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September 4, 2015

Friday evening 3 kilometres road walk

Race winner Stuart Le Noury had the company of visitor Jim Ball for the first lap of two in the clubs final event over 3 kilometres , before this Sunday’s Church to Church walk. Passing the halfway point in 7.51 with a one seconds lead over Ball , Stuart increased his pace for the second half to win easily in 15.27.

jim Ball in a time of 16.04 was satisfied with his performance and well up on third man home Phil Lockwood in 17.26 , who was walking less than a week after walking the Guernsey marathon . Regular visitor Sean Pender in 19.01 got the better of local Kevin Le Noury , pulling away in the latter stages.

Alex Sinkevics led home his mother Olga with a time just under the 20 minutes barrier with 19.58 , four seconds ahead of Olga.
Dave Dorey led visitor David Hoben home , whilst Jayne Le Noury inched ahead of Mick Le Sauvage after walking together for most of the race. Kay Coulson brought the field home in 23 minutes.

1 Stuart Le Noury 15.27
2 Jim Ball Steyning AC 16.04
3 Phil Lockwood 17.26
4 Sean Pender Enfield 19.01
5 Kevin Le Noury 19.07
6 Alex Sinkevics 19.58
7 Olga Sinkevica 20.02
8 Dave Dorey 20.16
9 David Hoben Surrey WC 20.40
10 Jayne Le Noury 21.43
11 Mick Le Sauvage 21.43
12 Kay Coulson 23.02


August 23, 2015

3 miles road walk

Sunday August 23rd 2015

Sarnia Walking Club

3 miles road walk

Rocquaine Bay Circuit, Guernsey

Defeat for Mens Club Champion

Sarnia Walking Club Champion Stuart Le Noury lost out in the final downhill mile to brother Jason after they had been close together for the majority of the race. The course, which takes in a stiff uphill mile from the coast at Rocquaine to Torteval Church before dropping back to the coast suited the winner better than than his closest rival.

The winners time was slower than his best on this course, but at 25.04 was 11 seconds ahead of Stuart, who set himself a personal best for the race. Indeed, eight of the walkers set new best times for the course which has only been raced on a few times, perhaps now getting used to how to pace themselves over the various hills.

Third man home Phil Lockwood in 27.44 had his best race for a while, well ahead of fourth home Kevin Le Noury in 31.38. First woman home Olga Sinkevica in 33.09 showed a huge improvement on her first effort on this course. A close fight for 6th place was won by Peter Beckerleg, literally strides ahead of young Alex Sinkevics and Dave Dorey, with Mick Le Sauvage and Marie Macdonald a further few seconds back. Third woman home was Kay Coulson ahead of Jayne Le Noury.

The next race is on Friday September 4th at 6.30 pm over 3 kilometres at Les Amarreurs, Vale. Days later on Sunday September 6th at 9.00 am the club hold the annual Church to Church 19.4 miles road walk, starting and finishing at South Esplanade. All are welcome to take part. Details from Jayne Le Noury,

Age           Position       Name                                    Club                                                  Time



Jason Le Noury

Sarnia Walking Club




Stuart Le Noury

Sarnia Walking Club




Phil Lockwood

Sarnia Walking Club




Kevin Le Noury

Sarnia Walking Club




Olga Sinkevica

Sarnia Walking Club




Peter Beckerleg

Sarnia Walking Club




Alex Sinkevics





Dave Dorey

Sarnia Walking Club




Mick Le Sauvage

Sarnia Walking Club




Marie Macdonald

Sarnia Walking Club




Kay Coulson

Sarnia Walking Club




Jayne Le Noury

Sarnia Walking Club


Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

August 15, 2015

One MIle track

logo-heritageFriday  August 14th 2015

Sarnia Walking Club

Heritage Group Championships Race Ten

1 mile track walk

Osmond Priaulx, Footes Lane, Guernsey

Winners secure the Championships (full points scores to follow)

Stuart Le Noury and Olga Sinkevica continued their winning form in the final event of the Heritage Group Sarnia Walking Club Championships over one mile. In doing so they both became club champions for 2015, both winning all the Championship events that they raced in, with eight races out of ten to score.

Stuart had the early attention of brother Jason for almost half of the race before opening a winning gap of 18 seconds by the finish as he crossed the line in 7.18. Father Kevin completed a family one , two , three as he had a rare win over fourth man home Phil Lockwood who suffered with a severe blister.

Another family race for fifth place was won by newcomer Alex Sinkevics ahead of Olga Sinkevica, both recording personal track best times. Not far behind was Peter Beckerleg, ahead of second and third women home Kay Coulson and Jayne Le Noury.

The next race is on Sunday August 23rd at Rocquaine Bay over a 3 miles circuit , starting at 9.00 am. Not too far away is the annual Church to Church walk over 19.4 miles being held on Sunday September 6th at 9.00 am. The start and finish is at Havelet Bay, South Esplanade and is open to allcomers with a generous time limit of 5 hours 30 minutes. A warm up event over 3 kilometres will be held a few days before on Friday September 4th at 6.30 pm , starting at Les Amarreurs Road, Vale. Details from Jayne Le Noury,


1 Stuart Le Noury M 7.17.2

2 Jason Le Noury M 7.35.7

3 Kevin Le Noury M55 9.53.1

4 Phil Lockwood M40 10.09.1

5 Alkex Sinkevics M 10.12.1

6 Peter Beckerleg M55 10.47.8


1 Olga Sinkevica W 10.25.5

2 Kay Coulson W45 11.24.2

3 Jayne Le Noury W55 11.30.6

August 9, 2015

Road 5 kms Championship

logo-heritageSunday August 9th 2015

Sarnia Walking Club
Heritage Group Championships Race 9
5 kilometres road walk
Amarreurs Road, Vale, Guernsey

Winners heading to Heritage Championship Titles

In the ninth race of the Heritage Group Championships there were easy wins for the leading man and woman in the series heading into the final race over one mile. Leading from the start in the 5 kilometres road event  held on a hot and almost wind free morning, Stuart Le Noury finished in a time of 26.45. Brother Jason, unhappy with his performance, finished almost a minute behind in 27.36. Third man home was Phil Lockwood in 30.34.
A good race from Olga Sinkevicha, who was only one second outside her recent personal best time saw her claim victory in the womens section from Marie Macdonald and Kay Coulson.
Mick Le Sauvage had a good race removing 16 seconds from his own Guernsey M75 best time. At the other end of the age scale young under 17 newcomer Alex Sinkevics walked 35.00. The next race is on Friday August 14th at 6.30 pm at Footes Lane over one mile. It will be the final race in the 2015 Heritage Group Championships. Details from Jayne Le Noury

1 Stuart Le Noury M 26.45  (2kms 10.40)
2 Jason Le Noury M 27.36  (2kms 10.49)
3 Phil Lockwood M40 30.34
4 Kevin Le Noury M55 32.40 (2kms 12.42)
5 Mick Le Sauvage M75 33.54 (2kms 13.33)
6 Peter Beckerleg M55 34.25  (2kms 13.54)

7 Alex Sinkevics U17 35.00 (2kms 13.30)
8 Dave Dorey M65 35.56 (2 kms 13.39)

1 Olga Sinkevica W 33.50 (2 kms 13.18)
2 Marie Macdonlad W40 35.21 (2 kms 13.33)
3 Kay Coulson W45 37.18 (2 kms 14.54)
4 Jayne Le Noury W50 38.40 (2 kms 15.23)

Handicap: hcap/hcaptime 1 M Le Sauvage 3.10/37.04, 2 K le Noury 4.30/37.10, 3 K Coulson 0.00/37.18, 4 O Sinkevica 3.40/37.30,  5 P Beckerleg 3.10/37.35, 6 D Dorey 2.10/38.06, 7 P Lockwood 7.40/38.14, 8 M Macdonald 3.10/38.31, 9 S le Noury 12.00/38.45, 10 Jason Le Noury 11.30/39.06, 11 Jayne Le Noury 0.30/39.10. Alex non scoring as not a member.

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