorey, back in fifth place, to win the trophy by a minute from the second team of Phil Lockwood and Kevin and Jason Le Noury. The team trophy, first held in 1968, in memory of walker Graham Mann, is decided on the combined times of each teams three walkers as they pass the finish line.
The three fastest actual times of the day were set by the last three home. Phil Lockwood removed over half a minute from his previous best time with a 14.15 clocking, whilst Jason Le Noury took four seconds off his best with 13.44. Stuart Le Noury at the rear of the field was third fastest on the day with 14.56.
The next walk is on Friday May 14th at 6.30pm. Starting and finishing at Les Amarreurs over 2 kilometres. It is the fourth race in the Yorkshire Guernsey Club Championships.
1 Jayne Le Noury W45 22.51 (watch time) 20.21 (actual)
2 Carol Bates W55 22.54 / 20.54
3 Mick Le Sauvage M70 22.55 / 19.55
4 Kevin Le Noury M50 23.04 / 19.04
5 Dave Dorey M60 23.18 / 19.48
6 Kay Coulson W40 23.28 / 23.28
7 Jason Le Noury M 23.29 / 13.44
8 Phil Lockwood M35 23.35 / 14.15
9 Stuart Le Noury M 24.26 / 14.56
Graham Mann Team result
1 Team A: C Bates, Jayne Le Noury, D Dorey 69.03
2 Team C: P Lockwood, K Le Noury, Jason Le Noury 70.08
3 Team B: M Le Sauvage, K Coulson, S Le Noury 70.49

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