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December 29, 2011

Records updated to December 29th 2011

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Record sheets have been updated with performances to December 29th 2011, after our last Guernsey race of the year.

Includes Sarnia WC, Guernsey, young age groups and masters bests. New link at been added showing some notable en route times, course records an “non records” due to lack of officilas on the day.     

List below of the changes to lists from 2011 performances. Rose Druckes at W65 has improved her best 9 times this year, whilst Terry Bates, a new M60 half way through the year has bettered the M60 best on 7 occasions. Four visitors have improved times. Mark Easton at 10 kms, John Payn, Marie Jackson and Cath Duhig in the Church to Church. Cath also improved the 3 kms age best.

Mother and son Jayne and Stuart Le Noury recorded official Guernsey and SWC record times in the rarely contested 1500 metres track event.

W65 Rose Druckes     34.49 3 miles Lancresse 02.01.11
W65 Rose Druckes     59.38 5 miles Lancresse 23.01.11
M70 Mick Le Sauvage     122.52 10 miles Albecq 23.01.11
W40 Kay Coulson     132.25 10 miles Albecq 23.01.11
W65 Rose Druckes     11.12 1 mile track Osmond Priaulx 27.02.11
W65 Rose Druckes     74.35.9 10 km s track Osmond Priaulx 06.03.11
M35 Phil Lockwood     53.53 10 kms track Osmond Priaulx 07.03.10
W65 Rose Druckes     36.31 5 kms Saumarez park 20.03.11
W65 Rose Druckes     23.45.0 2 miles track Osmond Priaulx 01.04.11
W65 Rose Druckes     11.20 1 mile road Les Amarreurs 10.04.11
M45 All Mark Easton     49.58 10 kms road Delancey 01.05.11
W65 Rose Druckes     2.13.13 10 miles Pleinmont 29.05.11
M70 Mick Le sauvage     2.01.45 10 miles Pleinmont 29.05.11
W 65 Rose Druckes     21.41.7 3 kms track Osmond Priaulx 10.06.11
M60 Terry Bates     29.34.6 5 kms track Osmond Priaulx 29.07.11
M60 Terry Bates     17.21 3 kms road Les Amarreurs 02.09.11
M75 All John Payn   (Lancs WC) 20.59 3 kms road Les Amarreurs 02.09.11
W55 All Cath Duhig   (Ryston R) 17.57 3 kms road Les Amarreurs 02.09.11
W55 Cath Duhig   (Ryston R) 3.27.20 Church walk Sth Esplanade 04.09.11
W50 Marie Jackson   IOMVAC 3.21.25 Church walk Sth Esplanade 04.09.11
M60 Terry Bates     29.36 5 kms road Delancey 25.09.11
M60 Terry Bates     8.20.3 1500m track Osmond Priaulx 02.10.11
Womens Record Jayne Le Noury     10.13.2 1500m track Osmond Priaulx 02.10.11
Mens Record Stuart Le Noury     6.35.3 1500m track Osmond Priaulx 02.10.11
M60 Terry Bates     64.15 10 kms road Delancey 13.11.11
M60 Terry Bates     11.06 2 kms road Pleinmont 04.12.12
M60 Terry Bates     5.23 Hill Climb   11.12.11

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