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March 8, 2015

50th anniversary 5 miles road walk

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Sunday March 8th 2015

Sarnia Walking Club

50th Anniversary Canaccord Genuity 5 miles road walk

Lancresse to North Beach

The Sarnia Walking Club celebrated the 50th anniversary of its first ever race with a 5 miles road walk from Lancresse to North Beach, over the same distance as the first walk. In good conditions with a slight breeze along the seafront finish, the race was dominated by the Le Noury brothers who headed the field throughout, with elder brother Stuart taking the win in 41.42, 45 seconds ahead of Jason. Third man home and a further three minutes behind was Rob Elliott in 45.26 and removing two minutes from the old Guernsey age best time.

Next home was Phil Lockwood in just under 50 minutes, whilst Kevin Le Noury was two minutes too good for the leading woman.Peter Beckerleg held off the second woman home as he crossed the line in 56.09 some 11 seconds up on Marie Macdonald who held off Mick Le Sauvage by two seconds. Dave Dorey, finishing in 58.50 can point to a sub 39 minutes time set in his prime many years ago.

The leading woman was Olga Sinkevica who walked well to finish in 54.33, ahead of Marie Macdonald 56.20 and Jayne Le Noury 57.26. The leading womens times now rank 6th and 7th in the Guernsey all time lists, just behind the Jayne Le Nourys 5th place set back in 1983. Kay Coulson the fourth woman home had a good race to finish just outside the hour barrier.

A good field of 14 walkers took part with last walker home Allan Harris making a comeback for the event after a few years absence and followed home another walker on the comeback trail in Alan Roger who walked 63.10.

All finishers received a glass paperweight to mark the occasion, courtesy of the race sponsors Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management.

Although there was nobody present from the first event, a man who walked the fixture a year later took part. Evergreen Mick Le Sauvage completing the distance this time 56.22.

Pasted in below is a story of the 5 miles event in Guernsey written in 2011.

The next walk is on Sunday March 15th at Delancey Park at 9.00 am. The distance is 10 kilometres and is the second walk in the club championships. Details from Jayne Le Noury








Stuart  Le Noury





Jason Le Noury





Rob Elliott





Phil Lockwood





Kevin Le Noury





Olga Sinkevica





Peter Beckerleg





Marie Macdonald





Mick Le Sauvage





Jayne Le Noury





Dave Dorey





Kay Coulson





Alan Roger





Alan Harris



February 11, 2011

5 Miles Past

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Following a comment that our newer members would like to have a go at the 5 miles distance which was popular in the UK and Guernsey in the 1960`s and through to the 1990`s, I have reproduced the Guernsey mens and womens ranking lists below plus an insight into some of the 5 miles races of the past.

The first Guernsey 5 miles walk that I have found in the local papers, took place in May 1942, finishing at Beau Sejour, which would have given the walkers a climb at the end of the event whichever route they took. Nine entered and Norman Froome took the honours by 20 yards from Church to Church Champion Stan Smith, with H Le Marquand “inches” behind.

On to 1963 and the GIAAC held their first annual GIAAC 5 miles walk which was won by Graham Mann in 45.29. The following year Len Duquemin improved the record to 42.30 in an event held in early April. Another race a few weeks later saw John Moullin win in 43.11. The fastest lady was Winona Robert in 58.07.

This was to be the final GIAAC 5 miles walk as soon afterwards the walking section broke away to form the current Sarnia Walking Club. A 5 miles walk was the first event held by the SWC in March 1965. The course in those days started at Lancresse (near the current Keyprice) and followed the coast road (via Grandes Maison Road) to finish at the “BEA offices” (almost at zebra crossing in final straight of Church finish).

Len Duquemin took the honours in 41.22, followed by John Moullin 42.40 and the young John Brouard (almost 17 yrs old) in 42.41. Leading lady was multiple Church to Church walk winner Mrs J H (Winona) Robert in 56.22 followed by Miss Shirley Jefferies in 56.23.

In April 1967, the top locals took on Scottish walker Bill Sutherland at the distance. Bill, who went on to win the bronze medal in the 1970 Commonwealth Games 20 miles walk, had set a new allcomers record over 7 miles the previous year when he recorded 50.31.

Locals were in no mood for a repeat and Len Duquemin  (pictured in England, representing SWC) easily won in 36.40 for a new Island record, beating Sutherland by over a minute (37.45). Youngsters Dave Chalker and John Brouard recorded 41.01 and 41.04 respectively.

Duquemins time was to stand for many years as an allcomers best, but the womens best was demolished in 1975 when leading French walker Jacqueline Delassaux (pictured right in Europe) recorded 40.04 on the Lancresse to White Rock course, finishing second to local Champion Mick Elliott.

In 1969 Len Duquemin recorded 36.18 at Lambeth, England to set a new Island best time. This time survived as a record until Carl Thomson removed two seconds off it in 1991. (I remember this walk well as Carl came storming past me mid race after he had started well behind me in the handicapped event).

For record purposes the times only from an actual 5 miles event are considered, but there has been a better en route time. Rob Elliott (pictured walking in GIAAC run)with his best recorded time of 36.25 in the National 10 miles Championships in 1980, would have walked a minute quicker in his 10 kilometres Island Record performance.

The womens best time for a Guernsey walker still stands to Jenny Elliott who walked 48.18 in 1999. Current walkers Rose Druckes, Jayne Le Noury and Carol Bates feature in the top 10 performances.

1 Jenny Elliott 48 18 1999 Handicap, Houmet, Guernsey
2 Rose Drückes 51 43 1994 Passee, Guernsey
3 S Ward 53 05 1966 Champ, Guernsey
4 Shirley Jeffreys 54 05 1966 Champ, Guernsey
5 Jayne Le Noury 54 20 1983 Champ, Guernsey
6 Winona Robert 56 22 1965 SWC
7 Nicole Inder 56 32 1999 Houmet, Guernsey
8 Trudy Casbolt 57 56 1997 Houmet, Guernsey
9 Michelle Queripel 58 15 1996 Champ, Houmet, Guernsey
10 Carol Bates 58 20 2011 Lancresse – White Rock
11 Pam Fallaize 58 45 1996 Champ, Houmet, Guernsey
1 Carl Thomson 36 16 1991 Handicap, Houmet, Guernsey
2 Len Duquemin 36 18 1969 Lambeth, England
3 Robert Elliott 36 25 (e) 1980 10 miles National, England
4 John Moullin 36 33 (e) 1973 10 miles National, England
5 Rob Waterman 37 34 1969 Champs Guernsey
6 Mick Elliott 37 38 1974 Champs, Lancresse, Guernsey
7 Andy Le Heron 37 45 (e) 1972 Champs 10 m, Albecq, Guernsey
8 Dave Dorey 38 42 1969 Champs, Guernsey
9 Mark Elliott 38 55 1986 Champs, Guernsey

Three walkers in the Top 8 (left to right), Mick Elliott, Dave Dorey and Rob Waterman

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