Guernsey Race Walking : Sarnia Walking Club

March 9, 2015

Anniversary photos by Doug Macdonald

Photos taken at the 5 miles walk by competitor Marie Macdonald’s husband Doug.

SWC-50th-08.03.15-254-2SWC-50th-08.03.15SWC-50th-08.03.15-2 SWC-50th-08.03.15-11-Edit SWC-50th-08.03.15-8 SWC-50th-08.03.15-7  SWC-50th-08.03.15-5 SWC-50th-08.03.15-4 SWC-50th-08.03.15-3 SWC-50th-08.03.15-17-Edit-2 SWC-50th-08.03.15-17-Edit SWC-50th-08.03.15-21  SWC-50th-08.03.15-28 SWC-50th-08.03.15-29 SWC-50th-08.03.15-30 SWC-50th-08.03.15-32 SWC-50th-08.03.15-33  SWC-50th-08.03.15-36 SWC-50th-08.03.15-37 SWC-50th-08.03.15-40 SWC-50th-08.03.15-41 SWC-50th-08.03.15-44 SWC-50th-08.03.15-50 SWC-50th-08.03.15-51-Edit  SWC-50th-08.03.15-54    SWC-50th-08.03.15-62 SWC-50th-08.03.15-64 SWC-50th-08.03.15-65  SWC-50th-08.03.15-71 SWC-50th-08.03.15-83 SWC-50th-08.03.15-84 SWC-50th-08.03.15-90 SWC-50th-08.03.15-93 SWC-50th-08.03.15-100 SWC-50th-08.03.15-109  SWC-50th-08.03.15-123 SWC-50th-08.03.15-127 SWC-50th-08.03.15-135 SWC-50th-08.03.15-140 SWC-50th-08.03.15-145 SWC-50th-08.03.15-147 SWC-50th-08.03.15-151 SWC-50th-08.03.15-152  SWC-50th-08.03.15-161 SWC-50th-08.03.15-170 SWC-50th-08.03.15-185 SWC-50th-08.03.15-187 SWC-50th-08.03.15-194 SWC-50th-08.03.15-202 SWC-50th-08.03.15-211-Edit SWC-50th-08.03.15-221 SWC-50th-08.03.15-223 SWC-50th-08.03.15-231 SWC-50th-08.03.15-245


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