Guernsey Race Walking : Sarnia Walking Club

February 3, 2019

5 miles road walk

Sunday February 3rd 2019

Sarnia Walking Club

Bob Wright Handicap Series Race Six

RWA Permit 9003-1

5 miles road walk

Lancresse to North Beach

Last to First

Race winner Stuart Le Noury walked through the field of walkers from his back marker position to claim a new personal best over the 5 miles distance. On a crisp winters morning with very little wind, he walked an actual time of 41.03 narrowly beating his old best time. Defending series winner Kevin Allan held on to second place holding off wife Donna who finished nine seconds behind. Donnas time of 47.49 was not too far off her time set last year which was the best time set by a Guernsey woman.

Rob Elliott, back in fourth closed down on Donna Allan who had a minutes handicap start in the first few miles, but could not close the final 10 or so seconds. As the gap slowly decreased Stuart Le Noury went past Elliott and then Donna, who upped her speed to hang on to Le Noury for a while and reopen the gap.

Fifth place went to Kevin Le Noury ahead of Kay Coulson who just managed to break the hour barrier as did Peter Beckerleg in seventh. Mick Le Sauvage was next home and edged closer to his 8,000th mile of race walking. Phil Lockwood brought the race to an end with his 57.33 clocking.

With one race to go and allowing for the two races that can be discarded in the seven race series, Jayne Le Noury, who had a very rare “did not finish” for todays race is set up as favourite with son Stuart the nearest challenger.

1 Stuart Le Noury M 59.03 (watch time) / 18.00 (handicap) / 41.03 (actual time)

2 Kevin Allan M40 59.40 / 2.00 / 57.40

3 Donna Allan W40 59.49 / 12.00 / 47.49

4 Rob Elliott M55 1.00.11 / 13.00 / 47.11

5 Kevin Le Noury M60 1.01.12 / 6.00 / 55.12

6 Kay Coulson W50 1.01.57 / 2.00 / 59.57

7 Peter Beckerleg M60 1.03.14 / 5.00 / 58.14

8 Mick Le Sauvage M75 1.03.19 / 2.00 / 1.01.19

9 Phil Lockwood M45 1.05.33 / 8.00 / 57.33

DNF Jayne Le Noury W55

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

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