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October 20, 2012

Steyning AC 10 kilometres road walk

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Phil Lockwood had a good day in the Steyning 10 kms walk today on a new course to him which he says “made quite a nice change”. As can be seen from the results he had company relatively close to him for a lot of the race, bringing him back to his form off a few years ago.
He reports: 
I went off at a good speed and was in a little group with Trevor Jones and Steve Allen. Ian Richards and Jim Ball were already a fair distance up the road. Trevor and Steve gradually started to open a gap but tried to hold on to the back of them the best as I could. It was a good speed for me to be racing at and I reached the halfway mark in 27.12. The other two were about 20 seconds ahead of me at this point.
Its quite an up and down course with quite a few little hills and starts to tire you later in the race. Trevor Jones started to pull away from Steve Allen in the latter stages and I was able to close the gap on Steve during the last 1km but I wasn’t close enough to him to get anywhere near beating him. I came 5th in a time of 54.46, which I was really pleased with. It was my best 10km time since February 2011.
The full results were: (unofficial?)
1. Ian Richards (Steyning) – 48.26
2. Jim Ball (Steyning) – 52.18
3. Trevor Jones (Steyning) – 53.50
4. Steve Allen (Barnet) – 54.25
5. Phil Lockwood (Sarnia Walking Club) – 54.46
6. Shaun Lightman (Surrey WC) – 57.30
7. Arthur Thomson (Enfield) – 57.36
8. Ron Penfold (Steyning) – 61.35
9. Peter Hannell (Surrey WC) – 62.41
10. Michael Harran (Surrey WC) – 64.08
11. Sean Pender (Enfield) – 64.28
12. Anne Bellchambers (Steyning) – 65.54
13. Stuart Maidment (Steyning) – 66.25
14. Peter Crane (Surrey WC) – 66.40
15. David Delaney (Surrey WC) – 67.06
16. David Hoben (Surrey WC) – 72.52
17. D. Sutcliffe (Bedford) – 77.28

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