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November 29, 2020

50 years on

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Sunday November 29th 2020

Sarnia Walking Club

Bob Wright Series Handicap Four

2,000 metres track walk

RWA Permit: 20061-1

Osmond Priaulx, Guernsey 

Elliott marks 50 years with handicap win

Rob Elliott marked 50 years since his first race walk with a handicap win over the distance it all started with back in 1970. As an enthusiastic 11 year old he hit the footpath between Bulwer Avenue and Bellegrave Flats to record 12.15. Fifty years on and and almost 1300 races later,  he managed to surprise himself with his best time for three months with a faster 12.05. Having taken part in a 2 kms virtual series for the last 30 plus weeks his times since September had taken a turn for the worse.

Even on the start line he commented that it looked like last place for himself going on the handicap and recent form. As Elliott said afterwards “ going by recent form there was no way I was going to celebrate with a win but after four of the five laps I thought that second place was on, then coming into the final turn with only Kevin Le Noury to overtake I realised he was there for the taking. I knew that backmarker Stuart was not going to get near me to spoil things. I was so surprised when I checked my time”.

Kevin Le Noury held on for second place followed by Peter Beckerleg. Mick Le Sauvage took 4th place and he, along with Dave Dorey have also hit 50 years of race walking. Sandwiched in between was fastest walker of the day Stuart Le Noury who broke the old M35 Guernsey best time with 9.12.

1 Rob Elliott M60 14.35 (watch time) / 2.30 (handicap) / 12.05 (actual time)

2 Kevin Le Noury M60 14.41 / 1.30 / 13.11

3 Peter Beckerleg M60 14.52 / 1.45 / 13.07

4 Mick Le Sauvage M80 14.56 / 0.30 / 14.26

5 Stuart Le Noury M35 15.12 / 6.00 / 9.12

6 Dave Dorey M70 15.44 / 0.00 / 15.44

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