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February 18, 2013

Bob Wright Trophy

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bob wright 3 (2)With one more race to go in the Bob Wright Handicap Series there are still plenty of walkers in with a chance of taking the overall title in the last race next Sunday over one mile.

With a welcome number of new walkers over the last year or so it is perhaps appropriate to give a background to the man who the Series is named after and why the trophy depicts a vehicle and not a walker!

   bob wright trophy

The “Bob Wright Memorial Trophy” Handicap Series is held in memory of the Sarnia Walking Clubs Bob Wright (pictured left). He was one time President of the Club and also held the post of Secretary. He was made a Life Member in 1994 for his services to the SWC.

Although never a race walker he was a local race walk organiser, timekeeper, judge and recorder. He and his team of helpers, mainly from the Sarnia WC, were timekeepers and recorders for Guernsey`s biggest athletics event, the Hash House Harriers Half Marathon run in its peak years when over 1000 runners took part.

He came into the sport when his children Douglas, Jayne and Janice started to compete in 1972 in the “Junior” Under 17  SWC races. Bobs wife Ruth being a supporter of this competitive family. Whilst Douglas and Janice only stayed with the sport for a few years, Jayne continued and is now the SWC Treasurer Jayne Le Noury. Bob also saw the start of the walk careers of his grandsons Stuart and Jason Le Noury.

He organised the Series of walks held in the 1970`s and early 1980`s when youngsters flocked to the Sarnia WC Yacht Handicap races, with up to 30 taking part. These were his favoured events, with the wide age range of youngsters, all with a chance of crossing the line first.

The Series now holding his name consist of 7 handicapped walks, ranging from one mile to 10 kms, with 5 walks to score for the unique trophy.

The trophy is a mounted diecast VW bus, similar to the one used by Bob for many years to ferry racewalkers around from finish lines back to the start, in the days of point t0 point races rather than todays” lap” ones. It was quite surprising how many fit into the bus! The actual vehicle has been restored to showroom condition by Bobs daughter Janice Wright and is pictured below. (Photo from Jan Wright photo album).

Restoration photos and link to a magazine feature can be found at

The club held a One Mile Memorial walk in September 2003 at the track and then followed this up with the Series which started in the 2003 / 2004 season. The first winner of the Series was Bob`s grandson Jason Le Noury.

vw 2

Series winners:
2004 Jason Le Noury
2005 Jason Le Noury
2006 Jayne Le Noury
2007 Jayne Le Noury
2008 Phil Lockwood
2009 Karen Sheppard
2010 Jayne Le Noury
2011 Terry Bates
2012 Jayne Le Noury

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