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June 9, 2019

2 kms park walk

Sunday June 9th 2019

Sarnia Walking Club

2 kilometres road walk

Championship Race 5

Delancey Park, Guernsey

RWA Permit: 9056-1

Championship leads extended

Stuart Le Noury and Donna Allan continue to extend their leads in their respective Championships after finishing first and second in the combined 2 kilometres walk at Delancey Park. Stuart walked the course in 9.25 followed by Donna Allan in 11.44. Phil Lockwood took third place in 12.18 followed by his son Ellis in 12.56.

Kay Coulson finished in first place in the handicapped section of the walk, ahead of Jayne Le Noury in second and Dave Dorey in third.

1 Stuart Le Noury M 9.25

2 Donna Allan W40 11.44

3 Phil Lockwood M45 12.18

4 Ellis Lockwood U15 12.56

5 Kevin Le Noury M60 13.20

6 Peter Beckerleg M60 13.49

7 Kay Coulson W50 14.05

8 Mick Le Sauvage M75 14.33

9 Dave Dorey M70 15.21

10 Jayne Le Noury W55 15.31

11 Kevin Allan M40 16.15

Handicap result: handicap / handicap time

1 K Coulson 1.15 / 15.20, 2 J Le Noury 0.00 / 15.31, 3 d Dorey 0.15 / 15.36, 4 S Le Noury 6.15 / 15.40, 5 M Le Sauvage 1.15 / 15.48, 6 P Beckerleg  2.00 / 15.49, 7 K Le Noury 2.30 / 15.50, 8 P Lockwood 4.00 / 16.18, 9 D Allan 4.45 / 16.29, 10 K Allan 1.30 / 17.45.

March 31, 2019

5 kms Championship

Sunday March 31st 2019

Sarnia Walking Club

Championship One

5 kilometres road walk

Saumarez Park, Guernsey

Elliott and Allan open Championships with a win.

Rob Elliott opened up the Sarnia Walking Club 2019 Championship with a winning 28.49 clocking over 5 kilometres, ahead of second placed and leading woman Donna Allan with 30.58. Elliott, celebrating his birthday and moving up into the M60 age group, surprised himself with his best time for three years and in the process broke the Guernsey age best time set by Terry Bates back in 2011. A seven minute dead time for the first of the four laps gave him a good start which was followed by laps of 7.13, 7.19 and 7.17.

Second and third places were taken by walkers who have entered marathons in the next few months, second placed Donna in London and third placed Phil Lockwood in Brighton. Fourth place went to Kevin Le Noury ahead of Kay Coulson who claimed the handicap win. Next home was Mick Le Sauvage , one race away from his 8,000 miles milestone with Dave Dorey bringing home the field. 

Kevin Allan and Jayne Le Noury both succumbed to injuries and completed around half the distance.

1 Rob Elliott M60 28.49

2 Donna Allan W40 30.58

3 Phil Lockwood M45 33.43

4 Kevin Le Noury M60 35.15

5 Kay Coulson W50 37.25

6 Mick Le Sauvage M75 37.54

7 Dave Dorey M70 41.19

DNF Kevin Allan 2.5 kms

DNF Jayne Le Noury 2.5 kms

Handicap Positions

1 K Coulson (2.00) 39.25, 2 R Elliott (11.00) 39.49, 3 M Le Sauvage (2.00) 39.54, 4 K Le Noury (5.00) 40.15, 5 D Allan (10.00) 40.58, 6 P Lockwood (7.30) 41.13, 7 D Dorey (0.00) 41.19.

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

March 3, 2019

Philadelphia One Mile

Sunday March 3rd 2019

Sarnia Walking Club

Philadelphia Team Trophy

RWA Permit 9006-1 Category B

1 mile handicap road walk

Les Amarreurs, Vale, Guernsey

First, second third for winning team

The winning team for the Philadelphia Trophy walked to first, second and third places in the handicapped one mile road walk held on a blustery morning at Les Amarreurs. Jayne Le Noury, the first walker to start held on to her lead until the very final stages of the walk when team mate Peter Beckerleg edged ahead to take the individual win by the narrowest of margins. Rob Elliott completed the clean sweep as he moved into third place close to the finish and kept fourth man home Stuart Le Noury at bay by two seconds. 

The combined handicap times of the winning team, in which all walked quicker than their predicted times was 44 seconds too good for the second team home.

Stuart Le Noury and Donna Allan had the quickest times of the day for men and women respectively with times of 7.25 and 9.18.

1 Peter Beckerleg M60 11.43 (watch time) / 1.15 (handicap) / 10.28 (actual time)

2 Jayne Le Noury W55 11.43 / 0.00 / 11.43

3 Rob Elliott M55 11.48 / 3.00 / 8.48

4 Stuart Le Noury M 11.50 / 4.25 / 7.25

5 Kevin Le Noury M60 11.58 / 1.30 / 10.28

6 Kevin Allan M40 12.02 / 1.15 / 10.47

7 Donna Allan W40 12.03 / 2.45 / 9.18

8 Mick Le Sauvage M75 12.05 / 0.45 / 11.20

9 Dave Dorey M70 12.32 / 0.15 / 12.17

Philadelphia Trophy Team Positions

1 Team A: P Beckerleg, J Le Noury, R Elliott 35.14

2 Team C: S Le Noury, D Allan, M Le Sauvage 35.58

3 Team B: K Le Noury, K Allan, D Dorey 36.32

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

February 11, 2019

5 kms road walk

Sunday February 10th 2019

Sarnia Walking Club

5 kilometres road walk

Les Amarreurs, Vale, Guernsey

RWA Permit 9004-1

Personal Best for Kevin Allan

Guernsey walkers all decided to race in the shorter distance on offer, resulting in a win over 5 kilometres for Stuart Le Noury in 26.21 on a windy morning, with second place going to leading woman Donna Allan. Back in 5th place husband Kevin Allan removed almost a minute from his previous best time with a time of 36.26 .

1 Stuart le Noury M 26.21

2 Donna Allan W40 32.12

2 Phil Lockwood M45 34.25

4 Kevin Le Noury M60 35.03

5 Kevin Allan M40 36.26

6 Kay Coulson W50 38.10

7 Mick Le Sauvage M75 38.41

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

February 3, 2019

5 miles road walk

Sunday February 3rd 2019

Sarnia Walking Club

Bob Wright Handicap Series Race Six

RWA Permit 9003-1

5 miles road walk

Lancresse to North Beach

Last to First

Race winner Stuart Le Noury walked through the field of walkers from his back marker position to claim a new personal best over the 5 miles distance. On a crisp winters morning with very little wind, he walked an actual time of 41.03 narrowly beating his old best time. Defending series winner Kevin Allan held on to second place holding off wife Donna who finished nine seconds behind. Donnas time of 47.49 was not too far off her time set last year which was the best time set by a Guernsey woman.

Rob Elliott, back in fourth closed down on Donna Allan who had a minutes handicap start in the first few miles, but could not close the final 10 or so seconds. As the gap slowly decreased Stuart Le Noury went past Elliott and then Donna, who upped her speed to hang on to Le Noury for a while and reopen the gap.

Fifth place went to Kevin Le Noury ahead of Kay Coulson who just managed to break the hour barrier as did Peter Beckerleg in seventh. Mick Le Sauvage was next home and edged closer to his 8,000th mile of race walking. Phil Lockwood brought the race to an end with his 57.33 clocking.

With one race to go and allowing for the two races that can be discarded in the seven race series, Jayne Le Noury, who had a very rare “did not finish” for todays race is set up as favourite with son Stuart the nearest challenger.

1 Stuart Le Noury M 59.03 (watch time) / 18.00 (handicap) / 41.03 (actual time)

2 Kevin Allan M40 59.40 / 2.00 / 57.40

3 Donna Allan W40 59.49 / 12.00 / 47.49

4 Rob Elliott M55 1.00.11 / 13.00 / 47.11

5 Kevin Le Noury M60 1.01.12 / 6.00 / 55.12

6 Kay Coulson W50 1.01.57 / 2.00 / 59.57

7 Peter Beckerleg M60 1.03.14 / 5.00 / 58.14

8 Mick Le Sauvage M75 1.03.19 / 2.00 / 1.01.19

9 Phil Lockwood M45 1.05.33 / 8.00 / 57.33

DNF Jayne Le Noury W55

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

December 16, 2018

Val des Terres Hill Climb

Sarnia Walking Club

Le Val des Terres Hill Climb 815 metres

St Peter Port, Guernsey

Twelve wins for Stuart Le Noury

Fastest man up the hill in the Val des Terres time trial was Stuart Le Noury recording his 12th win in a time of 4.46 to take home the Rob Waterman Hill Climb Shield in this annual event first contested for in 1966. 

Womens winner Donna Allan removed five seconds from her best time to take the Ladies Shield in a time of 6.13 and equalled the age group best set by Marie MacDonald a few years ago.. Making the most of the good conditions, she finished ahead of Wendy Wilson, who also recorded a new best time of just under 7 minutes. Third place went to Jayne Le Noury, a few seconds ahead of Kay Coulson.

Jason Le Noury, making a rare appearance walked 5.09 for second place in the mens section. Walk of the day was probably by Kevin Allan in 5th place who removed 41 seconds from his previous best time.

Rob Waterman Hill Climb Shield Men

1 Stuart Le Noury M 4.46

2 Jason Le Noury M 5.09

3 Rob Elliott M55 5.48

4 Kevin Le Noury M60 6.15

5 Kevin Allan M40 6.52

6 Peter Beckerleg M60 6.56

7 Mick Le Sauvage M75 7.56

SWC Ladies Hill Climb Shield

1 Donna Allan W40 6.13

2  Wendy Wilson W55 6.58

3 Jayne Le Noury W55 7.32

4 Kay Coulson W50 7.36

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

December 9, 2018

3 kms road walk

Sunday December 9th 2018

Sarnia Walking Club

3 kilometres road walk

Les Amarreurs, Vale , Guernsey

Strong winds slow down the race walkers

The expected 10 kilometres road walk was reduced to two laps and three kilometres with the windy conditions taking their toll before the walk had started. A strong headwind up the longest straight slowed things down for the walkers, with Stuart Le Noury winning in 15.40 from Rob Elliott. 

1 Stuart Le Noury M 15.40

2 Rob Elliott M55 18.31

3 Kevin Le Noury M60 20.13

4 Donna Allan W40 20.46

5 Peter Beckerleg M60 21.40

6 Kevin Allan M40 21.48

7 Kay Coulson W50 22.31

8 Mick Le Sauvage M75 22.42

9 Jayne Le Noury W 55 23.02

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

September 30, 2018

Bob Wright Handicap 5 kms

Sunday September 30th 2018

Sarnia Walking Club

Bob Wright Handicap Series Race One

5 kilometres park walk

Saumarez Park, Guernsey

RWA Permit 8081-1

Race winner walks through the field

Stuart Le Noury continues to win in Sarnia walking Club races as he walked through the field in the first race of the Bob Wright Handicap Series over 5 kilometres. Set off last, he caught the leader Peter Beckerleg in the final straight and crossed the line in an actual time of 24.47, to leave Peter eleven seconds behind. Second place was never in doubt as Rob Elliott in third finished a further 26 seconds down.

First of the woman to finish was Wendy Wilson in fourth place in a new personal best time of 36.18, ahead of Jayne Le Noury and Olga Le Noury.

1 Stuart Le Noury M 37.17 (watch time) / 12.30 (handicap) 24.47 (actual time)

2 Peter Beckerleg M55 37.28 / 2.30 / 34.58

3 Rob Elliott M55 37.54 / 9.00 / 28.54

4 Wendy Wilson W55 38.18 / 2.00 / 36.18

5 Mick Le Sauvage 38.36 / 1.30 / 37.06

6 Kevin Allan M40 38.52 / 1.30 / 37.22

7 Kevin Le Noury M60 39.07 / 3.30 / 35.37

8 Phil Lockwood M45 39.13 / 7.00 / 32.13

9 Jayne Le Noury W55 40.33 / 0.00 / 40.33

10 Olga Le Noury W35 43.21 / 3.00 / 40.21

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

June 10, 2018

10 kms road walk


Sunday June 10th 2018

Sarnia Walking Club

Heritage Group Championships Race Five

10 kilometres road walk

Pleinmont to Grandes Rocques, Guernsey

Stuart Le Noury leads the way

With a time slower than would normally be expected, Stuart Le Noury had another easy win over 10 kilometres in the fifth race of the Heritage Group Championships. Having walked the around the island 39 miles non competitive walk the day before, he was perhaps more cautious today. Rob Elliott finished in second place, slightly quicker than in his last race, with Donna Allan taking third place overall and leading woman.

Donna was the other walker in the race having taken part in the longer event the day before. Phil Lockwood, another quicker than his last race continues to improve after suffering with injury not so long ago.

Kay Coulson, the second woman held off Mick Le Sauvage for fifth place with Dave Dorey completing the line up finishing in just over 80 minutes.

In the handicap section of the race Kay Coulson finished in first place ahead of Phil Lockwood.

1 Stuart Le Noury M 54.10

2 Rob Elliott M55 1.02.55

3 Donna Allan W40 1.04.21

4 Phil Lockwood M45 1.06.46

5 Kay Coulson W50 1.14.53

6 Mick Le Sauvage M75 1.15.09

7 Dave Dorey M70 1.20.05

Handicap: handicap) / handicap time

1 K Coulson ).00 / 1.14.53, 2 P Lockwood 9.00 / 1.15.46, 3 Mick Le Sauvage 1.00 / 1.16.09, 4 R Elliott 14.00 / 1.16.55, 5 S Le Noury  23.00 / 1.17.10, 6 D Allan 14.00 / 1.18.21, 7 D Dorey 0.00 / 1.20.05.

Club members walking in Guernseys around the island walk over 39 miles, covering cliff paths and roads on Saturday June 9th.

Kevin and Donna Allan

Stuart and Olga Le Noury

Kevin and Jayne Le Noury

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

April 22, 2018

10 kms at Delancey

Sunday April 22nd 2018

Sarnia Walking Club

10 kilometres road walk

Permit no. RWA8009-1r1

Delancey Park, Guernsey

Huge personal best for Kevin Allan

A hot Sunday morning greeted the race walkers for their 10 kilometres walk at Delancey. The performance of the day went to the man in 4th place Kevin Allan who improved his personal best time by seven minutes to finish in 1.14.17. He has showed steady progress in recent races around this distance and found himself within a minute of the third placed walker Kevin Le Noury.

The race winner as expected was Stuart Le Noury in 56.09, winning easily from Rob Elliott. An isolated Mick Le Sauvage was fifth in 1.18.03, with equal sixth place going to women Jayne Le Noury and Wendy Wilson a few minutes further back.

Donna Allan, after racing in the Brighton marathon the week before, walked with friend and first time competitor Cara De La Mare in 1.25.24.

Donna, race walking the marathon, finished in 5.10.39. An enthusiastic start saw her pass the 10 kilometres point in 59 minutes and the half marathon in an impressive 2.13.39. She was still going well through 25 kilometres in 2.42.39 before the going got tough, passing 30 kilometres in 3.23.39. The final miles were very hard going with Donna sticking to the task of finishing.

Another Sarnia walker, Phil Lockwood, missed the local event to take place in the London marathon, finishing in 5.40.28, walking even splits after passing half way in 2.48.59.

1 Stuart Le Noury M 56.09

2 Rob Elliott M55 1.04.13

3 Kevin Le Noury M60 1.13.36

4 Kevin Allan M401.14.17

5 Mick Le Sauvage M75 1.18.03

6= Wendy Wilson W50 1.20.21

6= Jayne Le Noury W55 1.20.21

8 Donna Allan W40 1.25.24

9 Cara De La Mare W40 1.25.25

DNF Dave Dorey 40.15 for 5 kms.

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