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January 6, 2011

UK Rankings

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Sarnia Walking Club / Guernsey  race walkers  feature in the Top 50 UK Rankings list at

Mens 3,000 metres: Jason Le Noury 9th 13.44, Phil Lockwood, 13th 14.15, Stuart Le Noury 18th 14.28.

Mens 5, 000 metres: Jason Le Noury 16th 24.28, Phil Lockwood 20th 25.06, Stuart Le Noury 22nd 25.23.

Mens 10, 000 metres: JasonLe Noury 16th 49.54, Stuart Le Noury 26th 52.50, Phil Lockwood 28th 53.16.

Mens 20,000 metres: Jason Le Noury 25th 1.55.10, Phil Lockwood 26th 1.55.15, Stuart Le Noury 29th 1.58.33, Rob Elliott 48th 2.11.30.

Womens 20,000 metres: Jayne Le Noury 23rd 2.36.12.

Most prolific Guernsey walkers (number of races in 2010)

Men: Phil Lockwood 36, Mick Le Sauvage 32, Kevin Le Noury 30 and Stuart Le Noury 30.

Women: Carol Bates 22, Jayne Le Noury 21, Kay Coulson 17

AGE Graded performances. (based on performance and age as compared to worlds best)

Men: Terry Bates  (M55) 77.50%, Jason Le Noury (U23) 76.62%, Phil Lockwood (M35) 76.24%, Mick Le Sauvage (M70) 73.91%, Stuart Le Noury  (M) 72.74%, Rob Elliott (M50) 72.32%

Women: Rose Druckes (W65) 75.11%, Carol Bates (W55) 68.77%, Jane Rowlinson (W50) 65.65, Jayne Le Noury (W50) 64.98%


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