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January 1, 2014

Updated Records

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The Guernsey records lists have been updated after our last local race of 2013. Guernsey Records.

Performances that have been made during 2013 are reproduced here.

Locals Mick Le Sauvage and Rose Druckes continue to break their own best age group times 5 and 3 times respectively. Top performances also by Terry Bates over a mile and Carl Thomson and Richard Emsley over 10 kilometres.

M70 Mick Le Sauvage   20.10.0 3,000 m track Osmond Priaulx 06.01.13
M60 Richard Emsley Allcomers 57.39 10 kms Delancey 10.03.13
M70 Mick Le Sauvage   80.43 7 miles Albecq 24.03.12
W65 Rose Druckes   23.41,0 2 miles track Osmond Priaulx 05.04.13
W65 Rose Druckes   11.12 1 mile road Les Amarreurs 14.04.13
M60 Terry Bates   8.51 1 mile road Les Amarreurs 14.04.13
W65 Rose Druckes   126.58 10 miles Pleinmont 19.05.13
M70 Mick Le Sauvage   8571m 1 hour Osmond Priaulx 09.06.13
M45 Carl Thomson   49.27 10 kms  North Side 11.08.13
M70 Mick Le Sauvage   19.53.1 3 kms track Osmond Priaulx 17.11.13
M70 Mick Le Sauvage   7.00 Hill Climb Val des Terres 08.12.13

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