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July 7, 2014

Mick Le Sauvage 75th birthday

Results and report from Jayne Le Noury.


7,500 metres held on 6th July 2014 at Les Amarreurs Road

Mick Le Sauvage celebrated his 75th birthday by walking 7,500 metres. He walked a steady race to finish in 7th position.

At the front of the field brothers Stuart and Jason Le Noury battled it out for first place with older brother Stuart just edging ahead of Jason.

Marie Macdonald had a good battle with Jayne Golborne. They were both credited with the same time.

The next walk is 3kms on Friday 11th July starting at 6.30pm at Footes Lane track.

Further information from Jayne Le Noury

1  Stuart Le Noury                 39.59

2  Jason Le Noury                 40.16

3  Phil Lockwood                  44.43

4  Kevin Le Noury                 51.34

5  Peter Beckerleg               52.51

6  Dave Dorey                      53.17

7  Mick Le Sauvage             54.05

8  Marie Macdonald             56.37

8  Jayne Golborne               56.37

10 Kay Coulson                  59.32

11 Joanne Le Prevost          64.57

11 Karen Farman                64.57 



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