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October 30, 2011

Peter Kendal Cup

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Sunday October 30th 2011
Sarnia Walking Club
Peter Kendal Pairs Cup
1.5 kms and 3 kilometres handicap road race
Les Amarreurs, Guernsey
Rose Druckes (right) and Carol Bates (left) in photo on the left, took the honours in the Peter Kendal Pairs Cup at Les Amarreurs. Quite a complicted race to handicap, but its fun and it puts everyone on an equal footing! The cup was donated by past treasurer Peter Kendal many years ago when teams were made up of Under 17 walkers and Senior walkers. For many years it fell by the wayside, but was reintroduced last year.  Peter Kendal passed away earlier this year, with his name now kept in memory with this perhaps unique event. An event with a difference sees teams of two walkers made up of one slower walker and one faster, each walking the full distance of two laps , each lap being 1.5 kms. The walk is handicapped and after one lap where team mates walk together, the faster is allowed to move away and race at their own pace. The final positions after handicaps taken into consideration, saw Carol Bates home first in 22.20, followed by Stuart Le Noury in 22.42.
Actual times on the day saw the slower walkers racing over 3 kms, with Mick Le Sauvage the quickest in 21 minutes, whilst the faster walkers actually racing 1.5 kms, saw Stuart le Noury dip under 7 minutes for the fastest time. Dave Dorey had a good walk to record 9.46, ahead of Carol Bates in 9.52.
The next walk is on Sunday November 13th at 9.30 am at Delancey Park. The event, over 10 kilometres is the third walk in the Bob Wright Handicap Series. Details from Jayne Le Noury, tel 246865.
Handicap Result
1 Carol Bates 22.20
2 Stuart Le Noury 22.42
3 Kevin Le Noury 22.57
4 Bjoern Staben 23.08
5 Dave Dorey 23.28
6 Mick Le Sauvage 23.30
7 Rose Druckes 23.36
8 Kay Coulson 23.52
3 kms actual times
1 Mick Le Sauvage M70 21.00
2 Rose Druckes W65 22.06
3 Bjoern Staben M 22.08
4 Kay Coulson W40 23.52
1.5 kms actual times
1 Stuart Le Noury M 6.59
2 Dave Dorey m60 9.46
3 Carol Bates W55 9.52
4 Kevin Le Noury M50 9.53

Team Result for Peter Kendal Cup

1 Rose Druckes and Carol Bates 45.56

2 Mick Le Sauvage and Stuart Le Noury 46.12

3 Bjoern Staben and Dave Dorey 46.36

4 Kay Coulson and Kevin Le Noury 46.49 

Hannah Rente, a young visitor, not in the Kendal Team event,  walked 1.5 kms in 13.21.

Peter Kendal Pairs Team Cup 2011


“Slower walkers hat”


Team Name MLeSauvage Predicted3 km time Handicap
A Mick Le Sauvage 21.00 2.30
B Bjoern Staben 22.30 1.00
C Rose Druckes 22.00 1.30
D Kay Coulson 23.30 0.00

 “Faster walkers hat”


Team Name MLeSPredicted1.5 km Half of slower predicted3kms (ie first lap time) Slow walkers handicap Total HCapBased on Total.Added after finish
A Stuart Le Noury 6.36 10.30 2.30 19.36 3.00
B Dave Dorey 10.00 11.15 1.00 22.15 0.21
C Carol Bates 10.06 11.00 1.30 22.36 0.00
D Kevin Le Noury 9.16 11.45 0.00 21.01 1.35

Race starts as per handicap of slower walkers as if it was a normal 3 kms handicap, except their faster partner is with them for half the race. (i.e one lap.)

All then race to finish the second lap after one lap

Slower walkers watch times are their times for final positional sheet.

Faster walkers must wait to the end when their handicaps are added to their watch times. Positions will be altered accordingly to work out final scores. Walkers final race times are added together to find winning team

    WatchTime atfinish Add on fast handicap Final race time Final race pos. Half way clock time ActualTime 1.5 kms.Clock time minus first 1.5kms  ActualTime3 kms race(Watch minus

 slow hcap)

A Stuart Le Noury 19.42 3.00 22.42 2 12.43 6.59  
A Mick Le Sauvage 23.30 0 23.30 6 12.43   21.00
B Dave Dorey 23.07 0.21 23.28 5 13.21 9.46  
B Bjoern Staben 23.08 0 23.08 4 13.21   22.08
C Carol Bates 22.20 0.00 22.20 1 12.28 9.52  
C Rose Druckes 23.36 0 23.36 7 12.28   22.06
D Kevin Le Noury 21.22 1.35 22.57 3 11.29 9.53  
D Kay Coulson 23.52 0 23.52 8 11.29   23.52



  Team Name Revised final hcap race time   3kms actual 1.5 kms actual      
1 C Carol Bates 22.20     9.52      
2 A Stuart Le Noury 22.42     6.59      
3 D Kevin Le Noury 22.57     9.53      
4 B Bjoern Staben 23.08   22.08        
5 B Dave Dorey 23.28     9.46      
6 A Mick Le Sauvage 23.30   21.00        
7 C Rose Druckes 23.36   22.06        
8 D Kay Coulson 23.52   23.52        

Team Result

1 Rose Druckes and Carol Bates 45.56

2 Mick Le Sauvage and Stuart Le Noury 46.12

3 Bjoern Staben and Dave Dorey 46.36

4 Kay Coulson and Kevin Le Noury 46.49



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