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August 9, 2015

Road 5 kms Championship

logo-heritageSunday August 9th 2015

Sarnia Walking Club
Heritage Group Championships Race 9
5 kilometres road walk
Amarreurs Road, Vale, Guernsey

Winners heading to Heritage Championship Titles

In the ninth race of the Heritage Group Championships there were easy wins for the leading man and woman in the series heading into the final race over one mile. Leading from the start in the 5 kilometres road event  held on a hot and almost wind free morning, Stuart Le Noury finished in a time of 26.45. Brother Jason, unhappy with his performance, finished almost a minute behind in 27.36. Third man home was Phil Lockwood in 30.34.
A good race from Olga Sinkevicha, who was only one second outside her recent personal best time saw her claim victory in the womens section from Marie Macdonald and Kay Coulson.
Mick Le Sauvage had a good race removing 16 seconds from his own Guernsey M75 best time. At the other end of the age scale young under 17 newcomer Alex Sinkevics walked 35.00. The next race is on Friday August 14th at 6.30 pm at Footes Lane over one mile. It will be the final race in the 2015 Heritage Group Championships. Details from Jayne Le Noury

1 Stuart Le Noury M 26.45  (2kms 10.40)
2 Jason Le Noury M 27.36  (2kms 10.49)
3 Phil Lockwood M40 30.34
4 Kevin Le Noury M55 32.40 (2kms 12.42)
5 Mick Le Sauvage M75 33.54 (2kms 13.33)
6 Peter Beckerleg M55 34.25  (2kms 13.54)

7 Alex Sinkevics U17 35.00 (2kms 13.30)
8 Dave Dorey M65 35.56 (2 kms 13.39)

1 Olga Sinkevica W 33.50 (2 kms 13.18)
2 Marie Macdonlad W40 35.21 (2 kms 13.33)
3 Kay Coulson W45 37.18 (2 kms 14.54)
4 Jayne Le Noury W50 38.40 (2 kms 15.23)

Handicap: hcap/hcaptime 1 M Le Sauvage 3.10/37.04, 2 K le Noury 4.30/37.10, 3 K Coulson 0.00/37.18, 4 O Sinkevica 3.40/37.30,  5 P Beckerleg 3.10/37.35, 6 D Dorey 2.10/38.06, 7 P Lockwood 7.40/38.14, 8 M Macdonald 3.10/38.31, 9 S le Noury 12.00/38.45, 10 Jason Le Noury 11.30/39.06, 11 Jayne Le Noury 0.30/39.10. Alex non scoring as not a member.


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