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July 28, 2013

Rocquaine Regatta Walk

Presentation 1

Sunday July 28th 2013
Rocquaine Regatta 3.8 miles handicap road walk (approx) for the Piette Cup
Rocquaine Bay, Guernsey
Piette Victory for Mick Le Sauvage (receiving the cup from Rob Elliott)
Mick Le Sauvage took the race win in the the Rocquaine Regatta handicap road walk held along the coast road at Rocquaine Bay. In crossing the line first he took home the Piette Trophy for the 3.8 miles walk for the 5th time since his first win in 1974.
With his six minute handicap he had closed the gap on scratch man Allan Harris by over three minutes at the halfway point. Backmarker Stuart Le Noury had made up his thirty seconds handicap on brother Jason, but were both down on their anticipated finish times. Jason seemed quite happy to stay on his brothers shoulder until close to the finish when he made his move to outlast Stuart. He did this comfortably to gain the family honours but not fast enough to challenge for the top places as Le Sauvage in first in a watch time of 47.56, led home Rose Druckes 48.10 and Allan Harris in 48.51.
Fastest time of the day was by Stuart Le Noury in 31.54, ahead of Jason with 32.11
The next walk is on Friday August 2nd at 6.30 pm. The venue is Les Amarreurs Road and is over 2 kilometres and Championship Race 9. Details from Pictured below, Stuart Le Noury leads Jason Le Noury at 2 miles.
Jason and Stuart 
1 Mick Le Sauvage M70 47.56 (6.00 handicap) 41.56 (actual time) MLS
2 Rose Druckes W65 48.10 (3.00) 45.10
3 Allan Harris M60 48.51 (0.00) 48.51
4 Kay Coulson W45 49.14 (1.00) 48.14
5 Peter Beckerleg M50 49.34 (6.30) 43.04
6 Jason Le Noury M 51.11 (19.00) 32.11
7 Stuart Le Noury M 51.24 (19.30) 31.54
After one lap watch / actual time
1 Allan 23.55 / 23.55
2 Kay 25.11 / 24.11 (pictured below following Rose Druckes)
3 Rose 25.21 / 22.21
4 Mick 26.40 / 20.40   (pictured right)
5 Peter 27.43 / 21.13
6 Stuart 35.08 / 16.08
7 Jason 35.09 / 15.39

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