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May 26, 2017

5000 metres track


Friday May 26th 2017

Sarnia Walking Club 

Heritage Group Championships Race Four

5,000 metres track walk

Osmond Priaulx, Guernsey

Hot evening conditions for race

Hot conditions welcomed the small field of walkers in the fourth race of the Heritage Group Championships resulting in a win for Rob Elliott finishing two minutes clear of Phil Lockwood. A good walk from Peter Beckerleg resulted in third place not too far ahead of Kevin Le Noury. Mick Le Sauvage closed the race after Jayne Le Noury pulled out of the race very early on with injury.

1 Rob Elliott M55 30.13

2 Phil Lockwood M40 32.17

3 Peter Beckerleg M55 34.51

4 Kevin Le Noury M55 35.08

5 Mick Le Sauvage M75 36.18

Jayne Le Noury DNF

Handicap (hcap) plus watch time

1 P Beckerleg (3.15) 38.06, 2 M Le Sauvage (2.15) 38.33, 3 P Lockwood (6.30) 38.47, 4 K Le Noury (3.45) 38.53, 5 R Elliott (8.45) 38.58.


April 2, 2017

Championship 5 kms

Sunday April 2nd 2017

Sarnia Walking Club

Championship Race Two

5 kilometres road

2.5 kilometres road

Saumarez Park, Guernsey

Donna Allan first home

Donna Allan and Phil Lockwood took the honours in the second race of the clubs Championships. First overall was Donna Allan in 32.17, ahead of Lockwoods 33.26. Expected winner of the mens section, perhaps mindful of the upcoming London marathon walked to third place in the mens section, behind father Kevin.

Two minutes down on the leading woman was Olga Le Noury, ahead of Jayne Le Noury in third.

The club are sad to report the recent passing of past treasurer Hazel Mann in her 89th year. Hazel and her late husband Austin were treasurer and secretary of the Sarnia Walking Club for many years. Hazel had continued to sponsor the trophy held in memory of Austins relation, namely the Graham Mann team trophy.

Men 5 kms

1 Phil Lockwood M40 33.26

2 Kevin Le Noury M55 34.03

3 Stuart Le Noury M 34.22

4 Peter Beckerleg M55 34.51

5 Mick Le Sauvage M75 35.31

6 Dave Dorey M70 39.56

Women 5 kms

1 Donna Allan W40 32.17

2 Olga Le Noury W35 34.19

3 Jayne Le Noury W55 37.21

Under 13 2.5kms

1 Ellis Lockwood U13 18.27

Mixed Handicap

1 O Le Noury 38.19, 2= P Beckerleg and J Le Noury 38.51, 4 M Le Sauvage 34.01, 5 K Le Noury 39.03, 6 D Dorey 39.56, 7 D Allan 41.17, 8 P Lockwood 41.26, 9 S Le Noury 48.22.

February 12, 2017

5 and 10 kms road walks

10 kms and 5 kms road walks

Amarreurs Road, Vale, Guernsey

Personal Best Equalled

Leading woman Donna Allan over the longer distance walked on Sunday, equalled her recent personal best time of 1 hour 3 minutes and 13 seconds in her latest outing over 10 kilometres. On a cold and windy morning over the near seven lap course at Les Amarreurs she set off cautiously going through the 2,500 metres point in 16.15 before knocking out a succession of ever faster 1500 metres laps, from 9.42, 9.36, 9.25, 9.08 to a finishing 9.07.

Stuart Le Noury, contesting the longer distance had his best race for a while finishing in 52 minutes dead. His split times after the opening 2,500 metres of 13.04 were 7.56, 7.56, 7.56 down to 7.41 and 7.27. 

Phil Lockwood managed only 5,500 metres before his back problem forced him to retire.

In the 5 kilometres race, Kevin Le Noury led home Peter Beckerleg with a time of 33.39. Third home and first woman was Olga Le Noury in 34.51. Mick Le Sauvage, Jayne Le Noury and Dave Dorey completed the line up.

The next event is the final walk in the Bob Wright Handicap Series over a distance of 5 miles. Starting at 9.30 am on Sunday February 19th . The course is from Lancresse (Rocque Balan) to North Beach.

10 kms

1 Stuart Le Noury M 52.00

2 Donna Allan W40 1.03.13

Phil Lockwood M40 DNF

5 kms

1 Kevin Le Noury M55 33.39

2 Peter Beckerleg M55 34.18

3 Olga Le Noury W35 34.51

4 Mick Le Sauvage M75 36.34

5 Jayne Le Noury W55 37.24

6 Dave Dorey M70 39.12


10 kms

Lap 1


Lap 2


Lap 3


Lap 4


Lap 5


Lap 6


Lap 7



position time
Stuart Le Noury 13.04 21.00 28.56 36.52 44.33 52.00 1 52.00
Donna Allan 16.15 25.57 35.33 44.58 54.06 63.13 2 63.13
Phil Lockwood 16.39 26.53 37.05 DNF DNF
5 kms 500m 2000m 3500m 5000m
Kevin Le Noury 13.20 23.29 33.39 1 33.39
Peter Beckerleg 13.26 23.46 34.18 2 34.18
Olga Le Noury 13.51 24.22 34.51 3 34.51
Mick Le Sauvage 14.59 26.04 36.34 4 36.34
Jayne Le Noury 15.17 26.22 37.24 5 37.24
Dave Dorey 15.00 26.37 39.12 6 39.12

January 8, 2017

5 kilometres handicap road walk

Sunday January 8th 2017

Sarnia Walking Club

Bob Wright Handicap Series Race Five

5 kilometres road walk

North Side, Guernsey

RWA Permit 7001-1

Personal best for race winner 

Donna Allan, who has improved rapidly since her first race last September, surpassed all expectations as she broke 30 minutes and removed a huge amount of time off her previous best of 34.14. Set off with Phil Lockwood on handicap, she soon moved ahead of him and started to make inroads on those set off in front of her. Hitting the front with still plenty of the race left she crossed the line in an actual time of 29.53. This time was a new age best time for Guernsey, beating that set by Jenny Elliott some years ago.

Second home, also with a performance better than expected was Peter Beckerleg in an actual time of 33.30. A close finish for third was won by Rob Elliott who had to find a sprint to overcome Phil Lockwood. Lockwoods glance behind leading him to try to hold off his rival with his own short lived final effort.

Second woman to finish was Jayne Le Noury, holding off Mick Le Sauvage for fifth place. 

Marie Macdonald had a good race overtaking Kay Coulson and Dave Dorey. After five races in the series and with two to go Donna Allan and Peter Beckerleg are in the first two positions but with a lot still to walk for.

1 Donna Allan (W40) 35.38 (watch time) / 5.45 (handicap) / 29.53

2 Peter Beckerleg (M55) 36.15 / 2.45 / 33.30

3 Rob Elliott (M55) 36.37 / 7.45 / 28.52

4 Phil Lockwood (M40) 36.41 / 5.45 / 30.56

5 Jayne Le Noury (W55) 36.53 / 0.00 / 36.53

6 Mick Le Sauvage (M75) 37.18 / 2.00 / 35.18

7 Marie Macdonald (W45) 37.28 / 2.45 / 34.43

8 Kay Coulson (W45) 38.30 / 1.30 / 37.00

9 Dave Dorey (M70) 40.52 / 0.00 / 40.52

October 2, 2016

Bob Wright Handicap Race One

Sunday October 2nd 2016

Sarnia Walking Club

Bob Wright handicap series race one

5 kilometres road walk

1250m Development walk

Saumarez Park, Guernsey

RWA Permit 6079-1

From last to first

Stuart Le Noury, carrying the heaviest handicap time, walked through the field to win the first race in the Bob Wright Handicap Series held over 5 kilometres at Saumarez Park.

The series is now into its 13th annual edition and finishes next February after seven walks.

With his best performance for a while at this distance he crossed the line in an actual time of 25.32, almost half a minute ahead of second man home Peter Beckerleg. Newcomer and first woman to finish was Donna Allan in 34.14, finishing just ahead of last years series winner Mick Le Sauvage.

In fifth place was Dave Dorey twenty seconds behind holding off Olga Le Noury, followed closely by Kay Coulson. There was almost a minutes gap then to Rob Elliott and Phil Lockwood, both walking well below there best.

Jayne Le Noury and Marie Macdonald brought up the rear of the field, gaining themselves a few points which could still be quite handy come the end of the competition.

Regular walker Phil Lockwoods son Ellis walked in an Under 11 Development walk over 1250 metres finishing in 10.01 and looking good for a young walker who has only just started the event.


Pos Athlete Club Watch Time  



Actual time

1 Stuart Le Noury M Sarnia Walking Club 36.47 11.15 25.32
2 Peter Beckerleg M55 Sarnia Walking Club 37.16 3.00 34.16
3 Donna Allan W40 Unattached 37.29 3.15 34.14
4 Mick Le Sauvage M75 Sarnia Walking Club 37.31 2.30 35.01
5 Dave Dorey M65 Sarnia Walking Club 37.51 0.00 37.51
6 Olga Le Noury W35 Sarnia Walking Club 38.13 3.45 34.28
7 Kay Coulson W45 Sarnia Walking Club 38.35 2.30 36.05
8 Rob Elliott M55 Sarnia Walking Club 39.25 8.45 30.40
9 Phil Lockwood M40 Sarnia Walking Club 39.54 7.45 32.09
10 Jayne Le Noury W55 Sarnia Walking Club 40.49 1.00 39.49
11 Marie Macdonald W40 Sarnia Walking Club 41.48 3.15 38.33
1 Ellis Lockwood U11 Unattached 10.01 1250 ms Development

June 12, 2016

Weekends events

Sarnia Walking Club members took part in the non competitive Saffery Rotary walk on Saturday over a distance of 39 miles. The route goes from St Peter Port and onto the cliff paths to Pleinmont in the south west of the island before heading north to Lancresse and Bordeaux then back to St Peter Port.

First to finish were Olga Sinkevica, Stuart Le Noury and Alex Sinkevics in around 13 hours. Kevin Le Noury, Jayne Le Noury and Marie Macdonald finishing later.

The next day was the clubs 5,000 metres championship walk.

Sunday June 12th 2016

Sarnia Walking Club

Heritage Group Championships Race Six

5,000 metres track walk

Osmond Priaulx, Footes Lane, Guernsey

Elliott walks to win

The two walkers leading their respective Heritage Championships, namely Olga Sinkevica and Stuart Le Noury, took it a bit easier in this walk after walking the non competitive 39 miles round island walk the day before.

This led the way for Rob Elliott to lead from start to finish to cross the line in 29.37, ahead of Phil Lockwood who is still suffering from a back problem

Olga Sinkevica still led the woman home in 34.29, ahead of Kay Coulson.


Pos Athlete   Club Time
1 Rob Elliott M55 Sarnia Walking Club 29.37
2 Phil Lockwood M40 Sarnia Walking Club 33.09
3 Olga Sinkevica W Sarnia Walking Club 34.29
4 Stuart Le Noury M Sarnia Walking Club 34.30
5 Mick Le Sauvage M75 Sarnia Walking Club 34.38
6 Peter Beckerleg M55 Sarnia Walking Club 35.58
7 Kay Coulson W45 Sarnia Walking Club 36.43
8 Dave Dorey M75 Sarnia Walking Club 39.43

Handicap Positions (actual time plus handicap)

1 Dave Dorey (0.00) 39.43, 2 Mick Le Sauvage (5.30) 40.08, 3 Kay Coulson (4.00) 40.43, 4 Olga Sinkevica (6.15) 40.44, 5 Rob Elliott (11.45) 41.22, 6 Peter Beckerleg (5.30) 41.28, 7 Phil Lockwood (10.45) 43.54, 8 Stuart Le Noury (15.00) 49.30.


March 6, 2016

Heritage Group Championship One


Sunday March 6th 2016

Sarnia Walking Club

Heritage Group Championships Race One

5 kilometres road

Permit number : RWA6029-1

Saumarez Park, Guernsey

Personal bests for leading women

The opening race of the Heritage Group Sarnia Walking Club Championships led to a couple of personal best times in the womens section. First across the line was Olga Sinkevica who equalled her personal best time of 33.49, followed by Kay Coulson who knocked around half a minute off her previous best with 36.02. In third place was Jayne Le Noury, only 15 seconds behind Kay.

Winner of the mens race was as expected Stuart Le Noury in 26.08, walking two even halves and finishing well up on second man home Rob Elliott. Going through half way in 14.04 and having just overtaken Jason Le Noury, Elliott slowed slightly but took an easy second place in 28.13.

Jason broke 29 minutes for third place ahead of Phil Lockwood. Masters walkers Mick Le Sauvage and Peter Beckerleg were close together throughout the race with Peter getting ahead to cross the line 5 seconds ahead. Dave Dorey bringing the race to a close in forty minutes.

Kay was rewarded for her time by winning the handicapped section held in conjunction , times and positions below.

1 K Coulson 36.02 (0.00 handicap added to actual time), 2 Jayne Le Noury 36.17 (0.00), 3 S Le Noury 36.38 (10.30), 4 O Sinkevica 36.49 (3.00) , 5 R Elliott 37.13 ( 9.00). 6 P Beckerleg 37.18 (3.00), 7 M Le Sauvage 37.23 (3.00), 8 P Lockwood 37.42 (8.30), 9 Jason Le Noury 38.57 ( 10.00), 10 D Dorey 40.02 (0.00).

The next race is on Sunday March 20th at 9.30 am from Albecq to North Side. The 7 miles walk is for the Chilcott Cup.

Pos Athlete Club Time
1 Stuart Le Noury M Sarnia Walking Club 26.08
2 Rob Elliott M55 Sarnia Walking Club 28.13
3 Jason Le Noury M Sarnia Walking Club 28.57
4 Phil Lockwood M40 Sarnia Walking Club 29.12
5 Olga Sinkevica W Sarnia Walking Club 33.49
6 Peter Beckerleg M55 Sarnia Walking Club 34.18
7 Mick Le Sauvage M75 Sarnia Walking Club 34.23
8 Kay Coulson W45 Sarnia Walking Club 36.02
9 Jayne Le Noury W55 Sarnia Walking Club 36.17
10 Dave Dorey M65 Sarnia Walking Club 40.02

November 22, 2015

Delancey Park walks

Sunday November 22nd 2015

Road walks at Delancey Park

Jason Le Noury and Rob Elliott were the winners of the two distances held today on a crisp morning at Delancey Park. Jason winning the 10 kms in 58.39 and Rob the 5 kms in 29.23.

10 kms

1 Jason Le Noury M 58.39

2 Phil Lockwood M40 61.04

5 kms

1 Rob Elliott M55 29.23

2 Kevin Le Noury M55 33.48

3 Mick Le Sauvage M75 34.35

4 Peter Beckerleg M55 36.15

5 Jayne Le Noury W55 37.22




October 4, 2015

Bob Wright 5 kms handicap

Sunday October 4th 2015

Sarnia Walking Club

Bob Wright Handicap Series Race One

5 kilometres road walk

Saumarez Park, Guernsey

Close finish in Race One

Peter Beckerleg opened up the Bob Wright handicap series with a narrow win from a fast finishing young Alex Sinkevics. Alex, with only a handful of races behind him had started the walk with the winner on handicap and had opened up a lead on him by nine seconds at the halfway point. Slowing down early in the second half Alex was soon caught and passed by Beckerleg, who opened up a lead in the final lap over not only Alex, but the rest of the field.

Coming into the long final straight it looked as though there would be no doubt as to who would finish first as he had a good 25 metres lead over Le Sauvage and Sinkevics. Sinkevics then made an attempt to close the gap but ran out of road as he closed fast to finish a stride behind at the finish. His effort at the end gave him a negative split time of 17.02 after a first half of 17.16. His effort gave him a new personal best time of 34.18, well ahead of his previous time of 35.00.

Peter went through half way in 17.25 before a strong 16.52 second half.

Third place went to Mick Le Sauvage, with first woman to finish Marie Macdonald in fourth place and recording the fastest womans time of the day, ahead of Olga Sinkevica with an actual time of 34.42. Fastest time of the day was set by Stuart Le Noury 28.49, closely followed by Phil Lockwood with 29.01. Phil looked good throughout the race and also finished the second half quicker than the first.

The next race is on Sunday October 18th at Delancey Park. It is the second walk in the series over 10 kilometres. Note earlier start time than on fixture list. Start is now at 9.00am.

1 Peter Beckerleg M55 36.17 (watch time) / 34.17 (actual time)

2 Alex Sinkevics U17 36.18 / 34.18

3 Mick Le Sauvage M75 36.28/ 34.28

4 Marie Macdonald W40 36.42 / 34.42

5 Phil Lockwood M40 37.01 / 29.01

6 Jayne Le Noury W55 37.54 / 37.54

7 Olga Sinkevica W 38.16 / 35.46

8 Kevin Le Noury M55 38.17 / 34.47

9 Dave Dorey M65 38.42 / 36.42

10 Stuart Le Noury 39.49 / 28.49

11 Kay Coulson W45 41.15 / 41.15

August 9, 2015

Road 5 kms Championship

logo-heritageSunday August 9th 2015

Sarnia Walking Club
Heritage Group Championships Race 9
5 kilometres road walk
Amarreurs Road, Vale, Guernsey

Winners heading to Heritage Championship Titles

In the ninth race of the Heritage Group Championships there were easy wins for the leading man and woman in the series heading into the final race over one mile. Leading from the start in the 5 kilometres road event  held on a hot and almost wind free morning, Stuart Le Noury finished in a time of 26.45. Brother Jason, unhappy with his performance, finished almost a minute behind in 27.36. Third man home was Phil Lockwood in 30.34.
A good race from Olga Sinkevicha, who was only one second outside her recent personal best time saw her claim victory in the womens section from Marie Macdonald and Kay Coulson.
Mick Le Sauvage had a good race removing 16 seconds from his own Guernsey M75 best time. At the other end of the age scale young under 17 newcomer Alex Sinkevics walked 35.00. The next race is on Friday August 14th at 6.30 pm at Footes Lane over one mile. It will be the final race in the 2015 Heritage Group Championships. Details from Jayne Le Noury

1 Stuart Le Noury M 26.45  (2kms 10.40)
2 Jason Le Noury M 27.36  (2kms 10.49)
3 Phil Lockwood M40 30.34
4 Kevin Le Noury M55 32.40 (2kms 12.42)
5 Mick Le Sauvage M75 33.54 (2kms 13.33)
6 Peter Beckerleg M55 34.25  (2kms 13.54)

7 Alex Sinkevics U17 35.00 (2kms 13.30)
8 Dave Dorey M65 35.56 (2 kms 13.39)

1 Olga Sinkevica W 33.50 (2 kms 13.18)
2 Marie Macdonlad W40 35.21 (2 kms 13.33)
3 Kay Coulson W45 37.18 (2 kms 14.54)
4 Jayne Le Noury W50 38.40 (2 kms 15.23)

Handicap: hcap/hcaptime 1 M Le Sauvage 3.10/37.04, 2 K le Noury 4.30/37.10, 3 K Coulson 0.00/37.18, 4 O Sinkevica 3.40/37.30,  5 P Beckerleg 3.10/37.35, 6 D Dorey 2.10/38.06, 7 P Lockwood 7.40/38.14, 8 M Macdonald 3.10/38.31, 9 S le Noury 12.00/38.45, 10 Jason Le Noury 11.30/39.06, 11 Jayne Le Noury 0.30/39.10. Alex non scoring as not a member.

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