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October 18, 2020

One mile track handicap

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I am well behind in publishing the 2 kms virtual series results. They can all be found at

Sunday October 18th 2020

Sarnia Walking Club

Bob Wright Handicap Series Race Two

One mile track walk

RWA Permit number 20058-1

Kevin wins second race in series

Kevin Le Noury strode to a win in the second race of the Bob Wright Handicap Series catching leaders Dave Dorey and Mick Le Sauvage late in the race. Mick Le Sauvage edged ahead of Dave Dorey almost on the line to finish in second place and improved on his Guernsey age best time. Fourth place went to Stuart Le Noury who recorded an actual time of 7.20 to record the fastest time of the day. Rob Elliott finished next with Phil Lockwood holding Donna Allan off by a few seconds in sixth place.

1 Kevin Le Noury M60 11.47 (watch time) / 1.30 ( handicap) / 10.17 (actual time)

2 Mick Le Sauvage M80 11.54 / 0.30 / 11.24

3 Dave Dorey M70 11.54 / 0.00 / 11.54

4 Stuart Le Noury 12.20 / 5.00 / 7.20

5 Rob Elliott M60 12.24 / 2.15 / 10.09

6 Phil Lockwood M45 12.49 / 2.15 / 10.34

7 Donna Allan W40 12.52 / 3.00 / 9.52

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

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