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May 31, 2015

Championship 3 kilometres road walk

logo-heritageSunday May 31st 2015

Sarnia Walking Club

Heritage Group Championships Race 4

3 kilometres road walk

Les Amarreurs, Guernsey

Stuart Le Noury was a convincing winner in the fourth race of the Heritage Group Championships as he won the 3 kilometres event with ease. In wet and windy conditions he crossed the line in 14.55, well ahead of second man home Phil Lockwood. Third place went to Kevin Le Noury. The womens race was a closer affair with Olga Sinkevica winning in 19.28, ahead of Marie Macdonald, who broke 20 minutes for the first time with her 19.53. Third place went to Jayne Le Noury in 21.13.

The next walk is on Friday June 12th at Footes Lane over a distance of one mile and is the fifth race in the Heritage Championships. Details from Jayne Le Noury ,

An hour later Jayne Le Noury and Olga Sinkevica took part in the Guernsey Race for Life over 5 kilometres at Saumarez Park, race walking the event in 37.58. Second placed Marie Macdonald was also taking part with her daughter.


1 Stuart Le Noury M 14.55  (1500m 7.22)

2 Phil Lockwood M40 17.44 (8.44)

3 Kevin Le Noury M55 19.11 (9.17)

4 Peter Beckerleg  M55 19.56 (10.06)

5 Mick Le Sauvage M75 20.12 (10.02)

6 Dave Dorey M65 22.40 (11.00)


1 Olga Sinkevica W 19.28 (9.37)

2 Marie Macdonald W40 19.53 (9.47)

3 Jayne Le Noury W50 21.13 (10.34)

4 Kay Coulson W45 22.13 (11.01)

5 Rose Druckes W70 24.18 (12.19)

Handicap Championship (actual time pus handicap)

1 M Macdonald 21.08, 2 P Beckerleg 21.11, 3 J Le Noury 21.13, 4 K Le Noury 21.26, 5 M Le Sauvage 21.27, 6 O Sinkevica 21.43, 7 S Le Noury 22.05. 8 P Lockwood 22.14, 9 R Druckes 22.18, 10 K Coulson 22.43, 11 D Dorey 23.25.



March 24, 2015

Philadephia Winners

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Rob Elliott (middle) and Dave Dorey (right) presented the Philadelphia Trophy by Rose Druckes.


March 9, 2015

Anniversary photos by Doug Macdonald

Photos taken at the 5 miles walk by competitor Marie Macdonald’s husband Doug.

SWC-50th-08.03.15-254-2SWC-50th-08.03.15SWC-50th-08.03.15-2 SWC-50th-08.03.15-11-Edit SWC-50th-08.03.15-8 SWC-50th-08.03.15-7  SWC-50th-08.03.15-5 SWC-50th-08.03.15-4 SWC-50th-08.03.15-3 SWC-50th-08.03.15-17-Edit-2 SWC-50th-08.03.15-17-Edit SWC-50th-08.03.15-21  SWC-50th-08.03.15-28 SWC-50th-08.03.15-29 SWC-50th-08.03.15-30 SWC-50th-08.03.15-32 SWC-50th-08.03.15-33  SWC-50th-08.03.15-36 SWC-50th-08.03.15-37 SWC-50th-08.03.15-40 SWC-50th-08.03.15-41 SWC-50th-08.03.15-44 SWC-50th-08.03.15-50 SWC-50th-08.03.15-51-Edit  SWC-50th-08.03.15-54    SWC-50th-08.03.15-62 SWC-50th-08.03.15-64 SWC-50th-08.03.15-65  SWC-50th-08.03.15-71 SWC-50th-08.03.15-83 SWC-50th-08.03.15-84 SWC-50th-08.03.15-90 SWC-50th-08.03.15-93 SWC-50th-08.03.15-100 SWC-50th-08.03.15-109  SWC-50th-08.03.15-123 SWC-50th-08.03.15-127 SWC-50th-08.03.15-135 SWC-50th-08.03.15-140 SWC-50th-08.03.15-145 SWC-50th-08.03.15-147 SWC-50th-08.03.15-151 SWC-50th-08.03.15-152  SWC-50th-08.03.15-161 SWC-50th-08.03.15-170 SWC-50th-08.03.15-185 SWC-50th-08.03.15-187 SWC-50th-08.03.15-194 SWC-50th-08.03.15-202 SWC-50th-08.03.15-211-Edit SWC-50th-08.03.15-221 SWC-50th-08.03.15-223 SWC-50th-08.03.15-231 SWC-50th-08.03.15-245

December 21, 2014

Guernsey Press 50th anniversary report

hill climb press report 2014

January 26, 2014

3000 metres track handicap

Sunday January 26th 2014
Sarnia Walking Club
Bob Wright Handicap Series Race 6
3,000 metres track
Osmond Priaulx, Footes Lane, Guernsey
Winner sets new best time
karenfarmanKaren Farman walked to a deserved win as she overtook those starting in front of her and easily holding off those behind her as she raced to a new personal best time of 21.04.
Second walker home Rob Elliott moved in to that position in the final 100 metres when passing the eventual joint third placed walkers Sarah Wright and Joanne Le Prevost. His watch time of 22.50 being 16 seconds slower than the winners.
Last man to start Jason Le Noury had the fastest time of the day with a 14.25 clocking ahead of brother Stuarts 14.57. Times were not helped by the wet and windy conditions. Rob Elliott, was third fastest, going a bit quicker than his last track walk and finishing just outside 17 minutes. Mick Le Sauvage, despite walking a time slower than expected, still tops the series table. Rose Druckes walked her first race for a while but is struggling with injury.
With one race to go in the Bob Wright Series and taking the two races that walkers can discard for scoring into consideration, then the title is still up for grabs. The best chances of success should go to Mick Le Sauvage, Jason Le Noury and the improving Karen Farman. The final walk in the series is being held over one mile next month.
The next race is on Sunday February 9th at Delancey Park at 9.30 am. Walkers can compete over 5 or 10 kilometres. Details from Jayne Le Noury 
The Sarnia Walking Club held their annual AGM this week. Financial reports have been sent out to members, with the annual secretary report reproduced here.

Sarnia Walking Club Secretary’s Report 2013

 The club held their usual events throughout the year ranging from the shortest walk up the Val des Terres to the Church to Church walk over almost 20 miles. Numbers at most races were on par with recent years with the Bob Wright Handicap Series over 2012 / 2013 attracting a total of 21 walkers and the 2013 Championships 15 walkers.

Four new local walkers had a go in our shorter walks during the year and some have continued more than once.  Stuart Le Noury continued his dominance in the Hill Climb winning for the eight consecutive year and taking the Heritage Mens Championship during the summer. He also represented Sarnia in the London marathon in which he ran.  Jayne Le Noury again became the clubs Womens Champion.

 Relative newcomers to race walking Jamie Marsh and Peter Beckerleg had deserved success in the Bob Wright Handicap Series and Jubilee Handicap Championships respectively.

 Mick Le Sauvage and Rose Druckes continued to break their own Age Best times on numerous occasions.

 The club welcomed the RWA President Mark Easton to the Graham Mann walk, with Steyning walker Richard Emsley racing at Delancey Park over 10 kilometres. Terry Bates son Graham on a visit to Guernsey, joined us in a track walk.

 The club promoted itself at Beau Sejour at the Healthy Hearts Day. Allan Harris pushed us to do this and as a result we got our event out to the visiting public. As well as photos of our walkers and new club banner, there was also an introductory pamphlet and rolling DVD of various walks.

 The Church to Church walk continued to attract overseas walkers, with new faces joining the regulars. A respectable sized field followed on from the Friday Evening 3 kms that attracted 22 walkers with four new faces to Guernsey.

 The Church to Church provided me with the highlight of the year. As much as we can admire the longevity of our older competitors, it made me smile when at 15 miles at Vale Church the leading two walkers were the youngest in the race and continued to become first and second by the finish. For me that is how it should be with new blood to the fore.

 On a sad note the club lost a past member and friend when Les Fallaize passed away during the year. A one time regular walker with his wife Pam, he spent many years marshalling at the Longfrie junction in the Church to Church.

 Two club members left Guernsey in 2013. Harriet Payne moved to the UK and Terry Bates moved back to the Isle of Man. We should see Terry again soon as he has already entered local events in 2014. We wish them both well.

 You may well have guessed that this Secretary’s Report was not written by Karen Sheppard, who health wise has not had a good year. Karen would like to relay her thanks to all the committee for keeping things going, especially to Jayne who has covered the Secretary’s position in her absence. Karen hopes to be back soon.

 Rob Elliott

January 2014

      Watch time Actual time handicap
1 Karen Farman W35 22.33.3 21.03.3 1.30
2 Rob Elliott M50 22.49.9 17.04.9 5.45
3= Sarah Wright W40 22.59.5 22.59.5 0.00
3= Joanne Le Prevost W40 22.59.5 22.59.5 0.00
5 Jason Le Noury M 23.09.1 14.24.1 8.45
6 Kevin Le Noury M55 23.12.2 19.27.2 3.45
7 Peter Beckerleg M55 23.16.3 20.01.3 3.15
8 Stuart Le Noury M 23.26.6 14.56.6 8.30
9 Kay Coulson W45 23.50.5 23.20.5 0.30
10 Mick Le Sauvage M70 24.12.0 20.57.0 3.15
11 Dave Dorey M65 24.46.1 22.46.1 2.00
12 Rose Druckes W65 25.25.8 24.25.8 1.00

December 9, 2013

Hill climb walkers photo

image001All smiles after the event. Photo taken by passing runner!

Left to right, Stuart Le Noury, Kevin Le Noury, Karen Farman, Rose Druckes, Jayne Le Noury, Dave Dorey, Mick Le Sauvage, Terry Bates, Rob Elliott, Kay Coulson and Jason Le Noury.

hill climb walkers (2)

December 8, 2013

Hill Climb


winners hill climb Sarnia Walking Club
Le Val des Terres 815 metres.
St Peter Port, Guernsey
Eight in a row for Stuart
Stuart Le Noury was the quickest walker up the Val des Terres in the Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management Hill Climb for the eighth consecutive year. He walked the 815 metres in 4.43 to regain the Rob Waterman Shield for the fastest male walker. He was three seconds ahead of brother Jason Le Noury`s 4.46, whose effort was walked a few minutes later. Jason knocked nine seconds off his best time set back in 2008. Walkers are set off at one minute intervals to tackle the climb in a time trial event. Third fastest was Terry Bates in 5.39 in his final race in Guernsey before moving back to the Isle of Man after living here for 10 years. An after race breakfast was held at the Half Moon, courtesy of Terry, who we look forward to seeing again when visiting Guernsey in the future.
Rob Elliott, the hill climb record holder at 4.07, finished in fourth just outside 6 minutes ahead of Kevin Le Noury. Rob was quite pleased to once again get the better of him in this event. Mick Le Sauvage broke his own M70 best time with a 7 minutes dead clocking, walking three seconds faster than his old M70 time of 7.03. Dave Dorey and John Dedman walked 7.08 and 7.24 respectively. Gordon Mercier, a stalwart runner for the GIAAC, now 55 years old had a go at his first race walk and even claimed to enjoy it! The surprise there is that this course is one of the hardest to do, even though it is a short distance. We look forward to him competing again.
Karen Farman won the Womens Shield with a winning time of 6.36, ahead of Jayne Le Noury 6.55 and Kay Coulson 7.18. Fourth home was past winner Rose Druckes in 7.37.
The next walk is on Sunday December 15th at 9.30 am at Footes Lane. The distance is 2,000 metres and is the fourth race in the Bob Wright Handicap Series. Details from Jayne Le Noury
1 Stuart Le Noury M 4.43
2 Jason Le Noury M 4.46
3 Terry Bates M 5.39
4 Rob Elliott M 6.03
5 Kevin Le Noury M 6.14
6 Karen Farman W 6.36
7 Jayne Le Noury W 6.55
8 Mick Le Sauvage M 7.00
9 Dave Dorey M 7.08
10 Kay Coulson W 7.18
11 John Dedman M 7.24
12 Rose Druckes W 7.37
13 Gordon Mercier M 7.41

December 1, 2013

10 kms road walk


JasonSunday December 1st 2013

Sarnia Walking Club

10 kilometres road walk

Quayside, North Side, Guernsey

Leading two in good form

The first two walkers across the line enjoyed their best performances for some time as race winner Jason Le Noury (left) and second home Phil Lockwood finished well ahead of the rest of the field.  A quick start by Jason Le Noury gave him an almost two minutes lead at the two and a half kilometres point after one lap. Going through in 12.48 he slowed on the second lap to hit half way in 26.05 and then continued to get faster in the remaining laps to cross the finish in 52.07. Walking a similar race to the winner, Lockwood also got quicker as the race went on, passing half way in 29.37 and the finish in 59.05.

Stalwart Kevin Le Noury was third home in 1.10.33. Leading the women home was Jayne Le Noury who gained a couple of places over the men in the final lap, ahead of Rose Druckes and Kay Coulson.

Split times at 2.5kms 5 kms 7.5kms Jason Le Noury 12.48/26.05/39.15, P Lockwood 14.40/29.37/44.29, K Le Noury 16.25/33.57/51.52, M Le Sauvage ?/ 36.02/55.08, Jayne Le Noury ?/ 37.26/55.49, D Dorey ?/ 36.02/55.13, P Beckerleg ?/ 36.25/55.34, R Druckes ?/ 40.19/59.46. K Coulson ?/ 40.19/ 60.05.

The next event is on Sunday December 8th at 9.00 am. It is the annual Hill Climb walk up the Val des Terres. Details from Jayne Le Noury  at


1 Jason Le Noury M 52.07              jayne

2 Phil Lockwood M40 59.05

3 Kevin Le Noury M55 1.10.33

4 Mick Le Sauvage M70 1.12.45

5 Jayne Le Noury W50 1.13.34 (Pictured right)

6 Dave Dorey M65 1.14.39

7 Peter Beckerleg M55 1.15.31

8 Rose Druckes W65 1.19.10

9 Kay Coulson W45 1.21.11

November 10, 2013

15 kms and 3 kms road walks

StuartSunday November 10th 2013
Sarnia Walking Club
Road walks
Les Amarreurs,  Vale, Guernsey
Stuart Le Noury (left) and Rob Elliott were the winners of the two races on offer, with Stuart walking 87.16 for 15 kms and Elliott 18.01 for 3 kms. With all walkers starting together Le Noury was content with a slow start with Phil Lockwood before moving away after around 3 laps of the 1.5 kilometres course. He passed half way in 43.20 and the ten kilometres point in 57.28 before cruising to the win. Lockwood finished five minutes behind at the finish, with a ten kilometres split of 61.33.
The consistant Jayne Le Noury was the only other finisher in 1.50.30.
In his first race for a good few months Elliott won the 3 kilometres event ahead of Kevin Le Noury and Peter Beckerleg. Kevin outsprinted Peter who finished in twenty minutes dead in windy conditions, not far off his best time set recently. Mick Le Sauvage was fourth man home.
Leading woman was Rose Druckes in 22.26 ahead of Joanne Le Prevost in 24.18.
The next walk is on Sunday November 17th over 3,000 metres.Start time is 9.30 am at Footes Lane.The event is race three in the Bob Wright Handicap Series. Details from Jayne Le Noury
  15 kms road    
1 Stuart Le Noury 1.27.16
2 Phil Lockwood M40 1.32.17
3 Jayne Le Noury W50 1.50.30
  3 kms road    
1 Rob Elliott M50 18.01
2 Kevin Le Noury M55 19.59
3 Peter Beckerleg M55 20.00
4 Mick Le Sauvage M70 20.44
5 Rose Druckes W65 22.26
6 Joanne Le Prevost W40 24.18

October 6, 2013

3 miles road walk

Sunday October 6th 2013
Sarnia Walking Club
3 miles road walk
Rocquaine, Guernsey.
Le Nourys head the field
Hot conditions greeted the walkers who were trying out a new 3 mile course at Rocquaine. Starting near the Imperial Hotel, there was a hard climb up to Torteval Church, via the lanes, before levelling out for a short distance and then dropping down to the coast again before heading to the finish at Rocquaine Bay.
A slower than usual first mile was expected and it was the two Le Noury brothers at the head of the race, with Stuart making the early pace. Jason,the eventual winner, timed himself unofficially on his garmin at 9.21 for the first mile, moving on to an 8.20 second mile before opening up on the helpful down hill last mile with a 7.20 clocking to cross the line in an official 25.10. This time was on par with his normal pace for this sort of distance despite the hilly terrain.
Close behind was Stuart Le Noury in 25.28 with Phil Lockwood taking third place in 29.03.
Fastest of the women was Jayne Le Noury in 35.39, who had a close race with male walker John Dedman for much of the race before edging ahead in the final stages. Kay Coulson took second place amongst the women with 36.36, ahead of Rose Druckes.
Mick Le Sauvage walked well to finish only five seconds behind Peter Beckerleg, the hills obviously suiting him. This time was close to his age best time set on the much flatter L`ancresse course.
The next race is on Sunday October 20th at Delancey Park at 9.30 am. The distance is a handicapped 10 kilometres and is the second walk in the Bob Wright Handicap Series. Details from Jayne Le Noury
1 Jason Le Noury M 25.10
2 Stuart Le Noury M 25.28
3 Phil Lockwood M40 29.03
4 Kevin Le Noury M55 33.18
5 Peter Beckerleg M50 33.34
6 Mick Le Sauvage M70 33.39
7 Dave Dorey M65 34.28
8 Jayne Le Noury W50 35.39
9 John Dedman M40 35.43
10 Kay Coulson W40 36.36
11 Rose Druckes W65 37.09
12= Joanne Le Prevost W40 44.39
12= Sarah Wright W40 44.39
12= Karen Farman W35 44.39
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