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March 27, 2011

Sussex County Championship walk

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Phil Lockwood (pictured in Guernsey track race), Guernsey`s Sussex born walker competed in Horsham,England for the Slater/Bryce Memorial Races and Sussex 10km track championships on Saturday and picked up the bronze medal in the County Championships, with a time of 57.09.

He reports:

It was quite a humid and hot day but also overcast so it was a little strange but everybody there seemed to do slower times than in previous years so there was something in the air. The race positions were as follows:

1. Mark Easton – 49.49

2. Ian Richards – 50.58 – Sussex 1st man

3. Trevor Jones – 53.26 – Sussex 2nd man

4. Julie Drake – 54.56 – Sussex 1st woman

5. Phil Lockwood (Sarnia Walking Club) – 57.09 – Sussex 3rd man

6. Joan Lennon – 57.41 – Sussex 2nd woman

7. Arthur Thomson – 57.49

8. Helen Middleton – 58.48

9. Ron Penfold – 59.39

10. Shaun Lightman – 62.18

11. Peter Hannell – 62.32

12. Michael Harran – 63.25

13. Anne Belchambers – 63.26 – Sussex 3rd woman

14. Dave Delaney – 66.50

15. Peter Crane – 66.52

16. Dave Stevens – 69.33

The race was a lot easier for Mark Easton than last year as he had a good lead over Ian Richards from quite early on. Nick Sylvester was with them for about 3-5km before dropping out. There were a few entries on the naughty board which kept a few of the leaders in check and not really able to force the pace over the last 10 laps or so.

 There also a couple of junior races running at the same time over 3km and 5km which made for quite a full track but was quite a good atmosphere. Julie Drake looked very impressive and seemed to have the same style as when I remember her from my Brighton & Hove AC days. She looks as though she will probably be going a lot quicker soon. Luckily I just about managed to stop her from lapping me.

 Personally, it was quite a strange day for me as the first half of the race went pretty well and I was feeling good. I couldn’t keep up with Julie or Trevor but I think I was heading for a similar time as my 10km a couple of weeks ago in Guernsey (55.28). With the heat/humidity that we had it would have been quite acceptable for me today. After about 18 laps I got a verbal warning from one of the judges for ‘contact’ which made me adjust a little to try and look safer. He put me up on the naughty board for ‘contact’ a couple of laps later. I slowed down quite a bit after this to ensure I finished the race and I had realised I was in the Bronze position for the County Champs. This is why I ended up with the time I did and pleased to get another County medal, for a good day out.


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