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March 26, 2017

Eric Waldron 2 miles track

Sunday March 26th 2017

Sarnia Walking Club

Eric Waldron 2 miles track walk

Osmond Priaulx, Guernsey 

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Win number eight

Stuart Le Noury raced to his eighth Eric Waldron title over the two miles track distance with an easy win in the latest race. Dominating from the start he lapped the field to finish in 15.23, only four seconds behind his personal best time set a few years ago. Second home was Rob Elliott, himself a multiple winner of this event many years back. 

Third place went to Donna Allan in 19.01, adding a new Guernsey age best to her recent collection. The time was the third fastest by a local woman, behind times set by Jenny Elliott and sister Kathryn Tostevin in this now rarely walked distance.

Youngest walker Ellis Lockwood made a good effort in the closing laps to close down Kay Coulson, with Coulson only just holding on by a second.

1 Stuart Le Noury M 15.23

2 Rob Elliott M55 18.02

3 Donna Allan W40 19.01

4 Kevin Le Noury M55 21.11

5 Olga Le Noury W35 22.15

6 Peter Beckerleg M55 22.27

7 Mick Le Sauvage M75 22.28

8 Kay Coulson W45 23.02

9 Ellis Lockwood U13 23.03

10 Phil Lockwood M40 23.06

11 Dave Dorey 24.50

Updated version of Who is Eric Waldron? Follow the link to a profile:

He donated the trophy to the GIAAC 53 years ago in 1964, which in turn was passed on to the SWC in 1970. Inaugural winner of the 2 miles track (grass track at Cambridge Park) walk was Len Duquemin winning narrowly from John Moullin, both given the same time of 16.09.1. Duquemin improving his time to 14.46.5 in 1966, which until 2009 was the Guernsey Allcomers Record for a 2 miles track walk, until Carl Thomson walked 14.40.4.

The event moved to the roads after that from 1969 to 2002. From 2003 the race has moved back to a track walk for most years to 2017.

Len Duquemin`s track time has frequently been surpassed with winning times on the road. Walker’s fastest winning times in this race are, Rob Waterman 14.30 in 1969, Andy Le Heron 14.15 in 1972, Mick Elliott 14.33 in 1974, Rob Elliott 13.58 in 1981, Mark Elliott 13.56 in 1985, Carl Thomson 14.02 in 1990, Jason Le Noury 15.10 and Stuart Le Noury 15.19.

Fastest time for the event is by Mark Elliott in 13.56 (1995). Youngest winner is Jason Le Noury at 15 years old in 2004. The walk has once been won by a woman, Jenny Elliott in 1999 and once had a tie for first place between local Kevin Le Noury and visitor Sean Pender.

Full list of winners for Eric Waldron Trophy

1964 Len W Duquemin 16.09.1
1965 Len W Duquemin 15.22
1966 Len W Duquemin 14.46.5
1969 Rob Waterman 14.30
1970 Rob Waterman 14.42
1971 Rob Waterman 15.06
1972 Andy Le Heron 14.15
1973 Rob Waterman 15.02
1974 Mick Elliott 14.33
1975 Mick Elliott 15.25
1976 Mick Elliott 14.52
1977 Rob Elliott 14.57
1978 Rob Elliott 14.47
1979 Mick Elliott 15.08
1980 Rob Elliott 14.37
1981 Rob Elliott 13.58
1982 Mick Elliott 15.28
1983 Dave Dorey 16.42
1984 Mark Elliott 15.17
1985 Mark Elliott 13.56
1986 Rob Elliott 14.48
1987 Rob Elliott 14.47
1988 Rob Elliott 15.10
1989 Carl Thomson 15.30
1990 Carl Thomson 14.02
1991 Rob Elliott 13.58
1992 Carl Thomson 15.32
1993 Rob Elliott 15.27
1994 Carl Thomson 14.19
1995 Carl Thomson 14.35
1996 Alun Williams 18.07
1997 Alan Roger 17.49
1998 Alan Roger 17.15
1999 Jenny Elliott 17.19
2000 Kevin Le Noury/ Sean Pender 18.29
2001 Rob Elliott 15.37
2002 Rob Elliott 16.00
2003 Terry Bates 16.37
2004 Jason Le Noury 16.44
2005 Jason Le Noury 16.24
2006 Terry Bates 17.05
2007 Jason Le Noury 16.42

March 22, 2012

Open 7 miles road walk at Wimbledon film 1969

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I came across the following short film on the website (recommended). It is of the 1969 50th Open 7 miles Belgrave Harriers road walk at Wimbledon, England. Amongst the walkers were Guernseymen Len Duquemin, a week shy of his 39th birthday and John Moullin walking for Belgrave Harriers. They had both moved from Guernsey to England to live and race a few years earlier.

When the film came to light I looked for results from the event in the Race Walking Record, which are shown below. In these days walkers had an almost weekly diet of around 6 to 7 miles events, from October to December. The Guernseymens times are shown below for the month of  November 1969.

In 1968 Len Duquemin had set a Guernsey track record of 51.38 at Battersea Park, followed a few months later with 52.15 on the roads at Imber Court.

Walking consistantly, the 1969 races Len raced in show a 52.31, followed a week later with 52.36 before the filmed Wimbledon race with 53.46. This latter walk had the reputation of always being a long 7 miles, from what I have read, by sometimes as much as 300 yards.

Shaun Lightman, who lost out to the Mexicans, raced them again in the West Country a week later for the Pewsey Cup 7 miles. This time only Oliveros got the better of him, 49.40 to49.42. Roger Mills finished third in 51.23.

November 1st 1969 Civil Service 7 miles and club match

 Len Duquemin 52.31 second to W. Wesch. Wesch wins in 52.29.

John Moullin 8th in 55.25.

November 8th 1969 Enfield Harriers Open 7 miles

 1 S Lightman (Metro WC) 51.09

2  W Wesch (Belgrave H) 52.09

3 R Coates (Belgrave H) 52.17

4 Len Duquemin (Belgrave H) 52.36

5 CLawton(Belgrave H) 52.36

 12 John Moullin (Belgrave H) 55.00

November 22nd 1969 Belgrave Harriers 50th Open 7 miles road walk atWimbledon

 1 P Colin (Mexico) 50.58

2 J Oliveros (Mexico) 51.07

3 P Ramirez (Mexico) 51.17

4 S Lightman (Metro WC) 52.17

5 ECampos(Mexico) 52.58

6 R Coates (Belgrave H) 52.59

7 W Wesch (Belgrave H) 53.08

8 R Thorpe (Wakefield  H) 53.24

9 Len Duquemin (Belgrave H) 53.46 (no. 14)

10 R Mills (Ilford) 54.08

 20 John Moullin (Belgrave H) 56.13 (no 25)

November 29th 1969 Pewsey Cup 7 miles at Calne(?)

 Oliveros beats Lightman by two seconds 49.40 to 49.42.

November 21, 2011

Garnet 1967 10 miles Champions

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No race to report on this weekend, so a lookback to February 1967 and the “Garnet Cup 10 miles Champions”  from the Sarnia Walking Club. The race, promoted as a Southern Area 10 mile road walk, was for teams, who could not use international walkers in the event.

A strong Guernsey (SWC) team went to England and duly won the team prize and had two walkers in the first three individualy. Len Duquemin won in 77.55 with John Moullin third in 81.05. These two went on to represent Guernsey in future Commonwealth Games, as did other members of the Garnet 1967 team, namely Dave Dorey and Rob Waterman. Dace Dorey is still walking and is the current SWC President.

Sarnia Walking Club team winners at Southern Area RWA 10 miles road walk “Garnet” Championship.
103 Len Bretel, 102 John Brouard (the newspaper man from bus terminus), 106 Denis Le Marinel (Jerseyman walking for SWC), 101 Dave Chalker, 204 Barry Bourgaize, 98 John Moullin (1970 and 1974 Commonwealth Games ), 97 Len Duquemin (1970 and 1974 Commonwealth Games), 111 Dave Dorey (1970 Commonwealth Games and still racing), 108 Rob Waterman (1974 Commonwealth Games).















July 1, 2011


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It was 40 years ago this week in 1971, that John Moullin recorded one of the greatest racewalk achievements by a Guernseyman, when he walked a 100 mile road walk in 16 hours 55 minutes and 44 seconds.

John, born in 1941, was apparently in good shape to have an attempt at the British Record for 100 kilometres, to be held in conjunction with the 100 miles at Ewhurst, Surrey, England. His club at the time was Belgrave Harriers, who John had joined, when he moved away from his native Guernsey to live in London, England.

According to Fred Baker, a competitor in the same race, the race was held on a 10 mile “severe” loop. Not wanting any pressure on John, the intentions of a fast walk were kept fairly quiet. John had planned to retire at the 100 kilometres point, which he reached in 10.21.06. On seeing how fresh he looked they persuaded him to keep going for the full 100 miles. He duly carried on to finish in a British record time of 16.55.44, only 90 seconds outside of the world record held by Irishman Frank O`Reilly.

I have always been led to believe that had John known how close to the world best time he was, then he could have walked quicker!  John is pictured below at the finish  (photo by J Coomber)

His British time has since only been bettered by walker Richard Brown in 1993, who has had many 100 miles races to his credit, but only by 5 minutes.

In Johns lead up to his only attempt at 100 miles, his distance races had been at 50 kilometres and the 53 miles London to Brighton walk a few years earlier.

John was awarded the Race Walking Association`s Edgar Horton Trophy for the outstanding performance of the year.

To put his performance into local context, his 16.55.44 is the equivalent to walking the 19.4 miles Guernsey Church to Church walk in 3 hours 18 minutes……………………….five times.

July 16, 2010

40 years ago

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It was 40 years ago this coming Sunday, when Guernsey racewalkers first represented their Island in what is now known as the Commonwealth Games.  It was then known as the “1970 British Commonwealth Games”.

Photos (left) Len Duquemin crosses the line. (Below) John Moullin and Len Duquemin lead a training spin. In the background are( left to right) Nolan Simmons, Dave Dorey, David Smyth and Rob Waterman.

Len Duquemin, John Moullin and Dave Dorey walked the 20 miles road course in Edinburgh, Scotland on July 18th 1970. Len Duquemin and John Moullin had been living in England for a few years at this point in an effort to further their walking with better competition.

They returned to Guernsey in the April to take part in the Guernsey trial, with John claiming the win from Len. John won in 2.46.00 to Len`s 2.46.43. What was remarkable was the fact they raced on the Church to Church course over 19.4 miles, with a longer detour at 17 miles to the normal route, adding a few hundred yards, plus walking the extra half mile or so at end of the normal Church finish, bringing the race to the required 20 miles. Olympic walker Paul Nihill had set a Church course record in 1968, winning in 2.43.19. John had gone through this point, detour and all, in 2.43. Len had followed in 2.43.46. They were to head to the Games in fine form.

Current SWC President Dave Dorey claimed the third spot in the team, with Rob Waterman going as coach.

Len Duquemin, at almost 40 years 0ld was to have the race of his life. His sixth place was a credit to him and Guernsey. A conservative start and a storming finish brought him home in 2.42.48, a new Guernsey Record. His last 5 miles split was second only to the winners. Len`s wife broke on to the track after he had crossed the line to embrace her husband in an emotional moment for both of them. Len had moved on from a 3 hrs 44 Church walk competitor in 1962 to sixth in the Commonwealth eight years later. John Moullin claimed 10th place in 2.48.07, with Dave Dorey in 16th place in 3.03.41

1970 Commonwealth Games, in Edinburgh, Scotland

1. Noel Freeman Australia 2:33:33
2. Robert Gardiner Australia 2:35:55
3. Bill Sutherland Scotland 2:37:24

4. Bob Dobson England 2:39:55

5. Ron Wallwork England 2:40:10


7. Shaun Lightman England 2:44:50
8. Felix Cappella Canada 2:45:16
9. Alex Oakley Canada 2:48:07

11. Dave Rosser Wales 2.49.41
12. Karl Heinz Merschenz Canada 2.50.32

13. Allan Callow Isle of Man 2.51.21

14. David Smyth N Ireland 2.53.49

15. John Cannell Isle of Man 2.56.19

16. Dave Dorey Guernsey 3.03.41

17. Nolan Simmons Trinidad & Tobago 3.08.23

18. Bola Krishna Subramanian Singapore 3.13.22

19. Francis Thomas Trinidad & Tobago 3.14.58

Ian Hodgekinson Isle of Man DNF

Bachan Singh India DQ

Photos from local 1970 Press