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July 7, 2019

20 kms road walk

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Sarnia Walking Club

Avantis Championships Race 7

20 kms road walk

North Side Circuit, Guernsey

Hot morning slows walkers

The early morning start with temperatures hovering around a reported 24 degrees didn’t help the field of race walkers as they tackled the 8 laps course around the Vale Castle area in the Avantis 20 kilometres Championship race.

The expected race winner Stuart Le Noury was commenting on conditions being too hot early in the race as he built up his usual early lead. After two laps and 5 kilometres his 28.19 was almost three minutes ahead of the next competitor Donna Allan. By the half way point Stuart Le Noury was slowing with 59 minutes and Donna through four minutes later in 63.11. Rob Elliott was third in 66.10 with Phil Lockwood back in fourth around two and a half minutes behind.

The slight breeze at Bordeaux Harbour was a welcome respite from the heat as Donna started making inroads on leader Stuart Le Noury, closing the gap at 15 kilometres to less than three minutes. Leader Stuart timed at 93.10 with Donna on 95.53. Realistically there was little chance of the order changing as Stuart strode home in 2.05.29 and Donna back in 2.07.44. The conditions not helpful to tackling her best time set last year. 

Rob Elliott with a lead of almost two minutes over Phil Lockwood at 15 kilometres should have had that position sewn up, but Phil Lockwood who walked a relatively even paced race had other ideas as he closed the gap on a tiring Elliott with 200 metres to go. Moving ahead into the final straight Phil had gained a few seconds advantage and knowing Elliott can usually fight back in a tight finish he still had a few glances backwards to check his third position was safe.

Phil crossed the line in 2.17.54 after a half way split of 1.08.44, with Elliott four seconds down.

Kevin Le Noury finished in fifth place in 2.26.45, well ahead of his last years performance and managed a win in the handicapped section of the race. Kay Coulson walked 12.5 kms before calling it a day with new M80 walker Mick Le Sauvage walking 10 kms in 1.17.44.


1 Stuart Le Noury M 2.05.29

2 Donna Allan W40 2.07.44

3 Phil Lockwood M45 2.17.54

4 Rob Elliott M60 2.17.58

5 Kevin Le Noury M60 2.26.45

DNF Mick Le Sauvage M80 1.17.44 (10 kms)

DNF Kay Coulson W50 1.39.59 (12.5 kms)

Handicap positions: handicap / handicap time

1 K Le Noury 15.00 / 2.41.45, 2 P Lockwood 26.00 / 2.43.54, 3 D Allan 42.00 / 2.49.44, 4 R Elliott 35.00 / 2.52.58, 5 S Le Noury 53.00 / 2.58.29.

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking at

July 1, 2018

20 kms road walk


Sunday July 1st 2018

Sarnia Walking Club

Heritage Group Championships Race Seven

20 kilometres road walk

North Side Circuit, Guernsey

Donna close to Guernsey womens best time

On a warm humid morning Donna Allan walked to within a minute of the best time set by a Guernsey woman for the 20 kilometres distance. A good start by Donna on the eight lap circuit saw her go through 5 kilometres in just under 30 minutes and 10 kilometres in 60.28 and on pace to get close to the time of 2.02.16 set by Katrine Thomson ten years ago. Donna hit a bad patch moving through to the 15 kilometres point which saw her lose a valuable minute with a time of 92.15. Picking up the pace in the final quarter of the race she crossed the line in 2.03.07.

In the mens section it was seven wins out of seven starts for Stuart Le Noury as he walked to another easy win with his 1.52.07, after passing half way in 54.46. Third overall was Phil Lockwood in 2.19.31 with second woman home Olga Le Noury not far off her personal best time holding off Kevin Le Noury.

1 Stuart Le Noury M 1.52.07 (26.41, 54.46, 1.22.57)

2 Donna Allan W40 2.03.07 ( 29.58, 1.00.28, 1.32.15)

3 Phil Lockwood M45 2.19.31 (33.50, 1.08.50, 1.43.55)

4 Olga Le Noury W35 2.28.39 (35.46, 1,12.21)

5 Kevin Le Noury M60 2.30.10

DNF Rob Elliott M55 12.5 kms (1.07.26 10 kms)

DNF Mick Le Sauvage M75 10 kms (1.18.04)

DNF Peter Beckerleg M55 10 kms (1.18.04)


1 D Allan (27.00) 2.30.07, 2 S Le Noury (43.00) 2.35.07, 3 O Le Noury (10.00) 2.38.39, 4 P Lockwood ( 20.00) 2.39.31, 5 K Le Noury (11.00) 2.40.10.

Rob Elliott for SWC 

Guernsey Race Walking

June 25, 2017

10 kms road walk

Sunday June 25th 2017

Sarnia Walking Club

10 kilometres road walk

North Side, Vale, Guernsey

RWA Permit 7052-1

With regular walkers either injured or on holiday the expected Championship 20 kms was replaced with a shorter 10 kms. No problem where we can make decisions swiftly on the day with only local walkers involved.

A small field contested the 10 kms road walk with the first three all walking isolated races. Stuart Le Noury was an easy winner recording 55.49 for the 4 lap course with a negative split time with the help of a 13.29 last 2.5 kms lap. Rob Elliott inexplicably struggled throughout losing three minutes in the second half with Kevin Le Noury finishing third  in 1.11.35. The two back markers Peter Beckerleg and Mick Le Sauvage walked fairly closely together with Beckerleg crossing the line first by 21 seconds.

1 Stuart Le Noury M 55.49

2 Rob Elliott M55 1.05.12

3 Kevin Le Noury M55 1.11.35

4 Peter Beckerleg M55 1.13.24

5 Mick Le Sauvage M75 1.13.45

June 28, 2015

20 kilometre road walk


logo-heritageSunday June 28th 2015

 Sarnia Walking Club

Heritage Group Championships Race 6

20 kilometres road walk

North Side, Guernsey

Le Noury and Sinkevica take Championship wins

 Stuart Le Noury was the first walker across the line in the sixth race of the Heritage Group Championships, well ahead of second placed Phil Lockwood. On a hot dry day the walkers were faced with eight laps of the North Side Circuit. From the end of the first lap the lead two had settled into their places, followed by Kevin Le Noury and eventual womens winner Olga Sinkevica, walking within six seconds of each other. Marie Macdonald was close behind with the other three walkers, Peter Beckerleg , Mick Le Sauvage and Jayne Le Noury walking together.

With an ever increasing lead, Stuart Le Noury went passed the half way point in 58.42, over four minutes ahead of Lockwood. Olga Sinkevica, in her first race at this distance went by in 1.11.55, followed by second woman Marie Macdonald in 1.13.40

Slowing in the second half, Stuart Le Noury crossed the finish line in 2.01.58, with Phil Lockwood finishing in 2.07.17. Kevin Le Noury, having pulled away from Olga Sinkevica in the closing laps, was timed at 2.26.19 with Olga just under 2.27.

Marie Macdonald, second women, another in her first walk at the distance, finished two and a half minutes behind , whilst third woman Jayne Le Noury finished in 2.34.48. Peter Beckerleg, in a dead heat with Mick Le Sauvage recorded a new personal best time of 2.34.37.

The next race is on Sunday July 12th at 9.30 am at Footes Lane. It will be the 7th race in the Heritage Group Championships over a distance of 3,000 metres.

Phil Lockwood walked the GIAAC Fathers Day half marathon the week before in 2.14.37. Other members of SWC took part but either ran it or ran and walked, namely Kevin and Stuart le Noury and Marie Macdonald.

Men final time (5 kms, 10kms, 15 kms)

1 Stuart Le Noury M 2.01.58 ( 29.25, 58.42,89.20)

2 Phil Lockwood M40 2.07.17 (31.17, 62.51, 94.41)

3 Kevin Le Noury M55 2.26.19 (35.11, 71.42, 108.34)

4= Mick Le Sauvage M75 2.34.37 (37.58, 76.02, 115.06)

4= Peter Beckerleg M55 2.34.37 (37.58, 76.01, 115.05)



1 Olga Sinkevica W 2.26.56 (35.19, 71.55, 108.50)

2 Marie Macdonald W40 2.29.28 (36.16, 73.40, 111.14)

3 Jayne Le Noury W50 2.34.48 (37.58, 76.04, 115.12)

Handicap positions. (Hcap and final time)

1 Jayne Le Noury (3.00, 2.37.48), 2 M Macdonald ( 9.00, 2.38.28), 3 K Le Noury ( (13.00, 2.39.19), 4 O Sinkevica (13.00, 2.39.56), 5 M Le Sauvage ( 8.00, 2.42.37), 6 P Beckerleg (9.00, 2.43.37), 7 P Lockwood (38.00, 2.45.17), 8 S Le Noury (53.00, 2.54.58).


Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking


June 29, 2014

20 kms road walk



sean pender 20kms guernseySunday June 29th 2014

Sarnia Walking Club

Heritage Group Championships Race 7

20 kilometres road walk

Quayside, North Side, Guernsey

Win for Stuart

With almost ideal hot and breezy conditions Stuart Le Noury secured a win in the Sarnia Walking Clubs Heritage Group Championships, but found second placed Phil Lockwood a lot closer to him at the finish than he might have expected. Stuart started in good form, going through 5 kms in 27.33 and 10 kms in 55.24, before a terrible second half that took him over 67 minutes to complete. Phil could not capitalise on the slow down as he still found himself three minutes down at the finish. Third place went to Rob Elliott in 2.13.18, three minutes up on visitor Sean Pender (pictured). Kevin Le Noury held Dave Dorey off soon after by four minutes. Jayne Le Noury took the points in the womens section finishing in just under 2 hours 36 minutes.

Peter Beckerleg, just back from holiday and newcomer Jayne Golborne both walked the first ten kilometres of the race.

The next walk is on Sunday July 6th at Les Amarreurs, Vale at 9.00 am. The race over 7,500 metres is to celebrate Mick Le Sauvages 75th birthday. Details from Jayne Le Noury,

Men: (5 / 10 / 15 splits)

1 Stuart Le Noury M 2.02.40 (27.33 / 55.24/ 86.57)

2 Phil Lockwood M40 2.06.08 (30.11/ 61.20 / 93.19)

3 Rob Elliott M55 2.13.18 (32.12 / 65.41 / 99.18)

4 Sean Pender M60 2.16.29 (33.27 / 67.28 / 102.02)

5 Kevin Le Noury M55 2.27.05 (34.18 / 70.17 / 107.40)

6 Dave Dorey M65 2.31.07 (36.10 / 73.58 / 112.14)

DNF Peter Beckerleg 1.14.38 (10 kms) (37.46)


1 Jayne Le Noury W50 2.35.51 (37.45 / 76.49 / 116.14)

DNF Jayne Golborne W45 1.21.09 (10 kms) (38.56)

Handicap (Club Members) actual time plus handicap.

1 K Le Noury 2.32.05, 2 D Dorey 2.34.07, 3 P Lockwood 2.35.08, 4 J Le Noury 2.35.51, 5 R Elliott 2.36.18, 6 S Le Noury 2.44.40.


June 30, 2013

20 kms road walk


Sunday June 30th 2013
Sarnia Walking Club
Heritage Group Championships Race 7
20 kilometres road walk
Quayside, North Side, Guernsey
Bates and Le Noury in Championship Walk wins
finish Terry websiteTerry Bates (Left) headed the small field on a gloomy morning over eight laps of the Quayside Circuit, in the Heritage Group SWC Championships, with a time minutes ahead of his own expectations. On his own from the start he passed the halfway point in 67.17, at which point he held a near four minutes lead over second man Dave Dorey. In the latter half he held his pace up to 15 kilometres before producing his fastest 5 kilometres split of 31.15 to cross the line in 2.12.09.
Dave Dorey, pictured below left) in good form recently and with training behind him, finished a clear second with a time of 2.23.23, only losing time in the final quarter of the race when he slipped from early 5 kilometre splits of 35.30, 35.22 and 35.36 down to 36.55. Well past his best ever times set many years ago, he managed to remove 15 minutes from his last 20 kms race.
Third man home was Peter Beckerleg in his first race of this distance, whilst Kevin Le Noury and Allan Harris both retired at 10 kilometres. Allan and Rose had planned on only walking part of the race whist Kevin succumbed to recurring injury.
Jayne Le Noury continued to win the womens section with a winning time of 2.29.45, ahead of Rose Druckes who retired at the halfway point. Peter still leads the Handicap section overall, with a good lead over four walkers packed close together in the series, namely Jayne Le Noury, Rob Elliott, Dave Dorey and Mick Le Sauvage. In today walk Dave Dorey took the handicap hon ours with a time of 2.23.23, ahead of Terry Bates 2.27.09, Jayne Le Noury 2.29.45 and Peter Beckerleg 2.37.10.
Where were the usual leaders in the Championships? Unfortunately Stuart Le Noury, Phil Lockwood and Rob Elliott were all sidelined with injuries!
Dave websiteThe next race is on Friday July 12th at 6.30 pm. It will be the eighth race in the Heritage Championships over 3 kms at Amarreurs Road, Vale. Details from Jayne Le Noury,
1 Terry Bates M60 2.12.09
2 Dave Dorey M65 2.23.23
3 Peter Beckerleg M50 2.37.10
  Kevin Le Noury M55 DNF 10kms 1.17.44
  Allan Harris M65 DNF 10kms 1.27.52
1 Jayne Le Noury W50 2.29.45
  Rose Druckes W65 DNF 10kms 1.27.52

January 20, 2013

Guernsey road walks

stu and philSunday January 20th 2013
Sarnia Walking Club Road Walks
Quayside, North Side, Guernsey
20,15, 10, 5 kms
Personal Best for Jane
The longest event of the cold but dry day was the 20 kilometres walk, easily won by Stuart Le Noury from Phil Lockwood (Pictured in recent race). Getting to within one minute of his personal best time set last year, Stuart walked a sensible race on this occasion and held back in the early stages. He passed 5 kms in 27.11, holding almost the same pace to 10 kms with  27.17. Making use of his recent increase in training he then increased the pace with final 5 kilometre splits of 26.49 and 26.16 to come home with a negative split time as he crossed the line in 1.47.33.
Phil Lockwood walked to second place with a time just over two hours.
The performance of the day was by Jane Rowlinson walking the 5 kilometres event in a new personal best time of 35.02, behind Rob Elliotts winning 29.06. Kevin Le Noury won the 15 kms event, whilst wife Jayne was the quickest at 10 kms with 1.11.23, closely followed by Mick Le Sauvage with 1.12.11.
The next walk is the 6th race in the Bob Wright Handicap Series, starting at 9.30 am at Delancey Park on Sunday February 3rd. Details from
  20 kms men    
1 Stuart Le Noury M 1.47.33
2 Phil Lockwood M40 2.01.42
  15 kms men    
1 Kevin Le Noury M55 1.48.18
  10 kms women    
1 Jayne Le Noury W50 1.11.23
2 Rose Druckes W65 1.16.44
  10 kms men    
1 Mick Le Sauvage M70 1.12.11
2 Allan Harris M65 1.20.47
  5 kms men    
1 Rob Elliott M50 29.06
2 Dave Dorey M65 37.13
  5 kms women    
1 Jane Rowlinson W50 35.02
2 Harriet Payne W 39.05
3 Kay Coulson W45 40.31
4 Joanne Le Prevost W40 40.32
Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Lap 5 Lap 6 Lap 7 Lap 8 Place
  2.5 km 5 km 7.5 km 10 km 12.5 km 15 km 17.5 km 20 km  
Stuart Le Noury 13.01 27.11 41.05 54.28 1.07.59 1.21.17 1.34.40 1.47.33 1st
Phil Lockwood 14.31 29.38 44.59 1.00.29 1.15.49 1.31.02 1.46.29 2.01.42 2nd
Rob Elliott 14.21 29.06             1st
Kevin Le Noury 16.12 33.41 51.29 1.09.39 1.28.27 1.48.18     1st
Jane Rowlinson 17.04 35.02             2nd
Mick Le Sauvage 17.11 35.19 53.47 1.12.11         2nd
Dave Dorey 18.06 37.13             3rd
Allan Harris 18.52 38.43 59.32 1.20.47         4th
Rose Druckes 18.57 37.45 57.05 1.16.44         3rd
Harriet Payne 19.50 39.05             4th
Kay Coulson 20.09 40.31             5th
Joanne Le Prevost 20.14 40.32             6th
Jayne Le Noury 0.00 46.00 63.40 1.21.22 1.57.23 1.11.23 actual     1st

January 11, 2013

1971 lookback to 20 kms handicap road walk

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A lookback to 1971 and the Sarnia Walking Clubs longest handicap walk over 20 kms. Dave Dorey and Rob Waterman gave the first walkers away a 37 minutes start on the course from Perelle to White Rock. 105 minutes later Dave Dorey had bridged the gap to cross the line first. Dave is still active as a competitor in 2013.

Dorey 20kms handicap

July 1, 2012

Championship 20kms

Sunday July 1st 2012

Sarnia Walking Club Heritage Group  Championship Race 8

20 kilometres road walk (split laps at bottom of post)

Les Amarreurs, Guernsey

Huge Personal Best for Stuart Le Noury

Stuart Le Noury removed almost seven minutes from his previous best time when crossing the line in 1.46.40 for the Heritage Group SWC Championships over 20 kilometres.

A fast start had him passing the five kilometres point in 25.26, leaving onlookers wondering how long he could keep going at that pace. As the laps went by in the 13 lap event, he held the pace for around 14 kilometres, after he had gone through 10 kilometres in 51.18, before starting to tire and losing a minute a lap for the final few.

A best time that will do his confidence a world of good in future distance races. The performance takes him ahead of brother Jason`s best and moves him into 12th place on the Guernsey All Time list. Well behind was Phil Lockwood in 2.02.08, who looked uncomfortable for most of the race, but still considered it as a good training spin if nothing else!

Terry Bates in third place broke the old M60 Guernsey best time with his 2.10.17. Visiting walker Sean Pender (photo) from Enfield and Haringey, spent around 24 hours in Guernsey and finished in 4th place in 2.22.15, not too far ahead of Kevin Le Noury. In Seans first race in Guernsey many years ago he tied with Kevin Le Noury for first place in the 2 miles Eric Waldron race. Womens winner Jayne Le Noury, finishing only seconds behind her husband, walked a new personal best time, two and a half minutes quicker than before.

A 10 kilometres event, with a different start time, saw a return to walking after a few years absence, of Carl Thomson. He walked home in 50.55 with a solid performance. This time was a minute better than Mick Elliotts M45 Guernsey best time set back in 1985. Even when not race walking Carl keeps himself fit with numerous other sports, so on any comeback he “slips into the groove” quite quickly. Mick Le Sauvage was second home. Rose Druckes was quickest of the women, ahead of Kay Coulson and Joanne Le Prevost.

The next walk is on Friday July 20th at Footes Lane over a distance of 5,000 metres. It is race 9 of the Heritage Group Championships, starting at 6.30 pm. Details from



1 Stuart Le Noury M 1.46.40

2 Phil Lockwood M35 2.02.08

3 Terry Bates M60 2.10.17

4 Sean Pender (Enfield & H) M55 2.22.15

5 Kevin Le Noury M50 2.24.50


1 Jayne Le Noury W50 2.24.57


10 kilometres road walk

Les Amarreurs, Guernsey

 1 Carl Thomson M45 50.55

2 Mick Le Sauvage M70 1.13.14

3 Rose Druckes W65 1.19.07

4 Kay Coulson W40 1.21.04

5 Joanne Le Prevost W35 1.22.55


Sarnia Walking Club 20 kms Road Walk at Les Amarreurs. July 1st 2012


(Additional time on his own watch Stuart Le Noury 51.18 at 10kms)



Name:           kms 0.5 2.0 3.5 5.0 6.5 8.0 9.5 11.0 12.5 14.0 15.5 17.0 18.5 20 WatchTime     Position




2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14    
Stuart Le Noury   9.55 17.43 25.26 33.10 41.02 48.41 56.31 64.22 72.24 80.31 88.49 97.37 106.40 1.46.40 1


  11.13 20.03 29.08 38.12 47.13 56.10 65.07 74.14 83.25 92.40 102.09 112.04 122.08 2.02.08 2


  12.55 22.55 33.06 43.07 53.21 63.22 73.18 83.25 92.44 102.09 111.46 121.13 130.17 2.10.17 3


  13.44 24.10 34.39 45.05 55.28 65.53 76.27 87.00 97.52 108.35 119.39 130.53 142.15 2.22.15 4
Kevin Le Noury   14.08 24.51 35.41 46.36 57.32 68.27 79.16 90.22 101.20 112.10 123.07 134.02 144.50 2.24.50 5
Jayne Le Noury   14.13 24.51 35.45 46.36 57.32 68.29 79.27 90.24 101.20 112.21 123.15 134.11 144.57 2.24.57 6


Sarnia Walking Club 10 kms Road Walk at Les Amarreurs. July 1st 2012



Name:           kms 1.0 2.5 4 5.5 7 8.5 10               WatchTime     Position




1(part) 2 3 4 5 6 7                  




  12.19 19.52 27.38 35.21 43.10 50.55               50.55 1

Le Sauvage

7.01 17.55 28.47 39.46 50.50 62.00 73.14               1.13.14 2


7.38 19.20 31.13 43.03 54.54 66.56 79.07               1.19.07 3


8.17 20.35 33.06 45.10 57.02 68.56 81.04               1.21.04 4

Le Prevost

8.17 20.35 33.06 45.30 57.33 69.56 82.55               1.22.55 5



April 28, 2012

Castleisland RWC in Guernsey in 1990`s

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Castleisland RWC by Rob Elliott

In response to a recent comment from Joseph Malone on the Church to Church website, I was prompted to go back in time to the early 1990`s (results here) when walkers from Eire and the Castleisland RWC took part in Guernsey walks.

The SWC received a phonecall from a walker from that club indicating they would be over for the Church to Church walk. A lot of information as to names may have been lost in the telephone conversation with a broad Irish accent talking to  a Guernsey one!

In these pre internet days I had looked through old athletics magazines etc to find any Irish walkers names to see what sort of competition would arrive.

Church walk morning arrived and two Castleisland walkers were at the start.

Patrick Murphy (No 44 in photo above) and James O`Sullivan were duly introduced and then we found out that Pat was of International standard with a sub 90 minutes 20 kms to his name as well as 4 hours 23 in his debut walk at 50 kms. Straight away we knew he was the favourite for the Church to Church 1993!

Pat Murphy walked strongly and romped home an easy winner in 2.33.00 for the 19.4 miles course, going through the 10 miles point in 78 minutes to go to third in the all time rankings for the event. Colin Bradley was an isolated second some 17 minutes behind. Local walker Rob Elliott was fourth in 3.08.48, but held on to his second place in the all time rankings, with his best time set eleven years earlier.

A year later and John Cox from Castleisland (in photo finishing Church to Church) joined the two walkers from the year before. 

They competed three times whilst in the island. Once over 10 miles the Sunday before the Church to Church, a 3 kms road walk on the Friday before the Church and the Church itself.

But they made things difficult for themselves. The evening before the 10 miles and a phone call from them to say they were on the way to Guernsey fromFranceand no idea when they would arrive!

Problem. The race was due to start at 10 am.

Problem. There were two boats due in to the island fromFrance early to mid morning and we had no idea as to which one they were on!

Problem solved. I went to the harbour to wait for the arrival of the first boat and hope they were on it. As luck would have it they were and we could get straight to the start which had been put back an hour in anticipation of their arrival. In this pre mobile time, I was communicating with club members some seven miles away at the start via a phone box at the harbour and one almost on the start line!

A quick drive to the start, putting on numbers and racing kit whilst in the car, saw them ready to roll.

There was no time for warm ups as other walkers had already been kept waiting at the start, so 25 minutes after arriving they and the rest of the walkers were on their way walking from Imperial Hotel to Lancresse.

Pat Murphy easily won in 78.19 from Guernseywalker Carl Thomson in 80.53. John Cox walked 92.17 and James O`Sullivan 100.53.

Once settled in Guernseyand staying within a mile of the 3 kilometres course, things were a little bit more relaxed for their second race.

Pat Murphy blasted out an 11.45 time for the two lap course, with John Cox recording 15.33 and James O`Sullivan 16.34.

Murphy repeated his Church success of the year before finishing in 2.34.25, John Cox finished 8th in 3.17.34 and James O`Sullivan 9th in 3.19.12.

Six walkers broke the three hours barrier, Murphy winning from Colin Bradley 2.49.28, Carl Thomson (Guernsey) 2.52.59, Rob Elliott (Guernsey) 2.53.52, Steve Allwood 2.59.12 and John Paddick 2.59.47.

Pat Murphy walked to his third victory in 1995, slowing down to 2.39.25 with team mate Joe Malone, in his only walk on Guernsey to date in fifth place in 3.18.27. Local Guernseywalker Rob Elliott was second in 2.49.11.

Pat Murphy raced to his fourth victory in 1999 on a stiflingly hot day in 2.56.23.

With four wins out of four starts Pat Murphy is one of the most successful ever Church to Church walk competitors and even to date has the 4th fastest time  as well as three performances in the Top 12 times.

Added to his other wins at 10 miles and 3 kms he also won a local 20 kms walk in 101.44 in 1997, walking in borrowed kit and shoes after his had been lost en route to the island!

Never a dull moment with the likeable walkers from Castleisland RWC.

Rob Elliott April 2012

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