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March 26, 2017

Eric Waldron 2 miles track

Sunday March 26th 2017

Sarnia Walking Club

Eric Waldron 2 miles track walk

Osmond Priaulx, Guernsey 

sponsored by Channel Island Ceramics

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Win number eight

Stuart Le Noury raced to his eighth Eric Waldron title over the two miles track distance with an easy win in the latest race. Dominating from the start he lapped the field to finish in 15.23, only four seconds behind his personal best time set a few years ago. Second home was Rob Elliott, himself a multiple winner of this event many years back. 

Third place went to Donna Allan in 19.01, adding a new Guernsey age best to her recent collection. The time was the third fastest by a local woman, behind times set by Jenny Elliott and sister Kathryn Tostevin in this now rarely walked distance.

Youngest walker Ellis Lockwood made a good effort in the closing laps to close down Kay Coulson, with Coulson only just holding on by a second.

1 Stuart Le Noury M 15.23

2 Rob Elliott M55 18.02

3 Donna Allan W40 19.01

4 Kevin Le Noury M55 21.11

5 Olga Le Noury W35 22.15

6 Peter Beckerleg M55 22.27

7 Mick Le Sauvage M75 22.28

8 Kay Coulson W45 23.02

9 Ellis Lockwood U13 23.03

10 Phil Lockwood M40 23.06

11 Dave Dorey 24.50

Updated version of Who is Eric Waldron? Follow the link to a profile:

He donated the trophy to the GIAAC 53 years ago in 1964, which in turn was passed on to the SWC in 1970. Inaugural winner of the 2 miles track (grass track at Cambridge Park) walk was Len Duquemin winning narrowly from John Moullin, both given the same time of 16.09.1. Duquemin improving his time to 14.46.5 in 1966, which until 2009 was the Guernsey Allcomers Record for a 2 miles track walk, until Carl Thomson walked 14.40.4.

The event moved to the roads after that from 1969 to 2002. From 2003 the race has moved back to a track walk for most years to 2017.

Len Duquemin`s track time has frequently been surpassed with winning times on the road. Walker’s fastest winning times in this race are, Rob Waterman 14.30 in 1969, Andy Le Heron 14.15 in 1972, Mick Elliott 14.33 in 1974, Rob Elliott 13.58 in 1981, Mark Elliott 13.56 in 1985, Carl Thomson 14.02 in 1990, Jason Le Noury 15.10 and Stuart Le Noury 15.19.

Fastest time for the event is by Mark Elliott in 13.56 (1995). Youngest winner is Jason Le Noury at 15 years old in 2004. The walk has once been won by a woman, Jenny Elliott in 1999 and once had a tie for first place between local Kevin Le Noury and visitor Sean Pender.

Full list of winners for Eric Waldron Trophy

1964 Len W Duquemin 16.09.1
1965 Len W Duquemin 15.22
1966 Len W Duquemin 14.46.5
1969 Rob Waterman 14.30
1970 Rob Waterman 14.42
1971 Rob Waterman 15.06
1972 Andy Le Heron 14.15
1973 Rob Waterman 15.02
1974 Mick Elliott 14.33
1975 Mick Elliott 15.25
1976 Mick Elliott 14.52
1977 Rob Elliott 14.57
1978 Rob Elliott 14.47
1979 Mick Elliott 15.08
1980 Rob Elliott 14.37
1981 Rob Elliott 13.58
1982 Mick Elliott 15.28
1983 Dave Dorey 16.42
1984 Mark Elliott 15.17
1985 Mark Elliott 13.56
1986 Rob Elliott 14.48
1987 Rob Elliott 14.47
1988 Rob Elliott 15.10
1989 Carl Thomson 15.30
1990 Carl Thomson 14.02
1991 Rob Elliott 13.58
1992 Carl Thomson 15.32
1993 Rob Elliott 15.27
1994 Carl Thomson 14.19
1995 Carl Thomson 14.35
1996 Alun Williams 18.07
1997 Alan Roger 17.49
1998 Alan Roger 17.15
1999 Jenny Elliott 17.19
2000 Kevin Le Noury/ Sean Pender 18.29
2001 Rob Elliott 15.37
2002 Rob Elliott 16.00
2003 Terry Bates 16.37
2004 Jason Le Noury 16.44
2005 Jason Le Noury 16.24
2006 Terry Bates 17.05
2007 Jason Le Noury 16.42

June 26, 2016

Heritage Championship

Sunday June 26th 2016

Sarnia Walking Club

Heritage Group Championship Race Seven

5 kilometres road walk

North Side, Guernsey

RWA Permit 6037-1

Championship leaders continue to increase leads.

Stuart Le Noury and Olga Sinkevica both increased their leads in the Sarnia Walking Clubs Heritage Championships in the latest race over 5 kilometres. Circumstances dictated that this championship was agreeably reduced from the original 20 kms distance.

Stuart Le Noury easily won the mens section in 28.12 from Phil Lockwood, whilst Olga was dominant in the women action in 34.02. Second across the line was Kay Coulson who continued her recent form with a new personal best time of 35.19, removing 43 seconds from that time set recently.

Third man home Kevin Le Noury only just got the better of Olga, with Peter Beckerleg a further ten seconds adrift . This was a good performance for Peter, giving him second place in the handicap section of the race. His next race will be a milestone in his relatively short race walking career as he will toe the line for the 100th time.

Next home was Mick Le Sauvage walking to form as was Jayne Le Noury and Dave Dorey.

Phil Lockwood, still walking in some discomfort, walked the Guernsey Dairy Milk Run half marathon the weekend before in 2.20.45.


Stuart Le Noury ran the event, whilst past member Carl Thomson decided to run for charity by running four consecutive half marathons for a distance of 52 miles, with the official one being the last one. The last was raced in 1.51.06.

The first marathon was finished in 3 hours 47 mins. He broke his target of 8 hours by 25 minutes finishing in 7 hours 35.

The next race is on Sunday July 3rd at Footes Lane. The event is a one hour track race at 8.30 am. Details from Jayne Le Noury

Handicap positions. Watch time plus handicap

1 K Coulson (3.00) 38.19, 2 P Beckerleg (4.30) 38.42, 3 M Le Sauvage (5.00) 39.20, 4 D Dorey (0.00) 39.26, 5 J Le Noury (3.00) 39.32, 6 K Le Noury (6.00) 39.51, 7 O Sinkevica (6.00) 40.02, 8 P Lockwood (10.00) 41.54, 9 S Le Noury (14.00) 42.12.







Stuart Le Noury


Sarnia Walking Club



Phil Lockwood


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Kevin Le Noury


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Olga Sinkevica


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Peter Beckerleg


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Mick Le Sauvage


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Kay Coulson


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Jayne Le Noury


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Dave Dorey


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March 23, 2014

Result Channel Island Ceramics 7 miles Chilcott Cup

Sunday March 23rd 2014

Sarnia Walking Club

7 miles road walk for the Channel Island Ceramics Chilcott Cup

Albecq to North Side, Guernsey

cic logo blue (high Res)1       Carl takes the Channel Island Ceramics Chilcott Cup

Carl Thomson won the Channel Island Ceramics Chilcott Cup over a distance of seven miles, leaving the Le Noury brothers back in second and third place. Out on his own from the start at Albecq to the finish at North Side he recorded a time of 56.00. Stuart Le Noury found himself two minutes behind, whilst brother Jason was well down on his normal time, taking in the race after a ten miles session to the start and an anticipated four miles after the race in preparation for walking the London marathon next month.

Defending champion Phil Lockwood, who for the last two years has beaten Rob Elliott by around a minute, did the same today, but this time only good enough for fourth place. Jayne Le Noury led the women home just outside her target of 80 minutes and almost catching Peter Beckerleg. Peter recorded 80 minutes dead to take four and a half minutes off his last years time.

The next race is on Sunday March 30th at Les Amarreurs. The distance is a one mile team handicap for the Philadelphia Cup starting at 9.30 am. Details from Jayne Le Noury

1 Carl Thomson M45 56.00

2 Stuart Le Noury M 58.08

3 Jason Le Noury M 1.02.25

4 Phil Lockwood M40 1.05.10

5 Rob Elliott M50 1.06.12

6 Kevin Le Noury M55 1.17.28

7 Peter Beckerleg M55 1.20.00

8 Jayne Le Noury W50 1.20.06

9 Mick Le Sauvage M70 1.21.57

10 Kay Coulson W45 1.28.36

March 18, 2014

Channel Island Ceramics Chilcott 7 miles

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cic logo blue (high Res)1The next walk is on Sunday March 23rd over a distance of 7 miles from Albecq to North Side starting at 9.30 am. The race is for the Channel Island Ceramics Chilcott Cup. Details from Jayne Le Noury

The Chilcott & Sons Ltd Trophy was first walked for in 1963 and won by T Le Gallez. John Moullin took the honours a year later just breaking the hour barrier. Roy Brouard was awarded the Trophy in 1965 in a handicapped 7 miles walk.

After a gap of six years the Trophy was reintroduced, with Moullin winning in 1971 in 54.35. Rob Waterman went even quicker a year later with a 53.58 winning time.

Mick Elliott won the Trophy 5 times between 1973 and 1981, a 55.19 being his fastest time. His son Robert has won the race 16 times, with a best of 51.35, which is still a Guernsey record on the Houmet to White Rock course. Carl Thomson has 6 wins to his name, with a fastest time of 51.56 on the Albecq to North Side course.

The current champion is Phil Lockwood, who has won the last two races , both times leaving Rob Elliott in second place less than a minute behind. Jayne Le Noury was the first woman home last year.

It is expected that the Le Noury brothers will both be challenging for first place this year, both well capable of going under the hour going on recent form. Both missed last weeks 10 kms Championship walk, being off the island. Guernsey walker Carl Thomson competed in the GIAAC 10 kms run championships last Sunday, walking a time of 50.33, just short of the time set by Stuart Le Noury early in 2014 over the same distance.

August 11, 2013

10 kms road walk


carl 1 (2)Sunday August 11th 2013
Sarnia Walking Club
10 kilometres road walk
Quayside, North Side, Guernsey
Sub 50 minutes for Thomson
Carl Thomson walked a sub 50 minutes 10 kilometres road walk to take an easy win on the North Side circuit. This reduced the M45 Age Best time for Guernsey by 31 seconds, breaking visitor Mark Easton`s time of 49.58 set two years ago at Delancey Park.
On his own throughout he walked a fast first 2.5 kms in 12.09, before slowing to record splits of 12.20 (24.29 at 5 kms), 12.31 and a final 12.27.
Second home was Stuart Le Noury, well down on his best time.
Peter Beckerleg in third place recorded a new personal best time by 1.22, leaving  it until the final quarter of the race to make up a deficit of half a minute at 2.5 kms on Kevin Le Noury, to catch and leave Le Noury by three quarters of a minute by the finish line. He continues to improve in his first year as a race walker.
The next race is on Friday August 16th at Les Amarreurs. It is the 10th and final race in the Heritage Group Championships over a distance of one mile starting at 6.30 pm.
Details from
1 Carl Thomson M45 49.27             5 kms 24.29
2 Stuart Le Noury M 57.20             5 kms 28.34
3 Peter Beckerleg M50 1.11.39          5 kms 35.33
4 Kevin Le Noury M55 1.12.26          5 kms 35.01
5 Jayne Le Noury W50 1.16.05          5 kms 37.44
6 Allan Harris M65 1.27.07

July 21, 2013

Delancey Park 10 kms


Sunday July 21st 2013
Sarnia Walking Club
10 kilometres road walk
Delancey Park, Guernsey
Thomson leads the way
Personal performance of the day by Dave Dorey (pictured right in recent event)
 The race winner Carl Thomson led from the start to finish on a hot day at Delancey Park over a distance of 10 kilometres. Jason Le Noury was the closest challenger early on as he led his brother Stuart through the opening quarter of the race, before dropping off the pace. After eight laps and the 5 kilometres point Carl had almost two minutes lead as he passed half way in 25.37 to Stuarts 27.30, with Jason a further nineteen seconds behind.
Only dropping the pace slightly in the second half Carl crossed the finish in 51.31. Stuart, almost four minutes down with 55.28, walked a solid second half as well, losing only half a minute, whilst Jason back in third suffered in the latter half to finish just outside 57 minutes.
Phil Lockwood, after a few recent injury ridden races, finished outside of the hour mark after looking likely to break it after walking 29.34 at halfway. Back in fifth Dave Dorey perhaps had the best personal race of the day with 71.08, with others around him outside of their recent times.
Quickest of the women was Jayne Le Noury who had Rose Druckes leading her for the first half of the race, before catching and pulling away from the eventual second placed Rose.
Kay Coulson took the third spot.
The next race is on Sunday July 28th at 9.30 am at Rocquaine Bay. The event is a handicapped 3.8 miles walk over two laps along the coast road in conjunction with the Rocquaine Regatta and for the Piette Cup.
1 Carl Thomson M45 51.31
2 Stuart Le Noury M 55.28
3 Jason Le Noury M 57.08
4 Phil Lockwood M40 1.00.50
5 Terry Bates M60 1.03.32
6 Dave Dorey M65 1.11.08
7 Kevin Le Noury M55 1.13.24
8 Mick Le Sauvage M70 1.14.35
9 Jayne Le Noury W50 1.16.58.
10 Rose Druckes W65 1.18.53
11 Kay Coulson W45 1.23.02
12 Allan Harris M65 1.28.08

Splits(First split 48 metres shorter than others) 4, 8, 12 laps : C Thomson 12.29, 25.28, 38.34. S Le Noury 13.10, 27.20, 41.45. Jason Le Noury 13.04, 27.38, 42.25. P Lockwood 14.09, 29.23, 45.06. T Bates 15.31, 31.53, 48.06. D Dorey 16.36, 34.18, 52.33. K Le Noury 17.01, 35.28, 54.21. M Le Sauvage 17.22, 35.54, 54.46. Jayne Le Noury 18.51, 38.16, 57.45. R Druckes 18.40, 38.07, 58.09, K Coulson 20.32, 41.24, 62.24. A Harris 20.44, 43.03, 65.57.

Carl Thomson (Veterans AC and Guernsey ) took part in the GIAAC 5kms run in the park event on Friday evening, walking a time of 24.41.


November 11, 2012

10 kilometres handicap

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Sunday November 11th 2012
Sarnia Walking Club
Bob Wright Handicap Series Race 3
10 kilometres road walk
Pleinmont to Grandes Rocques, Guernsey
Victory for Jayne Le Noury
Unusually warm and wind free conditions greeted the walkers for their handicap race from Pleinmont to Grandes Rocques. Jayne Le Noury held off the rest of the field by 42 seconds to win the latest race in the Bob Wright Handicap Series over 10 kilometres. Picking off those starting in front of her, the faster walkers never got close as she strode across the line with a watch time of 1.19.24. Second across the line was Jamie Marsh, a split second ahead of Kevin Le Noury with 1.20.06, with Mick Le Sauvage a further 24 seconds down.
Jamie Marsh now leads the 7 race Series by a few points from Allan Harris.
Carl Thomson, back in 7th place had the fastest time of the day with 50.26, beating his Guernsey age best time set a few months ago. Second quickest was Phil Lockwood in 56.11. Race winner Jayne Le Noury was the fastest woman in the race with 1.11.24, ahead of Rose Druckes with 1.17.35.
The next race is on Sunday November 25th over 7 miles. Start time is 9.30 am at Albecq, finishing at North Side. Details from Jayne Le Noury
1 Jayne Le Noury W45 1.19.24 (watch time) 1.11.24 (actual)
2 Jamie Marsh M45 1.20.06 / 1.11.06
3 Kevin Le Noury M55 1.20.06 / 1.08.06
4 Mick Le Sauvage M70 1.20.32 / 1.11.32
5 Rose Druckes W65 1.21.35 / 1.17.35
6 Allan Harris M60 1.22.06 / 1.17.06
7 Carl Thomson M45 1.22.26 / 50.26
8 Terry Bates M60 1.23.09 / 1.02.09
9 Phil Lockwood M40 1.24.11 / 56.11
10 Rob Elliott M50 1.25.09 / 1.05.09
11= Joanne Le Prevost W35 1.32.04 / 1.32.04
11= Karen Farman W 1.32.04 / 1.32.04
11= Angela Calnan W 1.32.04 / 1.32.04

November 4, 2012

5000 metres track walk

Sunday November 4th 2012
Sarnia Walking Club
5,000 metres track walk
Osmond Priaulx, Footes Lane, Guernsey
Carl Thomson takes 5000 metres walk win
Carl Thomson had an easy win in the Sarnia Walking Clubs 5,000 metres track walk. On his own from early on he crossed the line in 24.19 to improve on his recently set M45 age best time. Stuart Le Noury held on for second place in 25.41 just ahead of third man home Phil Lockwood.
Down in fouth place was Terry Bates who had a good walk to add to his collection of best times for his age group.
First of the women to finish was Jane Rowlinson in 35.10, ahead of Jayne Le Noury and Rose Druckes. Allan Harris and Joanne Le Prevost both improved on their personal best times by around thirty seconds, despite getting caught in the heavy rain that opened up on those walkers outside of thirty minutes, on an otherwise fine morning.
Newcomers Harriet Payne (left) and Peter Le Prevost, both got a taste of track walking and fared well.
The next walk is on Sunday November 11th from Pleinmont to Grandes Rocques starting at 9.30 am. It is the third walk in the Bob Wright Handicap Series over 10 kilometres. Details from Jayne Le Noury at
1 Carl Thomson M45 24.18.6
2 Stuart Le Noury M 25.40.4
3 Phil Lockwood M40 25.54.0
4 Terry Bates M60 29.18.1
5 Rob Elliott M50 30.56.8
6 Kevin Le Noury M55 33.58.9
7 Mick Le Sauvage M70 34.25.0
8 Jane Rowlinson W50 35.09.6
9 Jayne Le Noury W50 35.38.0
10 Allan Harris M60 36.58.9
11 Alan Roger M55 37.14.0
12 Rose Druckes W65 38.10.1
13 Harriet Payne W 38.51.6
14 Joanne Le Prevost W35 39.19.8
15 Peter Le Prevost M45 39.20.7
Race winner Carl Thomson walked in two events in Jersey recently. The first was over 10 kilometres in which he clocked 50.14 on a wet and windy day on a hilly course. The second race was over 13 kms (apx 8 Miles) on another hilly course around the lanes and roads by the zoo. The event was the Durrell Dash on October 21st in which he finished in 66.04 for 120th position.

August 19, 2012

One Hour Track

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   Waiting for the “Off” at the Olympic Games. Rob Elliott, Jason and Stuart Le Noury try out the grandstand  with our smaller flags before moving roadside with the big Guernsey and GB ones giving us the chance to hammer on the hoardings on the barriers as the field went by. Lots of noise from a huge crowd.
Sunday August 19th 2012
Sarnia Walking Club
Willow Trust Ltd One Hour Track Walk
Osmond Priaulx, Guernsey
One Hour Win For Thomson
A small field contested the Willow Trust One Hour Walk, due mainly to the absence of usual competitors being off the island. Carl Thomson walked almost 12 kilometres in the hour as he completed 11,879 metres in the allotted time. This distance was comfortably better than Rob Elliotts previous best distance set back in 2005.
I have just had a phone call from Carl who timed his laps. For most laps he walked between 1.59 and 2.02, with three others at 2.03, one at 2.04 and a final full lap at 1.57. Good even paced walking with 2 kms splits of 10.03, 10.05, 10.07, 10.09 and 10.11.
The next furthest distance recorded was that of Phil Lockwood who walked 10, 526 metres. Back in third Terry Bates continued to break the Guernsey age best performances, breaking the record distance set previously by over 200 metres.
Kevin Le Noury got the better of wife Jayne who also set an age group best. Allan Harris, a newcomer to walking walked just short of 7,500 metres.
Whilst some club members watched the Olympic race walks in London, pictured above by Jayne Le Noury in the 50 kms event,  Carl Thomson walked the 5 miles distance at the Enfield 2012 Friendship Walks, in a mid week promotion organised between the two weekends that the Olympic walks were held.
He finished in second place in a time of 39.47, 23 seconds behind Francisco Reis of Ilford AC and two seconds ahead of third man home Ian Richards from Steyning AC. Carl closed down a big gap in the latter stages of the race after Reis and Richards set off fast, with Richards succumbing to Thomson and Reis having his lead cut.
The next walk is on Friday August 31st at 6.30 pm at Les Amarreurs, Vale. The distance is 3 kilometres and is a warm up event for the Church to Church 19.4 miles walk being held two days later.
The Church to Church walk on Sunday September 2nd starts at 9.00 am for both men and women. Leading walker is expected to take less than 3 hours to complete the 19.4 miles course. Allcomers are welcome to compete and with a generous time allowance of 5 hours 30 minute, is well within the capabilities of those out to just complete this traditional event.
Details at or Jayne Le Noury, tel 246865.
1 Carl Thomson M45   11,879 metres
2 Phil Lockwood M35 10, 526 metres
3 Terry Bates M60   9,303 metres
4 Kevin Le Noury M50   8,738 metres
5 Jayne Le Noury W50   8,277 metres
6 Mick Le Sauvage M70 8,229 metres
7 Allan Harris M60   7,498 metres

July 29, 2012

Piette Trophy at Rocquaine Bay

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Sunday July 29th 2012
Sarnia Walking Club
3.8 miles handicap road walk for the Piette Trophy (in conjunction with Rocquaine Regatta)
Rocquaine Bay, Guernsey
1 Terry Bates 46.42 (watch time) / 13.00 (Handicap) / 33.42 (actual time)
2 Allan Harris 48.40 / 1.00 / 47.40
3 Stuart Le Noury 49.40 / 20.00 / 29.40
4 Carl Thomson 49.45 / 20.00 / 29.45
5 Mick Le Sauvage 49.48 / 7.00 / 42.48
6 Phil Lockwood 49.58 / 17.00 / 32.58
7 Joanne Le Prevost 50.02 / 0.00 . 50.02
8 Dave Dorey 55.06 / 7.00 / 48.06
Piette Trophy Win For Terry Bates
The inform Terry Bates (pictured a few years ago in Church to Church), walking this event well over two minutes quicker than in 2011, easily won the Piette Trophy in the handicapped 3.8 miles road walk held on a two lap course at Rocquaine Bay. As Terry crossed the line in 46.42, he had time to compose himself and watch newcomer Allan Harris take second place almost two minutes later.
A close race for third place saw five walkers home in 22 seconds. Backmarkers Stuart Le Noury and Carl Thomson had a race long battle, with Stuart edging ahead with a ten metres lead at one mile. Carl was back on his shoulder at the end of the first 1.9 miles lap, before Stuart once again pulled away.
Another effort from Carl resulted in him leading by ten metres at the final turn with a final twist in the remaining three quarters of a mile as other walkers were closed down and overtaken, as Stuart got back on level terms and moved ahead to take the third place by five seconds. Stuarts actual time being a new personal best time on this course.
Carl Thomson took fourth place and the second fastest time of the day, ahead of Mick Le Sauvage, Phil Lockwood and Joanne Le Prevost. Last years winner Dave Dorey found himself at the other end of the result sheet this year, back in eight place and well out of contention.
The next race is the final race in the Heritage Group Championships. The distance is One Mile at Footes Lane on Friday August 3rd at 6.30 pm.
Not too far away is the Church to Church Walk over a distance of 19.4 miles on Sunday September 2nd at 9.00 am. Walkers over 17 years old are welcome to enter, with full details at The walk attracts race walkers and those just out to complete the distance in the generous time limit of 5 hours 30 minutes. Leading up to the Church walk the Sarnia Walking Club have other races in which newcomers are most welcome to compete. Fixture list is on the club website at
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