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December 10, 2014

December 15th 1964

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With the 50th anniversary of the Sarnia Walking Club only a few days away, its perhaps a good time to write about how the club came about.

Taken from the minutes held at the Dorset Arms in Guernsey on December 15th 1964.

A total of 20 attended the meeting, 18 plus two arriving late. The meeting opened with Mr Eddie Robins informing those present of his resignation as Secretary of the Guernsey Island Amateur Athletic Club Walking Section, stating his resignation had nothing to do with what would be discussed later in the meeting.

The next subject was 1965 activities and it became apparent that members present were not happy as to their future with GIAAC and felt they could not see eye to eye with other athletes in the club.

The treasurers report of the GIAAC was read out and having report and breakdown of costs given out, members present decided that they had nothing to lose by breaking away and forming a Walking Club.

A vote was taken with 13 voting for formation of a new club, with 5 abstaining

Election of Officers:

President Wyndham S Mann, Vice President Mrs J H Robert and Wilson Robin, Secretary Eddie J Robins, Treasurer Graham C Mann, Club Captain Ossie Naftel, Social Secretary D Richards, Judges L Le Tissier, O Le Gallez, N Archer, S Smith and R Le Tissier.

There was a lenghty discussion for the new club name with the following put forward;

The Rainbow Walking Club, The Sarnian Walking Club and The Amblers W C. The new year would reveal the chosen name!

Club colours were put forward; Violet vest with red diagonal stripe and black shorts, blue and gold hooped vest, white shorts with green stripe and amber vest with black hooped stripes and white shorts. As in the case of the club name colours were deferred until the new year.


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