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September 4, 2011

Church to Church Walk 19.4 miles

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Church to Church 19.4 miles Walk,Guernsey (more photos to follow)

Storming start gives Stuart Le Noury deserved win

Guernseywalker Stuart Le Noury walked to a new personal level in the annual 19.4 miles Church to Church road walk, when he removed over 16 minutes from his previous best time, to come home first in 3.05.54.

His usual tactics at this distance are to start of steadily. That tactic went out of the window as he took the race hard from the start, with second and third walkers Jock Waddington and Vinny Lynch from theIsle of Mansteadily falling behind.

A third of the way into the race after the hard climb upCornet Streetand onto St Martins Church before taking in the relative flat stretch toTortevalChurchsaw him pass the Church in 58.01. He was two and a half minutes clear of the chasingIsle of Manduo, who were still walking together. Fourth man at this point was local Phil Lockwood in 1.04.14.

The leading woman, Marie Jackson, fromIsle of Man, who won the event last year was timed at 1.06.36, closely followed by second woman Cath Duhig from Ryston Runners nineteen seconds behind.

Close to them was anotherIsle of Manwalker Sean Hands, who succumbed to injury at 10 miles, with local walker Dean Machon seconds behind, in his first Church Walk.

Stuart Le Noury continued to push on hard and after the hills in the upper parishes, hit the 10 mile point in 1.30.01. His advantage was growing and he found himself four and a half minutes clear of second and third place.

Marie Jackson was now a minute and a half clear of the second woman in 1.43.22.

At 15 miles Stuart Le Noury was visibly slowing and looked in trouble as he passed in 2.15.13, with a sub 3 hours clocking still a possibility. The nearest chasers were still well down and surely out of contention.

Le Noury`s previously fluent style was now gone and it would be a slow, hard 4.4 miles trek back to Town from Vale Church and via the Bridge.

At Salerie Corner breaking 3 hours was out of the question. A win was still on if he kept himself together as the chasing Isle of Man duo were closing quickly but back some minutes at Admiral Park.

Striding into view at the finish at Havelet, Le Noury picked up the pace for the final 100 metres to cross the line in victory. As he crossed the line he only just had time to look back and see his two nearest competitors only that final straight away. Jock Waddington and Vinny Lynch, who bettered his previous best time, crossed the line together in second place in 3.06.43. These three walkers took home the Rothschild Open Mens awards

Stuart Le Noury took home the coveted Harrods Bank Victory Cup for the first Channel Islander, following in the footsteps of father Kevin Le Noury and brother Jason Le Noury who had won it previously, although they had not managed to actually win the race outright. Not to be left out, mother Jayne has taken the womens equivalent, the Network Insurance Star Trophy and won the event.

Fourth man home Phil Lockwood, walked an isolated race in 3.12.51.

Marie Jackson walked to first place in the womens event, steadily increasing her lead over Cath Duhig from around 7 miles.Jacksoncrossed the line in 3.21.25, slightly slower than her winning time of 2010. Cath Duhig finished six minutes behind, with the consolation that her course record from 1995 is still intact. The added bonus was a new age best time for the course.

Local Dean Machon, in only his third walk and first Church walk, took seventh place overall to take the Network Insurance Newcomers Trophy. Commenting after the walk and the usual “never agains” he said it was the hardest sporting thing he had ever done.

Following on was Peter Duhig in 3.47.43, helping himself and wife Cath to the Relate Guernsey Husband and Wife trophy.

Regular visitor David Hoben took ninth place in 3.57.51, walking remarkably consistently every time he visits the island.

Jayne Le Noury took third place in the womens section, tenth place overall, finishing strides outside the 4 hours barrier to complete the one, two, three in the KPMG Open section of the race, with the added bonus of being the first Channel Islander home. Her walk earned her the Star Trophy and the Jenny Elliott Salver.

Husband Kevin, now with 36 church finishes under his belt, who had been walking with Jayne for most of the race, must have been a gentleman as both were credited with 4.00.03, but Jayne was deemed to be enough ahead for it not to be a dead heat!

Two new visitors to Guernsey were a few minutes behind, David Delaney from Surrey and John Payn fromLancashire. John Payn was the winner of the Ilford AC Trophy for the first over 70 walker.

Heather Tasker, outlasted John Dedman to finish as fourth woman in 4.09.48, taking a massive thirty two minutes off her time of last year.

Newcomer to the event, but not to racewalking, was 1956 Olympic walker Eric Hall from Belgrave Harriers, followed by Northern Irelands Norbert Will. Past competitor Eric Horwell, from Dudley & Stourbridge, well down on his best time set many years ago came home in 4.45.51.

Guernsey`s Sandra Gee was next to finish in 4.20.30 to win the Guernsey Sports Commissions Womens Newcomers Trophy.

The various age group trophies, sponsored by Taj Mahal, Guernsey Candles, Trust Corporation and Healthspan were won by Jock Waddington (CJ Robin Tankard), Vinny Lynch (Healthspan Tankard) and John Payn (Ilford AC trophy).

The Vale Parish took home the Rothschild Parish Shield, with the team of Stuart Le Noury, Phil Lockwood and Jayne Le Noury.

The Fletchersports Team Shield went overseas again to the Isle of Man Veteran AC, scoring a win over Sarnia Walking Club.

Thanks to all he helped make this event another success and to Electrical Supplies & Machinery Gsy Ltd for the use of the van, a welcome sight for walkers to crash out in at the finish.

Church to Church 19.4 miles Walk
 Sunday September 4th 2011
Pos. No. Name Club Country Age Time
1 53 Stuart Le Noury Sarnia WC  Guernsey M 3.05.54
2= 24 Vinny Lynch IOM Veteran AC Isle of Man M50 3.06.43
2= 46 Jock Waddington IOM Veteran AC Isle of Man M45 3.06.43
4 56 Phil Lockwood Sarnia WC  Guernsey M35 3.12.51
5 60 Marie Jackson IOM Veteran AC Isle of Man W50 3.21.25
6 61 Cath Duhig Ryston Runners England W55 3.27.20
7 54 Dean Machon Unattached Guernsey M45 3.40.32
8 50 Peter Duhig Ryston Runners England M60 3.47.43
9 51 David Hoben Surrey WC England M55 3.57.51
10 64 Jayne Le Noury Sarnia WC  Guernsey W50 4.00.03
11 52 Kevin Le Noury Sarnia WC  Guernsey M50 4.00.03
12 59 David Delaney Surrey WC England M65 4.02.16
13 45 John Payn Lancashire WC England M75 4.04.16
14 70 Heather Tasker Unattached Guernsey W35 4.09.48
15 55 John Dedman Sarnia WC  Guernsey M35 4.09.51
16 49 Eric Hall Belgrave Harriers England M75 4.12.47
17 47 Norbert Will Northern Ireland MAA Northern Ireland M75 4.18.26
18 62 Sandra Gee Unattached Guernsey W50 4.20.30
19 48 Eric Horwill Dudley & Stourbridge England M75 4.45.51
20 69 Gina Melaragno Unattached Guernsey W35 4.54.06
21= 67 Richard Tasker Unattached Guernsey M 5.13.17
21= 58 Letitia Beynon Unattached Guernsey W 5.13.17
21= 68 Robert Blackman Unattached Guernsey M 5.13.17
24= 73 Sally Inderwick Unattached Guernsey W45 5.16.47
24= 71 Karen Robinson Unattached Guernsey W50 5.16.47
24= 72 Gill Judge Unattached Guernsey W50 5.16.47
27 65 Gabriele Schütte Unattached Germany W70 5.19.21
  33 Sean Hands IOM Veteran AC Isle of Man M45 DNF
  63 Melanie Crocker Unattached Guernsey W45 DNF
Thanks to our walk sponsors
 KPMG, Guernsey Candles, Taj Mahal Restaurant, Fletchersports,  Trust Corporation
Bucktrouts (Walkers Crisps), Guernsey Sports Commission, Relate Guernsey Ltd,
 Network Insurance, Healthspan, Harrods, Rothschild, 
Electrical Supplies & Machinery (Guernsey) Ltd
Organised by the Sarnia Walking Club 
Guernsey Church to Church 19.4 miles Walk
Sunday September 4th 2011
Definition of a Channel Islander
“A person who was born or has been resident in Channel Islands for 12 months immediately prior to walk”
Open Winner Stuart Le Noury
2nd = Jock Waddington
2nd= Vinny Lynch
Victory Cup (First Channel Islander) Stuart Le Noury
Newcomer Plaque none
Newcomer Trophy (First Channel Islander) Dean Machon
Under 25 Plaque none
Under 25 Trophy (First Channel islander) none
Open Winner Marie Jackson
2nd Cath Duhig
3rd Jayne Le Noury
Star Trophy (First Channel Islander) Jayne Le Noury
Newcomer Plaque none
Newcomer Trophy (First Channel Islander) Sandra Gee
Under 25 Plaque none
Under 25 Trophy (First Channel Islander) none
Jenny Elliott Salver (First Guernsey woman O/35 yrs) Jayne Le Noury
Men or women:
C J Robin Veterans tankard: 40 to 49 yrs Jock Waddington
Healthspan Super Vets tankard 50 to 69 yrs Vinny Lynch
Ilford AC Vets trophy : over 70 yrs  John Payn
Team Trophies:
Guernsey Parish Shield : (first Parish with 3 to finish)                               Vale
                        Stuart Le Noury, Phil Lockwood and Jayne Le Noury
Husband and Wife: (first couple to finish) Cath and Peter Duhig
Fletchersports Team Shield: (Men, women, mixed)                           Isle of Man Veteran AC
Named team of 3 walkers to score Jock Waddington, Vinny Lynch, Marie Jackson


  1. Thanks for a nice report on this years Church to Church walk, I was surprised not to see a write up of it in the Guernsey Press to-day.
    Well done to Stuart Le Noury for first place, although it seems he struggled from Vale Church to the finish.
    I noticed his time was bang on 90 min at 10 miles, the same time as i went through in 3rd position. (He was’nt born yet when I won it in 1967 )
    I passed the two leaders, John Brouard, and Dave Dorey going up the steep Monnaie Hill, extending my lead all the way to finnish in 2hours 56min.
    Ahhhh it takes me back….
    Len Bretel

    Comment by Leonard Bretel — September 5, 2011 @ 6:02 pm

  2. Like me Len, thinking of the good memories!
    Press had their own reporter at the finish, so should be in soon. Good 15 miles for Stuart, then hit the pain! Pleased that he attacked it from the start for a change. It worked for him, but was close!
    If you are now reading this site, did you notice the photo of Len Duquemin I put in a few weeks ago?
    I sent the Press a copy of the photo of the Garnet team with you in it from 1967 for the “Young Ones” features, so hopefully it will appear sometime in Press,
    Rob Elliott

    Comment by sarnia — September 5, 2011 @ 6:51 pm

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