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March 13, 2013

Rocquaine Regatta 1982

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Jayne Le Noury came into possesion of a photo taken back in 1982 on 7th August. The event was the Rocquaine Regatta Handicap road walk. The distance was approx 1.9 miles for Under 17 walkers (1 lap) and 3.8 miles for seniors. This was probably one of the last occasions the walk was held on a Saturday, walking through the other Regatta events and people milling around.

Not a large field for the time but a lot of walkers then had to work on a Saturday. Details of the Regatta were put online some years ago and reproduced and updated here.

Rocquaine Regatta 1982

Back of photo, left to right, Dave Johnson, Kevin Le Noury, Darren Lynch, Mick Elliott, Dave Dorey. In front, Lisa Gallienne (25), Jonathan Le Cras (almost hidden), Jenny Tostevin, Antoinette Bougourd (22) Sharon Martin in pony tail, Patricia Bougourd. On the start line Nicholas Martin (92) and Jayne Le Noury (right). Bryan Bonner is the timekeeper.

The races are part of the Rocquaine Regatta, for the Piette Trophy and junior equivalent, over a 2 lap course covering a total of 3.8 miles for seniors and half that for Under 17`s. The walk is on a handicapped basis giving all walkers a chance of victory.

 The Rocquaine Regatta walk was first walked in 1971, when the Regatta was re started after many years absence. It was originally held on the actual Regatta day on a Saturday morning, when the road was closed for half of the 2 lap out and back course along the coast road. The course was defined with a turning point at the crash barriers put up for one end of the road closure and a convenient road triangle at a lane junction almost a mile away at the other end. This gave an approximate distance of 3.8 miles for the yacht handicapped walk. The walk despite being closed to vehicles had the down fall of many people taking part in other activites on the road and beach crossing the paths of those racing.

 The walk now takes place on the Sunday morning but still with Regatta status, starting at the coast layby near Imperial Hotel, walking towards the Hotel, turning at road junction and heading back to the grass triangle almost one mile away near the old “fish factory” before going back to the start. The Junior Under 17 walkers for many years had their own version over one lap of the course.

Some walkers made up some unusual coloured athletics kit for the early events, with a move away from “Club colours” to join in with the overall colourful “Regatta”. My own father Mick Elliott had a striking hooped towelling kit made up by his mother in law, whilst Rob Waterman walked in a flower powered vest. Mick Elliott took the honours in the first two walks crossing the line first. Since then an Elliott has not managed to get their hands on the Piette Trophy, despite winning most other Trophies on offer in Guernsey!

 Some consolation is that Rob Elliott holds the local best time for the course with a 28.27 clocking in 1978, improving to 28.13 in 1980 and 27.48 in 1981. These times were only good enough for 4th, 4th and 5th in the handicapped walk.

In 1997 Jim Ball (Steyning AC, England) created an allcomers best time of 26.45. The fastest local lady is Rose Drückes in 38.41 in 1994, with French International walker Jacquelline Delassaux recording 31.32 in 1975.

Terry Bates is the current “Piette Trophy” holder. Dave Dorey has won 9 times and Rose Druckes 5.

Winners list: 3.8 miles, 1.9 miles where marked * (Subject to checking trophy)

1971 Mick Elliott, 1972 Mick Elliott, 1973 Keith Matthews, 1974 Mick Le Sauvage, 1975 Dave Dorey, 1976 Kevin Le Noury, 1977, Dave Dorey, 1978 Dave Dorey, 1979 N Clarke, 1980 Willie Kirkland, 1981 Dave Dorey, 1982 Jayne Le Noury, 1983 Dave Dorey, 1984 Dave Dorey, 1985 Kevin Le Noury, 1986 Mick Le Sauvage, 1987 Roger Osgood * ,1988 Alun Scutt*, 1989 Dave Dorey, 1990 no walk, 1991 no walk, 1992 Dave Johnson*, 1993 Rose Drückes, 1994 Les Fallaize, 1995 Carl Thomson, 1996 Pam Fallaize, 1997 Ossie Naftel, 1998 Alan Roger, 1999 Dave Dorey, 2000 Rose Drückes, 2001 Mick Le Sauvage, 2002 Rose Drückes, 2003 Rose Drückes, 2004 Rose Drückes, 2005 Mick Le Sauvage, 2006 Carol Bates, 2007 Janet Caswell, 2008 Jason Le Noury, 2009 Dean Machon, 2010 Stuart Le Noury, 2011 Dave Dorey, 2012 Terry Bates.


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