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May 26, 2013

Championship 3 kms road walk

mens startSunday May 26th 2013
Sarnia Walking Club
Heritage Group Championships Race 5
3 kilometres road walk
Les Amarreurs, Guernsey
Championship leads extended
ladies startJayne Le Noury (no 81) recorded her fifth win in the Heritage Group Championships when she finished the three kilometres road walk at Les Amarreurs in 21.04. Going through the half way point in the two lap race in 10.33, Jayne had a nine seconds lead over Rose Druckes. With a slightly quicker second half the lead was extended as Druckes eventually finished 36 seconds behind in 21.40 (10.42 1500m).
Third place went to Harriet Payne in 22.23 (11.24), a time close to her recent best, followed by Joanne Le Prevost 22.40 and Kay Coulson 23.59 (11.31). These three had been together at the one kilometres point before splitting up prior to the half way point with Harriet and Joanne managing faster second halves.
Stuart Le Noury had a one minute plus victory in the Mens Championship with a 14.36 clocking after passing half way in 7.07. Phil Lockwood took second place with 15.44 (7.40), ahead of Rob Elliott in 16.12 (7.54), with all three walkers losing ground after a quick first lap.
RobElliotts (101 pictured) plan was to go off with the eventual first two and see how far he could hang on. Leading for the first few hundred metres he went past half way in 7.54, but well down on Le Nourys 7.07 and close to Lockwoods 7.40. 
Winner Le Noury did ask me (Elliott) what I was up too after the race. With nothing to prove these days he is happy to try out these plans and see what happens! Other split times were Dorey 9.45, Le Sauvage 9.52, Beckerleg 10.25, K Le Noury 10.14 and Harris 11.28.
The walk of the day was by Joanne Le Prevost who removed 39 seconds from her previous best time , finishing fourth in the Womens Championship in 22.40 (11.30).
In the handicap section of the Championships for the Jubilee Tankard, Peter Beckerleg still heads the table, ahead of Rob Elliott in second and Mick Le Sauvage in third.
Handicap times and positions from today with a deserved win by Joanne Le Prevost; 1 Le Prevost 22.40, 2 Elliott 23.12, 3 Dorey 23.17, 4 Le Sauvage 23.20, 5 S Le Noury 23.21, 6 Payne 23.23, 7= Druckes and Beckerleg 23.40, 9 J Le Noury 23.49, 10 Lockwood 23.59, 11 Coulson 24.44, 12 K Le Noury 24.53, 13 Harris 25.10
The next race is on Sunday June 9th at 8.30 am at Footes Lane. The event is a One Hour track walk. Details from Jayne Le Noury,
1 Stuart Le Noury M 14.36
2 Phil Lockwood M40 15.44
3 Rob Elliott M50 16.12
4 Dave Dorey M65 19.47
5 Mick Le Sauvage M70 19.50
6 Peter Beckerleg M50 20.55
7 Kevin Le Noury M55 21.23
8 Allan Harris M65 23.40
1 Jayne Le Noury W50 21.04
2 Rose Druckes W65 21.40
3 Harriet Payne W 22.23
4 Joanne Le Prevost W40 22.40
5 Kay Coulson W45 23.59

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