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March 22, 2012

Open 7 miles road walk at Wimbledon film 1969

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I came across the following short film on the website (recommended). It is of the 1969 50th Open 7 miles Belgrave Harriers road walk at Wimbledon, England. Amongst the walkers were Guernseymen Len Duquemin, a week shy of his 39th birthday and John Moullin walking for Belgrave Harriers. They had both moved from Guernsey to England to live and race a few years earlier.

When the film came to light I looked for results from the event in the Race Walking Record, which are shown below. In these days walkers had an almost weekly diet of around 6 to 7 miles events, from October to December. The Guernseymens times are shown below for the month of  November 1969.

In 1968 Len Duquemin had set a Guernsey track record of 51.38 at Battersea Park, followed a few months later with 52.15 on the roads at Imber Court.

Walking consistantly, the 1969 races Len raced in show a 52.31, followed a week later with 52.36 before the filmed Wimbledon race with 53.46. This latter walk had the reputation of always being a long 7 miles, from what I have read, by sometimes as much as 300 yards.

Shaun Lightman, who lost out to the Mexicans, raced them again in the West Country a week later for the Pewsey Cup 7 miles. This time only Oliveros got the better of him, 49.40 to49.42. Roger Mills finished third in 51.23.

November 1st 1969 Civil Service 7 miles and club match

 Len Duquemin 52.31 second to W. Wesch. Wesch wins in 52.29.

John Moullin 8th in 55.25.

November 8th 1969 Enfield Harriers Open 7 miles

 1 S Lightman (Metro WC) 51.09

2  W Wesch (Belgrave H) 52.09

3 R Coates (Belgrave H) 52.17

4 Len Duquemin (Belgrave H) 52.36

5 CLawton(Belgrave H) 52.36

 12 John Moullin (Belgrave H) 55.00

November 22nd 1969 Belgrave Harriers 50th Open 7 miles road walk atWimbledon

 1 P Colin (Mexico) 50.58

2 J Oliveros (Mexico) 51.07

3 P Ramirez (Mexico) 51.17

4 S Lightman (Metro WC) 52.17

5 ECampos(Mexico) 52.58

6 R Coates (Belgrave H) 52.59

7 W Wesch (Belgrave H) 53.08

8 R Thorpe (Wakefield  H) 53.24

9 Len Duquemin (Belgrave H) 53.46 (no. 14)

10 R Mills (Ilford) 54.08

 20 John Moullin (Belgrave H) 56.13 (no 25)

November 29th 1969 Pewsey Cup 7 miles at Calne(?)

 Oliveros beats Lightman by two seconds 49.40 to 49.42.


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