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July 2, 2017

one hour track walk

Sunday July 2nd 2017

Sarnia Walking Club

One Hour track walk

Osmond Priaulx, Footes Lane, Guernsey

Out on his own

Stuart Le Noury was out on his own in the Sarnia Walking Clubs one hour track walk held in sunny conditions. Walking steadily until the final four laps where he increased his speed to sub 2 minutes laps he walked 11,414 metres in the allowed time. He passed the 10 kilometres point in 53.13. 

1 Stuart Le Noury M 11,414 metres

2 Kevin Le Noury M55 8,623 metres

3 Peter Beckerleg M55 8,378 metres

4 Mick Le Sauvage M75 8,294 metres

5 Kay Coulson W45 7,793 metres

6 Jayne Le Noury W55 7,642 metres

7 Dave Dorey M70 7,515 metres 



July 5, 2016

One Hour track

Sunday July 3rd 2016

Sarnia Walking Club

One Hour track walk

Osmond Priaulx, Footes Lane, Guernsey

Age best for leading lady

Stuart Le Noury completed the furthest distance in the Sarnia Walking Clubs one hour track walk held in drizzly conditions at Footes Lane, when he walked 11,163 metres in the allowed time. Leading lady was visiting walker Hilary Mann from Sparkhill Harriers who set an Allcomers record for her age group with 8, 842 metres, finishing just ahead of local walker Kevin Le Noury.

Marie Macdonald and Mick Le Sauvage both added a small distance to their age best times set last year. The next race is on Friday July 8th at Footes Lane at 6.30 pm. It will be race 8 in the Heritage Group Championships over a distance of 2,000 metres.


Pos Athlete   Club Distance


1 Stuart Le Noury M Sarnia Walking Club 11,163
2 Phil Lockwood M40 Sarnia Walking Club 9,387
3 Hilary Mann W50 Sparkhill Harriers 8,842
4 Kevin Le Noury M55 Sarnia Walking Club 8.831
5 Marie Macdonald W40 Sarnia Walking Club 8,597
6 Mick Le Sauvage M75 Sarnia Walking Club 8,563
7 Peter Beckerleg M55 Sarnia Walking Club 8,197
8 Kay Coulson W45 Sarnia Walking Club 7,522

May 24, 2015

Willow Trust hour results

  Willow Trust Guernsey: professionally qualified, highly experienced, licensed and regulated

Sunday May 24th 2015

Sarnia Walking Club

Willow Trust One Hour track walk

Osmond Priaulx, Footes Lane, Guernsey

Stuart Walks furthest in One Hour event

Lapping the 400 metres track at a consistent pace, Stuart Le Noury walked 11, 406 metres in the allotted time in the Willow Trust One Hour walk. He went through the 5,000 metres point in 26.20 and only dropped eleven seconds in the second 5,000 metres as he passed in 52.51 before continuing to the hour. Phil Lockwood, still with the London marathon in his legs only fell short of 10 kilometres by the length of the final straight. Olga Sinkevica walked the furthest of the women with her 8,759 metres.

The next walk is on Sunday May 31st at 9.30 am at Les Amarreurs. The race over 3 kilometres is the fourth in the Championship Series. Details from Jayne Le Noury,

1 Stuart Le Noury M 11,406 metres

2 Phil Lockwood M40 9,926 m

3 Kevin Le Noury M55 8,846 m

4 Olga Sinkevica W 8.759 m

5 Marie Macdonald W40 8,533 m

6 Mick Le Sauvage M75 8,512 m

7 Jayne Le Noury W50 8,043 m

8 Kay Coulson W45 7,681 m

June 9, 2013

Willow Trust One Hour

Sunday June 9th 2013
Sarnia Walking Club
Willow Trust One Hour Track walk
Osmond Priaulx Playing Fields, Guernsey
Longest distance by Elliott in Willow Trust Hour
Rob Elliott walked the furthest distance in the Willow Trust Ltd One Hour Track walk when he walked 10,306 metres in the allotted time. He expected to walk a close race with Phil Lockwood, who pulled out of the event after 9 laps with a back problem. At this point Lockwood held a 70 metres lead over Elliott who was closing the gap slowly.
Elliott, aiming for at least 10 kilometres in the hour was ahead of his target for all the race, passing 5 kilometres in 29 minutes and 10 kilometres in around 58.20.
Second furthest distance went to Peter Beckerleg with 8,603 metres and then Mick Le Sauvage 8,571 metres. Mick walked 190 metres further than his own Age Best time. Dave Dorey finished 150 metres down, with the only lady Kay Coulson walking 7,430 metres. Allan Harris on his way back from injury completed just over 7 kilometres.
Unusually there were no Le Nourys in the race as three of them, Jayne, Kevin and Stuart had walked the near 40 miles Itex Around Guernsey walk the day before. Kevin and Jayne were quite happy to officiate in the One Hour. The Itex Walk is a non competitive stroll around Guernsey taking in the cliff paths and coastal paths. Itex Walk website.
The next walk is on Friday June 21st at Footes Lane over a distance of 5,000 metres. The event is the 6th race in the Heritage Group Championships starting at 6.30 pm.
  One Hour Track Walk  
1 Rob Elliott M50 10,306 metres
2 Peter Beckerleg M50 8,603 metres
3 Mick Le Sauvage M70 8,571 metres
4 Dave Dorey M65 8,421 metres
5 Kay Coulson W45 7,430 metres
6 Allan Harris M65 7,028 metres
7 Phil Lockwood M40 3,600 metres

June 6, 2013

Photos by Maggie Easton and Willow Trust One Hour


Willow Trust Ltd have again sponsored our annual One Hour Track walk which takes place this weekend at Osmond Priaulx Playing Fields. The start time is an early time of 8.30 am on Sunday June 9th at Footes Lane. Simply walk as far as possible in 60 minutes. All standards welcome. Details from

Mark Easton (Surrey WC)  has sent me some photos taken by Maggie during the recent Graham Mann Team race in which he competed. When not racing Mark is usually at the other end of the camera taking other race walking photos in the UK and beyond. His photos can be found at his website here.

A few from Guernsey are reproduced here. Jason Le Noury (1), Stuart Le Noury (94), Rob Elliott (101), Mark Easton (102), Jayne Le Noury (81), Kay Coulson (24) Joanne Le Prevost (black kit), Kevin Le Noury (82), Dave Dorey (100), Harriet Payne (black shorts), Mick Le Sauvage (63), Rose Druckes (17).

Jason  Stuart  Rob  Mark

Jayne    Kay and Joanne   Kevin  Dave Harriet   MLS   Rob Elliott  Kevin Le Noury    Mark Easton   Finish DD MLS  Jason finish  Mark end    Stuart Le N      Rose




August 19, 2012

One Hour Track

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   Waiting for the “Off” at the Olympic Games. Rob Elliott, Jason and Stuart Le Noury try out the grandstand  with our smaller flags before moving roadside with the big Guernsey and GB ones giving us the chance to hammer on the hoardings on the barriers as the field went by. Lots of noise from a huge crowd.
Sunday August 19th 2012
Sarnia Walking Club
Willow Trust Ltd One Hour Track Walk
Osmond Priaulx, Guernsey
One Hour Win For Thomson
A small field contested the Willow Trust One Hour Walk, due mainly to the absence of usual competitors being off the island. Carl Thomson walked almost 12 kilometres in the hour as he completed 11,879 metres in the allotted time. This distance was comfortably better than Rob Elliotts previous best distance set back in 2005.
I have just had a phone call from Carl who timed his laps. For most laps he walked between 1.59 and 2.02, with three others at 2.03, one at 2.04 and a final full lap at 1.57. Good even paced walking with 2 kms splits of 10.03, 10.05, 10.07, 10.09 and 10.11.
The next furthest distance recorded was that of Phil Lockwood who walked 10, 526 metres. Back in third Terry Bates continued to break the Guernsey age best performances, breaking the record distance set previously by over 200 metres.
Kevin Le Noury got the better of wife Jayne who also set an age group best. Allan Harris, a newcomer to walking walked just short of 7,500 metres.
Whilst some club members watched the Olympic race walks in London, pictured above by Jayne Le Noury in the 50 kms event,  Carl Thomson walked the 5 miles distance at the Enfield 2012 Friendship Walks, in a mid week promotion organised between the two weekends that the Olympic walks were held.
He finished in second place in a time of 39.47, 23 seconds behind Francisco Reis of Ilford AC and two seconds ahead of third man home Ian Richards from Steyning AC. Carl closed down a big gap in the latter stages of the race after Reis and Richards set off fast, with Richards succumbing to Thomson and Reis having his lead cut.
The next walk is on Friday August 31st at 6.30 pm at Les Amarreurs, Vale. The distance is 3 kilometres and is a warm up event for the Church to Church 19.4 miles walk being held two days later.
The Church to Church walk on Sunday September 2nd starts at 9.00 am for both men and women. Leading walker is expected to take less than 3 hours to complete the 19.4 miles course. Allcomers are welcome to compete and with a generous time allowance of 5 hours 30 minute, is well within the capabilities of those out to just complete this traditional event.
Details at or Jayne Le Noury, tel 246865.
1 Carl Thomson M45   11,879 metres
2 Phil Lockwood M35 10, 526 metres
3 Terry Bates M60   9,303 metres
4 Kevin Le Noury M50   8,738 metres
5 Jayne Le Noury W50   8,277 metres
6 Mick Le Sauvage M70 8,229 metres
7 Allan Harris M60   7,498 metres

August 9, 2009

One Hour Track Walk

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Sunday August 9th 2009
Sarnia Walking Club
Willow Trust Guernsey – Licensed Fiduciaries One Hour Track Walk
Osmond Priaulx Playing Fields, Guernsey
Willow Trust Hour Win for Thomson
Carl Thomson walked half a lap more than his winning distance of last year to claim first spot again with a distance of 12045 metres in the Willow Trust Guernsey One Hour Track walk. Second man home was Phil Lockwood in 10385 metres. Leading lady was Jayne Le Noury, walking half a lap further than second lady Rose Drückes. Third lady home, Kay Coulson, had the company of newcomer Jim Adamson, who was trying race walking for the first time for a lot of the race before she fell behind in the latter stages.
The next  walk is on Sunday August 16th at 9.30 am. It is over 10 kilometres at Delancey Park and is the 9th Yorkshire Guernsey Championship event.
1 Carl Thomson M40 12045 metres
2 Phil Lockwood M35 10385 metres
3 Kevin Le Noury M50 8772 metres
4 Jayne Le Noury W45 8335 metres
5 Rose Drückes W65 8104 metres
6 Jim Adamson M 7887 metres
7 Kay Coulson W40 7579 metres

June 22, 2008

One Hour Track

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Sunday June 22nd 2008
Sarnia Walking Club
One Hour Track walk
Osmond Priaulx Playing Fields
Katrine Thomson walks 9999 metres in the hour
Carl Thomson, 43 years old, walked almost 800 metres further than his nearest rival in the Sarnia Walking Clubs One Hour Track walk held on Sunday. His final distance of 11,776 metres was good enough to break the old Guernsey Age Best time, held by Rob Elliott. (Thomson Split times 10.20, 20.42, 31.02, 41.11, 51.22: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 kms).
Brothers Jason and Stuart Le Noury finished within 85 metres of each other to claim the second and third furthest distances walked, both falling just short of 11,000 metres.
In fourth place Phil Lockwood broke his 10 kilometres personal best time, en route to walking 10,721 metres in the hour. (11.02, 22.09, 33.29, 44.58, 56.11). 
Katrine pictured a week ago in Half Marathon
Walk of the day though belonged to Katrine Thomson, the only woman competitor, who walked a metre short of 10 kilometres in the hour.(12.23, 24.26, 36.27).
The next walk is on Sunday June 29th. It starts and finishes at Amarreurs Road, Vale at 8.00am over a distance of 20 kilometres. Details from Jayne Le Noury, Tel: 246865.
1 Carl Thomson M/40 11776 metres (Guernsey age best)
2 Jason Le Noury M 10978m
3 Stuart Le Noury M 10895m
4 Phil Lockwood M/35 10721m
5 Terry Bates M/55 10019m (Guernsey age best)
6 Katrine Thomson W 9999m (Unofficial Guernsey Best)
7 Kevin Le Noury M/50 9001m
8 John Dedman M/35 9001m
9 Mick Le Sauvage M/65 8675m