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August 15, 2010

One Hour track walk

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Sunday August 15th 2010
Sarnia Walking Club
Willow Trust Guernsey – Licenced Fiduciaries One Hour Track walk
Osmond Priaulx, Guernsey
Phil Lockwood (pictured earlier this year with Jayne Le Noury)covered 11, 179 metres, almost 28 laps in the Willow Trust Guernsey One Hour Track walk to easily walk the days furthest distance.  Aiming for the Guernsey Island Games qualifying time of 53 minutes for 10 kilometres, he treated the race as such and went through that point in 53.49 and carried on to complete the hour. Showing good form at the moment he is on target to make further inprovement in the annual Church to Church walk taking place soon and edge towards the 3 hours barrier. Another of his targets is 7 miles per hour, today he fell short by around 90 metres, heading in the right direction to surely mangage that target. His nearest challenger was visitor Adrian Edwards from Lancashire WC, who walked strongly to cover 10, 429 metres. Jane Rowlinson was the best of the women with 8011 metres. Newcomer Keith de Carteret walked 7631 metres. Talking with Adrian after the walk about Lancashire walkers I had raced against, the name Tony Malone was mentioned.
Pictured here is a photo taken a long time ago in 1978. Tony Malone is number 70, walking for Stockport, alongside Guernsey`s Rob Elliott (67) walking for York Postal. The race was the York Open 7 miles in October 1978 with Malone in fouth place getting the better of Elliott 52.43 to 52.48. Lancashires Chris Harvey won in 50.44.
The next walk is on Friday August 27th at 6.30 pm. Venue is Delancey Park for a 5 kilometres walk.  Coming up soon will also be the Church to Church 19.4 miles walk on Sunday September 5th at 9.00 am. Details for both walks from Jayne Le Noury, tel 246865.
1 Phil Lockwood M35 11,179 metres
2 Adrian Edwards M45 (Lancashire WC) 10, 429 m
3 Rob Elliott M50 9,534 m
4 Kevin Le Noury M50 8,744 m
5 Mick Le Sauvage M70 8381 m
6 Jane Rowlinson W50 8011 m
7 Jayne Le Noury W45 7807 m
8 Keith de Carteret M60 7631 m
9 Carol Bates W55 6437 m
Church to Church Walking Challenge
Guernseys oldest walking challenge, the annual Church to Church Walk takes place on Sunday September 5th. The 19.4 miles walk starts and finishes at Havelet Bay, South Esplanade near the old Guernsey Brewery site at 9.00 am. Organisers, the Sarnia Walking Club, have decided that men and women will now start together again and to date have received nearly thirty entries.
With a history going back to 1936, the walk has always attracted both walkers who wish to race the course and those who take up the challenge of finishing within 5 hours 30 minutes. There is a mix of both entered, with walkers from outside Guernsey so far outnumbering the locals. Walkers from Isle of Man are expected to be challenging for the early positions, along with the local Sarnia WC walkers, but it is pleasing that newcomers from Guernsey and from outside, are also showing interest.
There are trophies on offer for both locals and allcomers. The more unusual are the awards for the first husband and wife across the line, the first family of three walkers, as well as the trophies for the first over 40 years, over 50 years and over 70 years. In an effort to attract the younger walker, there are trophies for the first Under 25 years man and woman as well as first newcomer to the event. The minimum age for entry is 17 years old. Locals will contest the Parish Shield for teams of three walkers, being automatically entered into this category for their home Parish. All finishers will receive a Church to Church medal and a certificate recording their performance.
Full details from Jayne Le Noury, tel 246865. Walk details and entry forms can also be found at . There is an entry fee of £5 for the walk. There is also a presentation evening at Les Rocquettes Hotel, with food at extra cost, on the Sunday evening. 
The course covers almost twenty miles. Starting at the South Esplanade, walkers make there way to St Martins Church via Cornet Street and Les Vardes, along Forest Road, skirting Forest Church, passing the airport and turning left past the Mallard Hotel. Heading towards Torteval Church, through Les Sages and on St Peters Church and St Saviours Church. The Little Chapel marks the 10 miles point, with walkers then heading to St Andrews Church. The climb at Monnaie Road takes them on to Castel Church and downhill to the Friquet and towards the north of the island and Vale Church. On to the Bridge and St Sampsons Church before the coast road heads back to the starting point. The route will be marked with white arrows and water stations will be on the course.


  1. I hope the church to church walk goes really well, sorry I’m not still on the island otherwise I could join you, maybe in the future?
    Thanks for the friendly welcome you gave me when I was over for the track race and thanks for the certificate.
    The picture Bob put on the website is going to stir up a few memories and cause plenty of comment and conversation, I should see Tony Malone next week. Tony and Bob both look a bit different now, but thats life, can’t take away those excellent performances though; it gives us newer walkers something to aspire to.
    Once again Thanks.
    Adrian Edwards

    Comment by Adrian Edwards — August 22, 2010 @ 4:37 pm

    • Glad you enjoyed your race in Guernsey. Let us know if you come to the island again.
      Give my regards to Tony and Chris Harvey please.
      Best wishes. Rob Elliott. Sarnia WC and one time York Postal RWC.

      Comment by sarnia — August 22, 2010 @ 8:06 pm

  2. I saw Adrian today at the football and he gave me your regards and showed me his photograph. How tims change!!
    I still see the results on
    These days if I turn out I walk for York CIU. Strange world isn’t it?
    We had a few good tussles. It good o know your’re still fit and well.
    I will be meeting up with another old adversary in 2 weeks when Bradford City play Stockport county. Mike Holmes is coming over to watch the match and have a couple of drinks.
    Best wishes Rob and take care.
    Tony Malone

    Comment by Tony Malone — August 28, 2010 @ 7:13 pm

  3. Hi Tony
    Good to hear from you again. After you had been mentioned at the race in Guernsey I dug out the scrapbooks and noted we had a few close races at York and Stockport.Still enjoy the racing but have to put up with a few niggles on the injury side of things now ! Give my regards to Mike Holmes, a real inspiration to me in my York Postal days, along with Denis Jackson, Barry Graham and the rest of the club. Have some photos of the 1980 York Open (which you did not do), bit grainy but will put them up on site.
    Best wishes
    Rob Elliott

    Comment by sarnia — August 28, 2010 @ 8:05 pm

  4. link to York 1979 Open 7 miles cine film on youtube.

    Comment by sarnia — January 18, 2012 @ 9:22 pm

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