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September 20, 2016

a few non Sarnia WC events….

Three Sarnia Walking Club members race walked in the recent MIND Guernsey 10 kms fun run held on September 11th at the KGV Playing Fields. Full results

Stuart Le Noury started at the back of the 230 finishers and walked through to record a 55.47 time. Kay Coulson recorded 73.21 walking all the way, whilst Peter Beckerleg walked some and jogged some of the route in just over 70 minutes.

Last month Kay Coulson took part in a marathon race in Germany. Kay reports …

“Re my marathon… 14th August 2016 in Monschau, Germany. It’s about 1 1/2h drive south of Düsseldorf, very close to the Belgium border… in the hills. Great event!

On the Saturday there was the option of a mountain bike tour over the marathon course, as well as a 4.2k and 12.7k event meant for juniors and as a taster session/warm up for all. We did sightseeing instead :-)

Sunday was the main event, offering various disciplines such as an ultra (56k) for runners, as well as the marathon distance for runners and (nordic) walkers. You could enter as an individual or as a relay team of 2, 3 or 4.

With a picturesque course over 750 meters altitude, partly on forest tracks and partly on the road, it was an early, chilly 6 a.m. start for the ultras and walkers. Good racing conditions overall, even if it became a bit too sunny for some later on.

Expecting steep inclines at various points during the course, it turned out that these were mainly gradual, so not as bad as feared. The organisation and marshalling was excellent, with plenty of refreshment stations (with very friendly helpers) along the way… offerings included fruit gums and chocolate (!) and even small spoonfuls of local honey, besides fruit, water and sport drinks etc.

There were 131 walkers taking part, but as it was not a judged event and walkers were also allowed to run, the end results varied greatly from 4:25:50 to 8:20:08.

I walked and came 64th in a time of 6:15:29, which I was more than happy with as it was 3.5h faster than my disastrous moonwalk in London in May.

I can thoroughly recommended the event. Not as a race walk per se due to the obvious lack of racing rules and because the forest tracks do not lend themselves as suitable race walking surfaces, but it is a marathon and there is something for everybody, plus it makes for a great weekend away.”


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