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October 21, 2012

Peter Kendal Pairs Trophy

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Sunday October 21st 2012
Sarnia Walking Club
Peter Kendal Pairs Trophy 3kms
Les Amarreurs, Vale, Guernsey
Dorey and Rowlinson win the Peter Kendal Trophy
The Peter Kendal race is a team race with a difference. Walkers are paired off together with one slower walker and one faster. Based on a handicap the walkers walk together for half the race before breaking away to race at their own pace for the second half. All seconds count as the faster walker have their handicap added on after the finish.
Once handicaps had been sorted then Jamie Marsh took the handicap honours ahead of Harriet Payne by five seconds with Dave Dorey a further six behind in third place.
Of the slower walkers who were racing 3 kilometres, the walk of the day was by newcomer Harriet Payne who took 50 seconds off her time set in her first race last week.
The faster walkers times are recorded for 1.5 kilometres, once they are free to race away from their partners. Fastest time of the day was by Stuart Le Noury with 6.58.
Times for the Peter Kendal trophy were very close with Dave Dorey and Jane Rowlinson taking the honours in 46.10, ahead of Rose Druckes and Kevin Le Noury 22 seconds behind. A further four seconds behind were Jayne Le Noury and Terry Bates securing third place by one second.
Club member Phil Lockwood took part in the Steyning AC 10 kilometres road walk on a testing course near the village. He finished in 54.46 to take 5th place. He had the eventual third and fourth walkers in sight for most of the race and was gaining on Steve Allen over the closing kilometres, but ran out of road to get on terms. This was Phils quickest time for almost two years. Full report from Phil .
Results of first 5 at Steyning.
1. Ian Richards (Steyning) – 48.26
2. Jim Ball (Steyning) – 52.18
3. Trevor Jones (Steyning) – 53.50
4. Steve Allen (Barnet) – 54.25
5. Phil Lockwood (Sarnia Walking Club) – 54.46
The next race is on Sunday November 4th at Footes Lane over a distance of 5,000 metres. Start time is 9.30 am.
Peter Kendal results 3 kms
  Team Name Revised final hcap race time
1 D Jamie Marsh 22.54
2 C Harriet Payne 22.57
3 F Dave Dorey 23.03
4 F Jane Rowlinson 23.07
5 A Rose Druckes 23.09
6 E Terry Bates 23.15
7 E Jayne Le Noury 23.21
8 A Kevin Le Noury 23.23
8 B Mick Le Sauvage 23.23
10 C Stuart Le Noury 23.40
11 D Kay Coulson 23.59
12 B Alan Roger 24.37
Individual times
3 kms
1 Alan Roger M55 21.57
2 Jayne Le Noury W50 20.11
3 Jane Rowlinson W50 20.27
4 Rose Druckes W65 22.09
5 Harriet Payne W 22.57
6 Kay Coulson W45 23.59
1.5 kms
1 Stuart Le Noury M 6.58
2 Terry Bates M 60 8.37
3 Kevin Le Noury M50 9.48
4 Jamie Marsh M45 9.53
5 Mick Le Sauvage M70 10.04
6 Dave Dorey M65 10.24

Team Result

1st  F Dave Dorey and Jane Rowlinson 46.10

2nd A Rose Druckes and Kevin Le Noury 46.32

3rd E Jayne Le Noury and Terry Bates 46.36

4th C Harriet Payne and Stuart Le Noury 46.37

5th D Kay Coulson and Jamie Marsh 46.53

6th B Alan Roger and Mick Le sauvage 48.00

Full results with handicap workings. Peter Kendal Pairs Team Cup 2012 result One note: Kevin Le Noury`s time is 9.48.


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