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May 24, 2020

Week 7 virtual league

Virtual race walking 

Guernsey race walkers continue to support the Virtual League races organised by UK race walkers. Sarnia Walking Club continue to get close to taking the overall mens winners position in the mens section, but despite Surrey WC slipping up this week helping the Guernsey walkers cause, it was another island taking pole position with Manx Harriers from Isle of Man taking the honours.

Top local place in the 2 kilometres went to 8th placed Stuart Le Noury with 9.40, backed up by Rob Elliott in 29th with 11.43, taking a second off his best virtual time and Peter Beckerleg with 12.45 in 42nd place. Kevin Le Noury, after time out injured walked 13.38 for 56th place with Mick Le Sauvage in 62nd with 14.37.

The sole local woman this week was Jayne Le Noury in 47th place in 15.43.

Two walkers took part in the 5 kilometres organised by the National Endurance Centre. Ninth placed Stuart Le Noury with 25.19 and Rob Elliott , 30th with 31.23.

In the age graded results, Mick Le Sauvage came out on top with 75.72% ahead of Rob Elliott 74.71%.

Full results for the 2 kms and 5 kms at

1 Lancashire Walking Club (86.20%)
2 Manx Harriers (77.04%)
3 Sarnia Walking Club (74.33%)
– AUSTRALIA (73.51%)
4 Quickstep Fitness (70.67%)
5 Scotia Race Walking Club (70.09%)
6 Birchfield Harriers (57.14%)
7 Surrey Walking Club (56.19%)
8 Steyning AC (54.80%)
9 Enfield & Haringey AC (51.79%))
– NEW ZEALAND (51.04%)
10 Winchester AC (47.42%)
11 Cardiff AC (42.76%)
12 Ilford AC (37.18%)
– AUSTRALIA (76.82%)
1 Scotia Race Walking Club (71.50%)
– NEW ZEALAND (70.64%)
2 Enfield & Haringey AC (70.32%)
3 Northern AC (68.53%)
4 Winchester AC (64.89%)
5 Manx Harriers (48.40%)
1 Manx Harriers (54)
2 Sarnia WC (79)
3 Lancashire WC (86)
4 Scotia RWC (110)
5 Quickstep Fitness (145)
6 Surrey WC (163)
7 Birchfield Harriers (196)
8 Cardiff AC (203)
9 Winchester AC (210)
10 Steyning AC (214)
11 Enfield & Haringey AC (216)
12 Ilford AC (276)
1 Northern AC (47)
2 Winchester AC (79)
3 Enfield & Haringey AC (98)
4 Scotia RWC (103)
5 Manx Harriers (192)
1 Lancashire WC (98)
2 Scotia RWC (102)
3 Birchfield Harriers (156)
4 Manx Harriers (163)
5 Surrey WC (163)
6 Sarnia WC (189)
7 Winchester AC (194)
8 Enfield & Haringey AC (203)
9 Quickstep Fitness (210)
10 Ilford AC (253)
1 Northern AC (46)
2 Winchester AC (78)
3 Scotia RWC (98)
4 Enfield & Haringey AC (205)

May 16, 2020

Virtual League Race 6

Another second team place for Sarnia Walking Club in the sixth race in the Virtual League 2 kilometres. In the 84 strong mens field the fastest in the team was Jason Le Noury with a swift 9.15 in seventh place. Stuart Le Noury in 19th with 10.10 and Rob Elliott in 38th with 12.00 made up the team scoring.
Peter Beckerleg 59th, Terry Bates 61st and Mick Le Sauvage 71st were the other men to race.
in the womens race with 55 starters, Jayne Le Noury improved her last time by almost a minute, finishing in 52nd place with 15.34.
Jason Le Noury with 75.00% age grade, finished narrowly ahead of Mick Le Sauvage with 74.03%.
Three members took part in the 4 kilometres event organised by the National Endurance Centre, with Stuart Le Noury 20.31, finishing ahead of Rob Elliott 24.28 and Terry Bates 27.55.
Kevin Le Noury attempted to race 2 kms but succumbed to a knee injury soon after starting.
Men 2 kms
7th Jason Le Noury 9.15 (75.00% age graded)
19th Stuart Le Noury 10.10 (68.98%)
38th Rob Elliott 12.00 (72.95%)
59th Peter Beckerleg 13.28 (65.00%)
61st Terry Bates 13.50 (68.26%)
71st Mick Le sauvage 14.57 (74.03%)
52nd Jayne Le Noury 15.34 (59.38%)
Men 4 kms
14th Stuart Le Noury 20.31
37th Rob Elliott 24.28
49th Terry Bates 27.55

Results of the Virtual League Racing Series Race 6 at Days Results – Race Walking Association….correction to Terry Bates time on RWA page has been notified. Correct time is 27.55.

May 8, 2020

Virtual League Race 5

Sarnia second placed in virtual walks series
Sarnia Walking Club again finished in second place in the mens section of the 2 kilometres race walking event. Surrey Walking Club were the top club and will take some catching in future events. First scorer for Sarnia was Jason Le Noury with his best virtual time to date of 9.31 giving him 9th place. In 16th Stuart Le Noury had a disappointing 10.04, but the distance was walked straight after  doing a 5 miles virtual run.
Rob Elliott in 31st completed the scorers with his 11.44, an eighteen second improvement on the previous weeks time. Others to walk were Phil Lockwood, Kevin Le Noury and Peter Beckerleg closely packed in 47th, 48th and 49th positions with times of 12.39, 12.46 and 12.50 respectively. Mick Le Sauvage finished in 63rd place in the mens section and again scored the highest age graded percentage with 75.63% ahead of Elliotts 74.60%. Jayne Le Noury was the sole Guernsey walker in the womens section clocking 16.26.
in the 4 kilometres event 12th placed Stuart Le Noury led the club home with 20.03, ahead of Rob Elliott in 34th with 24.28 and Phil Lockwood 43rd in 26.55.
Results of week 5 of the Virtual League can be found at Days Results – Race Walking Association

May 2, 2020

Virtual League Race 4

Sarnia WC slipped down the team rankings in the 2 kms mens race finishing narrowly behind second placed Steyning AC and winners Surrey WC. Stuart Le Noury headed the team home with his 9.39 ahead of Rob Elliott with his improved performance of 12.02 and Kevin Le Nourys 12.45, Kevins recent training showing benefits with his best time for a while.

Donna Allan, in her debut in the series dipped under 12 minutes with her 11.54, ahead of Olga Le Noury with 13.10. Olga now getting back to her form of a few years ago.

Best of the age graded performances was by Mick Le Sauvage with 75.46%. A close contest for second place was won by Rob Elliott from Stuart Le Noury.

Virtual League Racing Series Week 4

Men 2 kms: 81 finished


11th Stuart Le Noury 9.39 (72.68% age graded)

38th Rob Elliott 12.02 (72.74%)

50th Kevin Le Noury 12.45 (69.36%)

51st Phil Lockwood 12.54 (59.83%)

55th Peter Beckerleg 13.19 (65.73%)

69th Mick Le Sauvage 14.40 (75.46%)

Sarnia WC 3rd team in UK

Women 2 kms: 62 finished

29th Donna Allan 11.54 (68.18%)

41st Olga Le Noury 13.10 ( 58.88%)

Sarnia WC 7th team in UK

Men 3 kms: 67 finished

13th Stuart Le Noury 14.56 (71.57%)

38th Rob Elliott 18.18 (72.68%)

53rd Phil Lockwood 20.03 (58.59%)

Sarnia WC  5th team in UK 

Full results

This week the distances are 2 kms as usual plus for those keen to race again there is an additional race of 4 kms.

April 24, 2020

Virtual League Racing

Results of the Virtual League Racing Series for the third week can be found at

Subject to any errors being found….

Results for the 2 kms distance which most of us have been doing, in both scratch and age graded lists. Plus the same for the 3 kilometres distance.

Mens section of the 2 kms which had 66 starters

Age graded % in brackets

I took the liberty of giving Kevin and Peter = positions although down as 47th and 48th in results. Kevin edges out Peter in age graded part as he is older.


8th Stuart Le Noury 9.39 (72.68% age graded)

13th Jason Le Noury 10.00 (69.38%)

38th Rob Elliott 12.20 (70.97%)

45th Phil Lockwood 13.02 (59.21%)

47th = Kevin Le Noury 13.20 (66.32%)

47th= Peter Beckerleg 13.20 (65.65%)

54th Mick Le Sauvage 14.43 (75.20%)

61st Dave Dorey 16.00 ( 62.74%)

Sarnia finished third overall in the open section behind Australia and Surrey WC and second in the UK section.

In the age graded section Sarnia were 5th in the Open section and 4th in UK

Womens section of the 2 kms which had 59 starters

Age graded in brackets

41st Olga Le Noury 13.25 (57.78%)

57th Jayne Le Noury 16.24 (56.36%)

Sarnia finished down the team list in 10th place but teams with less than three walkers were given high number of points for third missing “walker”.

Rob Elliott and Phil Lockwood also walked the 3 kilometres distance with 55 starting. Rob walked 18.30 (71.99%) for 35th place and Phil 45th with 20.19 (57.82%)

Same again for this week….times can be submitted for 2 kms like we have been doing which can be posted on the Race Walking Group Facebook page. For those keen to walk twice there is another 3 kms virtual race in the series.

I’m keeping an eye out that all our times posted are acknowledged and included.

We have until Tuesday midnight to submit times for this weeks event.

Rob Elliott

April 17, 2020

Virtual Series

Most of you will have picked up this from Facebook.

Virtual League Racing Series results week 2 at

Guernsey walkers took part over the 2 kilometres distance. Most walked at Les Amarreurs, others along measured kilometre at Les Banques or on GPS measured road walk.

The Sarnia WC mens team with three to score finished behind Surrey WC in the UK section and behind Surrey and Australia in the world wide section. In the age graded section they dropped down to third behind Surrey and Lancashire in the UK and behind them and Australia for 4th world wide.

55 men finished (scratch result)

10th Stuart Le Noury 9.40

15th Jason Le Noury 10.13

37th Rob Elliott 12.50

38th Phil Lockwood 12.51

41st Kevin Le Noury 13.23

42nd Peter Beckerleg 13.38

46th Mick Le Sauvage 14.45

48 women finished (scratch result)

48th Olga Le Noury 17.20 in her first race after the birth of her son.

Age graded result and percentage. A formula of time against world best time and your age!

Mick Le Sauvage 75.03%

Stuart Le Noury 72.55%

Rob Elliott 68.21%

Jason Le Noury 67.91%

Kevin Le Noury 66.08%

Peter Beckerleg 64.21%

Phil Lockwood 60.06%

Olga Le Noury 44.72

This weeks distance for this series is again 2 kilometres. Results can be posted as you did last week or emailed to me if not on Facebook. To be walked from now to Tuesday evening when times are collated by the organisers.

In conjunction with this series is another virtual series where distances go up week by week. Times can be added online at

Good walking

Rob Elliott

March 8, 2020

Eric Waldron 2 miles


Sunday March 8th 2020

Sarnia Walking Club

Eric Waldron 2 miles track walk

Osmond Priaulx, Footes Lane, Guernsey

RWA Permit 20006-1

Fifth win for Jason in Eric Waldron race

DSC_0057In his first race for around a year, Jason Le Noury added his name to the traditional 2 miles walk for the Eric Waldron Trophy for the 5th time. Walking almost even mile split times in the 2 miles event he crossed the line in 16.42. Second home was first woman Donna Allan in 19.06. Third place was claimed by Kevin Le Noury with a few laps to go in the 8 laps race as he overhauled a tiring Phil Lockwood to finish in 21.24. Phil, back after injury just managed to hold off Peter Beckerleg for fourth spot as he crashed over the finish line in spectacular  style. At the back of the field Kevin Allan held off Mick Le Sauvage for 6th place.




1 Jason Le Noury M 16.42

2 Donna Allan W40 19.06

3 Kevin Le Noury M60 21.24

4 Phil Lockwood M45 21.36

5 Peter Beckerleg M60 21.38

6 Kevin Allan M40 23.48

7 Mick Le Sauvage M80 24.17

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

March 1, 2020

3 kms handicap


DSC_0471Sunday March 1st 2020

Sarnia Walking Club

Bob Wright Handicap Series Race 7

3 kilometres park walk

Cambridge Park, St Peter Port, Guernsey

RWA Race Permit: RWA20005-1

Race winner secures Bob Wright Series win

Race winner Peter Beckerleg (left in photo) secured the Bob Wright Series overall win, holding off his nearest challenger on the day Kevin Le Noury (right in photo) by eleven seconds. Beckerleg moved into the lead mid race with Kevin chasing hard to slightly close the handicap margin by the finish line. Third place on the day was Dave Dorey ahead of Kay Coulson and Mick Le Sauvage.DSC_0501

Peter took the overall series win by two points from Stuart Le Noury, who used this race as one of his discards in the 7 race series with 5 to score. Kevin Le Noury taking third place a further point behind. DSC_0496

Peter , presented the trophy by Bob Wrights daughter Jayne Le Noury.

1 Peter Beckerleg M60 22.01 (watch time) / 1.45 (handicap) / 20.16 (actual time)

2 Kevin Le Noury M60 22.12 / 2.00 / 20.12

3 Dave Dorey M70 22.36 / 0.00 / 22.36

4 Kay Coulson W50 23.03 / 0.15 / 22.48

5 Mick Le Sauvage M80 23.33 / 0.15 / 23.18

Bob Wright Handicap Series Final positions

1 Peter Beckerleg 97 points, 2 Stuart Le Noury 95, 3 Kevin Le Noury 94, 4 Mick Le Sauvage 87.5, 5 Kay Coulson 83, 6 Donna Allan 71, 7 Dave Dorey 65.5, 8 Phil Lockwood 59, 9 Rob Elliott 57, 10 Jayne Le Noury 26, 11 Ellis Lockwood 20.

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking at

February 23, 2020

5 miles road walk

Stuart Le Noury pips Mick Le SauvageSunday February 23rd 2020

Sarnia Walking Club

Bob Wright Handicap Series Race 6

5 miles road walk

Lancresse to North Beach, Guernsey

Handicapper pipped on the line

Club handicapper Mick Le Sauvage, who had moved into the lead in the middle section of the 5 miles road walk from Lancresse to North Beach, lost his lead in the final few strides to back marker Stuart Le Noury. Raced in windy conditions, with strong headwinds slowing the competitors, fastest walker of the day Stuart Le Noury with a 21 minutes handicap, looked ahead and still with a big gap to close with quarter of a mile to go, ground out the final sprint to take the win in an actual time of 42.42. Emulating his win from the corresponding race held last year Stuart heads the Bob Wright Series by a point from father Kevin. Once race discards are counted then Peter Beckerleg, third across the line brings himself into contention for a series win with one race to go.

1 Stuart Le Noury M 1.03.42 (watch time) / 21.00 / 42.42 (actual time)

2 Mick Le Sauvage M80 1.03.44 / 0.00 / 1.03.44

3 Peter Beckerleg M60 1.04.15 / 6.00 / 58.18

4 Kevin Le Noury M60 1.04.50 / 7.00 / 57.50

5 Dave Dorey M70 1.05.54 / 0.00 / 1.05.54

6 Kay Coulson W50 1.08.07 / 3.00 /1.05.07

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

February 16, 2020

Philadelphia mile

philadelphia2020Sunday February 16th 2020

Sarnia Walking Club

Philadelphia Team Race 

1 mile handicap road walk

Les Amarreurs, Vale, Guernsey

RWA Permit: 20004-1

Close team race for Philadelphia Cup

A small field of hardy race walkers contested the Philadelphia Cup held on a wet and windy morning over one mile on the Les Amarreurs lap. Making the most of a break in the stormy conditions forecast, Dave Dorey (right in photo) and Mick Le Sauvage (left in photo)combined to win the team race by one second from individual winner Peter Beckerleg and fastest walker on the day Stuart Le Noury.

1 Peter Beckerleg M60 11.42 (watch time) / 1.00 (handicap) / 10.42

2 Dave Dorey M70 11.48 / 0.00 / 11.48

3 Mick Le Sauvage M80 12.06 / 0.00 / 12.06

4 Stuart Le Noury M 12.13 / 4.00 / 8.13

Team: 1 Dave Dorey and Mick Le Sauvage 23.54

           2 Peter Beckerleg and Stuart Le Noury 23.55 

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