Guernsey Race Walking : Sarnia Walking Club

May 7, 2017

50th annual Graham Mann Memorial Trophy

Sunday May 7th 2017

Sarnia Walking Club

Graham Mann Memorial Trophy

3 kilometres handicap road walk

Les Amarreurs, Vale, Guernsey

Double win for Donna Allan 

Donna Allan took the individual win and was part of the team win in the 50th annual Graham Mann Memorial Trophy over a handicapped start 3 kilometres. Overtaking Dave Dorey, the first walker to start, late in the race she crossed the line with a five seconds advantage and an actual time of 17.10 to smash her previous best time by over half a minute.

The team of Stuart Le Noury and Rob Elliott finished in third and fourth place but with Peter Beckerleg only a stride behind he had done enough with his team mate Donna Allan to take first place in the team section.

Sixth place went to Mick Le Sauvage who had been on the winning team almost 50 years ago in the second edition of the event. Kevin Le Noury brought the walkers home with his 19.53 actual time.

Only 19 seconds separated the three teams at the end.

1 Donna Allan W40 22.10 (watch time) / 5.00 (handicap) / 17.10 (actual time)

2 Dave Dorey M70 22.15 / 0.00 / 22.15

3 Stuart Le Noury M 22.30 / 8.15 / 14.15

4 Rob Elliott M55 22.50 / 6.00 / 16.50

5 Peter Beckerleg M55 22.51 / 2.45 / 20.06

6 Mick Le Sauvage M75 23.02 / 2.15 / 20.47

7 Kevin Le Noury M55 23.08 / 3.15 / 19.53

Team result

1 D Allan and P Beckerleg (watch times added together) 45.01

2 M Le Sauvage and D Dorey 45.17

3 S Le Noury and R Elliott 45.20


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