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August 18, 2019

10 kms road walk

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DSC_0104Sunday August 18th 2019

Sarnia Walking Club 

Avantis Championship Race 10

10 kms road walk

North Side, Vale, Guernsey

Stuart and Donna secure Avantis Championships

Race winner Stuart Le Noury continues his streak as Avantis Sarnia Walking Club Champion with a win in the last of the Championship series over 10 kilometres on the North Side circuit. A steady 52.38 brought him home well ahead of second man Phil Lockwood. Donna Allan secured the Womens Championship despite having a race to forget, calling it a day at the half way distance.

In the handicapped section of the Championships Kevin Le Noury took the honours, two points ahead of Stuart Le Noury with Mick Le Sauvage back in third.

The next race is on Friday August 30th over a distance of 3 kilometres starting and finishing at Amarreurs Road, Vale at 6.30 pm. This is followed on Sunday September 1st at 9.00 am by the traditional Church to Church Walk over  a distance of 19.4 miles. Start and finish at the South Esplanade. All are welcome to take part in either of these walks. Details can be found at

1 Stuart Le Noury M 52.38

2 Phil Lockwood M45 1.09.26

3 Kevin Le Noury M60 1.13.14

4 Mick Le Sauvage M80 1.16.26

Donna Allan DNF

Handicap result:

1 S le Noury (23.00) 1.15.38, 2 M Le Sauvage (0.00)1.16.26, 3 P Lockwood (9.00) 1.18.26, 4 K Le Noury (6.00) 1.19.14


Avantis Mens Championship for the Sportsman Cup

1 Stuart Le Noury 120 points, 2 Rob Elliott 100, 3 Phil Lockwood 90, 4 Kevin Le Noury 75, 5 Mick Le Sauvage 66, 6 Peter Beckerleg 36, 7 Dave Dorey 27, 8 Kevin Allan 6.

Avantis Womens Championship for the Carol Bates Memorial Championship Trophy

1 Donna Allan 90, 2 Kay Coulson 78, 3 Jayne Le Noury 22.

Avantis Jubilee Handicap Tankard

1 K Le Noury 84, 2 S Le Noury 82, 3 M Le Sauvage 81, 4 P Lockwood 78, 5 R Elliott 72, 6 D Allan 67, 7 K Coulson 62, 8 P Beckerleg 37, 9 D Dorey 26, 10, J Le Noury 16, 11 K Allan 3.

Avantis Junior Under 17 Championship

1 Ellis Lockwood 15.

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

August 2, 2019

one mile road walk

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A small field on a hot evening with missing members on holiday. Rob Elliott takes the win from Phil Lockwood. Peter Beckerleg third ahead of Mick Le Sauvage who sets a new age best time for Guernsey.

Friday August 2nd 2019

Sarnia Walking Club

Avantis Championship Nine

1 mile road walk

Les Amarreurs, Guernsey

1 Rob Elliott M60 9.15

2 Phil Lockwood M45 9.41

3 Peter Beckerleg M60 10.53

4 Mick Le Sauvage M80 11.38

Handicap: 1 P Lockwood (2.30) 12.11, 2 M Le Sauvage (0.45) 12.23, 3 R Elliott (3.15) 12.30, 4 P Beckerleg (1.45) 12.38.

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking


August 1, 2019

Eric Waldron RIP

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fullsizerender-1.jpegEric Waldron, twice a winner of the Church to Church walk has recently passed away at the age of 81 years. We send condolences to his family.

His main sporting love was cricket in which there are many references to in the Guernsey Press tribute reproduced below.

Pictured at the time of his 21st and last Church Walk in 1978

Updated here is the profile of Eric written in 2008.

Eric W Waldron was twice a winner of the Guernsey Church to Church Walk  and is remembered today via the trophy bearing his name which he donated in 1964 to the Guernsey Island Amateur Athletic Club for a 2 miles walk.

FullSizeRender-2Eric, number 23 in 1975 event.

Eric`s claim to road walking fame was his 21 year consecutive finishes in the annual Church to Church 19.4 miles walk which came to an end in 1979 when his first love of cricket clashed with the walk. The cricket final in England won the day.

fullsizerender-3.jpegHis two wins came in 1958 when he clocked 3.23.15 and 1960 in 3.15.15, which was to remain his best time. In the year between he came second to Vic Richer, a full seven minutes behind.

Eric can be credited with keeping the event going when the organisers in the 1960s, the GIAAC, struggled to find officials for the day. Eric as well as walking took on the officiating duties almost single handed.

Legend had it that Eric walked over a car in one of his Church walks when a vehicle blocked his way.

This was confirmed in 1999 when the Guernsey Press were doing a feature on the walk. They had spoken to me and said Eric was next on their list, so I asked them to confirm the story.

Eric said to the reporter ” I was going through Torteval down a narrow lane towards St Peter`s Church. My way was completely blocked by a Mini. I didn`t want to slow down so I walked straight over – I tried to be as careful as possible”

The report went on that in the late 50`s early 60`s the Church to Church was seen as the most gruelling experience that people could take on locally. Even so the challenge of the winding course was not always simply a physical one.

Eric said ” In the early days, I`d never have found my way round without a friend on a bike. The Upper Parishes were like Swahili to me”

FullSizeRenderEric, number 39 in 1971.

This was all in an island measuring around 9 miles by 5!

Eric also produced a Guernsey Athletic Stats book in 1964 and was a regular contributor to Athletics weekly.

His list of Church to Church walks are reproduced below:


Year Time Position
1958 3.23.15 1
1959 3.32.18 2
1960 3.15.15 1
1961 3.24.49 3
1962 3.31.00 7
1963 ?
1964 ?
1965 3.41.41 14=
1966 ?
1967 3.32.33 10
1968 3.28.23 10
1969 3.21.15 6
1970 3.32.33 9
1971 3.28.55 7
1972 3.29.07 9=
1973 3.32.54 12
1974 3.36.49 14
1975 3.35.51 8
1976 3.37.40 9
1977 3.43.58 16
1978 3.44.30 14

He was never a regular year round race walker but turned up each year for the trip around the churches, with his only other walk appearances being in Inter Firms events over 3 miles, representing Salem Methodist Youth Club.

Although never joining the Sarnia Walking Club, he was a member of the GIAAC where he competed as a runner.

IMG_2429His Personal Bests were:

440 yds 54.3 in 1960

880 yds 2.07.9 in1958

1 mile 4.52.5 in 1960

2 miles 10.27 in 1958

3 miles 16.11 in 1958

7 miles road run in 40.08 in 1960

img_2472.jpgThanks to Guernsey Press for the cuttings and Ray Hollis for the Liberation run photo.

July 31, 2019

Mick Barnbrook retires from race walking

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Dave Ainsworth reports that one time Sarnia Walking Club member Mick Barnbrook has retired from race walking after 49 years service to the sport. Thanks to Dave for the full report reproduced below at the end of this page. Here are the relevant parts on his Guernsey and Sarnia connections.


“As for Guernsey, Mick had a spell as a Sarnia Walking Club member – once famously travelling all the way from his then Sidcup home to St.Peter Port just for an AGM!  That shows his commitment for the cause.  Mick was a legend during his time on Sarnia’s books – as when appointed “The Minister for Mainland Development” he spent much time and effort promoting their annual September Church-to-Church 19.4 miles classic event – with much success, as numbers of mainland competitors impressively increased.”  

“He’s dropped out once – taken so seriously ill when ascending that steep opening climb of his beloved Church-to-Church walk, he ended that week as a hospital in-patient suffering a stomach ulcer.  On that occasion the bystander coming to his aid was Chris Flint’s wife who was commended for doing all the right things! “

Mick Barnbrook walked in the Church to Church event in:

2001 3.36.52, 2002 3.38.43, 2003 DNF, 2004 3.51.28,

2005 3.48.01, 2006 3.39.26, 2007 3.46.56.

The group photo shows competitors from Guernsey and overseas in the 3 kilometres road walk held on the Friday evening before the Church to Church event. Mick is number 78 in the Sarnia Walking Club colours.

FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender-8FullSizeRender-6

FullSizeRender-4Dave Ainsworth: Full report below..AND IT’S GOODNIGHT FROM HIM!

Romford-born and now Ramsgate-based, Mick Barnbrook, at the age of 76, has announced a retirement from athletics after 49 continuous years’ involvement in our sport – his first race walking appearance being in 1970.  He has belonged to Metropolitan Police Walking Club, The Centurions, Cambridge Harriers, Sarnia WC & Ilford AC, as well as being “unattached” for 6 years.  He’s been a most active competitor as past result sheets will confirm, and a regular supporter of race walking functions.  Mick states one of his most cherished awards was a clock presented by Steve Wynn when becoming one of 6 (incidentally all CenturIons) to complete 100 Blackheath 9K Handicap races.  He’s had some poor health in recent times, but a serious back injury brought about this decision – which came when run over by a car while trying to stop a getaway driver, who was subsequently arrested by colleagues and imprisoned.  Mick carried this injury for decades, without complaint.  Like so many, Mick entered race walking via his employer – when a Sergeant at Peckham, being recruited to make up a Barking-to-Southend team by colleague, then Sergeant Peter Hodkinson at the same Station.

Mick became Centurion 661 at the famous 1979 Ewhurst 100 Miles, clocking 21:59.05.  His 2 completed 100 miles races show how UK race walking fortunes have nosedived.  At Ewhurst 107 started, 78 finished of whom 37 became new Centurions.  After Mick’s efforts, a decade passed before the next Metropolitan Police athlete joined The Centurions – when Cambridge Harriers clubmate Peter Hodkinson passed the recorders in 19:48.00, in the Arthur Eddleston BEM Memorial Event at Hendon Police Training School – for good measure Peter was followed home by 7 more Met. Police collegeagues!  In 2001 Mick finished the “Hedgethorne 100” at Colchester’s Lower Castle Park, where 47 started, 15 finished (2 d/q’d) with just 3 new Centurions – only one belonging to a UK Club – Nigerian Charles Arosanyan.  Mick’s time was 23:40.32, just behind popular and frequent Essex visitor Hans Van der Knapp.  That race had an Ilford AC “escort” as first & last finishers belonged to that Club – Bob Dobson & Mick (both incidentally then aged 58).  The previous time one Club had provided an “escort” was at the 1969 Bristol 100 Miles when Essex Police members John Hedgethorne and Paul Cox were first & last.  Colchester saw awards for all competitors reaching a minimum of 20 miles, which was all Mick planned to do.  He hadn’t trained for 100 miles but thought about it being John Hedgethorne’s Memorial race, so decided to press on to honour the great man’s name by going further.  He did go further – and further – and even further with Sharon as his hard-working attendant.  After each park circuit he put his feet in a bucket of cool water to refresh them and ploughed on to complete a sub-24 hours’ 100 miles for a second time.  With completions in 1979-and-2001 (22 years’ apart) Mick thought he might have got a record for the longest gap between successful UK sub-24 hours’ finishes.  A long span – yes – but not the longest.  That record is held by Past President of both The Centurions and the Race Walking Association, former International Eric Horwill (1966-and-1997/31 years’ apart).  Mick’s initial aim at Colchester was to race a competitive 20 miles’ walk in preparation for the Guernsey’s annual Church-to-Church classic, but as reported above, he then kept on going!  Bob Dobson’s win came in one of the greatest 100 miles’ races in UK history as he clocked 19.46.11 with Richard Brown (SWC) 2nd in 19:50.39.  Bob became eldest winner of a senior RWA Championship!

As for Guernsey, Mick had a spell as a Sarnia Walking Club member – once famously travelling all the way from his then Sidcup home to St.Peter Port just for an AGM!  That shows his commitment for the cause.  Mick was a legend during his time on Sarnia’s books – as when appointed “The Minister for Mainland Development” he spent much time and effort promoting their annual September Church-to-Church 19.4 miles classic event – with much success, as numbers of mainland competitors impressively increased.   Mick’s fit as proved by a hectic 6 weeks’ spell when finishing 4 marathon runs, a 50K and a 20 Miles’ walk.  He’s twice run London Marathons, with a 3 hours 25 minutes pb.  Essex-born Mick also has an individual place medal (3rd) in a 3,000 Metres Essex County Championship, so he can sprint as well as tackle long distances.  In 49 years he’s only twice been disqualified – on a penultimate lap at Cricklefields Stadium in an Essex League 10,000 metres event, and more spectacularly 20 yards into an Open 7 Miles, having travelled to Leicester for it!  He’s dropped out once – taken so seriously ill when ascending that steep opening climb of his beloved Church-to-Church walk, he ended that week as a hospital in-patient suffering a stomach ulcer.  On that occasion the bystander coming to his aid was Chris Flint’s wife who was commended for doing all the right things!  Mind you Mick thought about dropping out again – half way up that steep climb in the Chiltern Hills on the Pednor 5 Miles – but soldiered on!

Like so many Clubmen at the time, Mick aimed for a coveted RWA 7 Miles-in-an-Hour badge, and so nearly achieved one, with a number of finishes just seconds outside his target.  However he bettered this standard on 2 occasions, but in 10 miles events.  He twice represented the British Police in 10 miles’ representative matches, both times getting under 85 minutes!   Needless to say he was awarded British Police Representative colours, of which he’s most proud.

Mick’s been at nearly all our classic events, such as appearing successfully in 8 Hastings-to-Brightons (38 miles) & 2 London-to-Brightons (53 miles),  In 1975 he was 47th of 73 finishers clocking 9:55.17 just pipping London Vidarian Mike Gleed by 4 seconds in a tight seafront finish.  In 1981, 10:29.22 secured him 28th spot – a second behind late Belgravian John Keown – when 36 finishers made the result sheet.  Mick has a sad memory of that event, for he wasn’t far behind Belgrave Harrier Dave King at Pyecombe, before a road accident so tragically ended his life.  Like so many Police officers, Mick has wonderful memories of the Barking-to-Southend Walk (34 Miles), having completed 16 of them (best an impressive 5 hours 31 minutes).  Mick’s aim was to secure a top-10 finish and, on one occasion, seemingly had it in the proverbial bag when 10th on entering Southend United’s Roots Hall Stadium for a lap of the pitch.  He blamed his attendant for not tipping him off that a fast-closing Chris Flint was gaining ground, and Chris – nowadays a near Kent neighbour of Mick – pipped him on the line so relegating Mick to 11th spot!

Apart from athletics, Mick’s always been involved in community life.  Most notably as Chairman of a Royal Naval Association action committee (based in Greenwich) which sought to find sailors of all-ranks who’d been awarded Victoria Crosses, but rested in unmarked graves, paupers graves and graves lacking headstones.  His Group found 10 worthy recipients and grafted hard to obtain sponsorship to buy headstones and arrange proper dedication ceremonies.  Their efforts righly attracted National press attention.  One such recipient was Greenwich-born Rear Admiral Eric Gascoigne Robinson VC, OBE and Mentioned in Despatches (1882-1965), who when a Lieuetenant Commander in the Dardenelles, stormed ashore and single-handedly destroyed a Turkish gun battery.  He ended Word War 1 after being badly injured later in the Gallipoli Peninsula Campaign.  He was buried at St.John’s Church in Langish (near Petersfield) but for unknown reasons without a headstone.  This omission was rectified in 1998 as a proper dedication ceremony was arranged to put matters right!

Mick can be relied on to vounteer for long and time-consuming duties when needed – as 3 times he’s been on support teams (driving/feeding/motivating) when ultra-distance race walkers have tackled really long ones on the Continent.  When then Cambridge Harriers, Metropolitan Police & Centurions’ colleague Arthur Eddlestone BEM, who so sadly lost his life in a 1984 mountaineering mishap, tackled a John O’Groats-to-Land’s End Walk Mick took control of a charity package initiative which raised over £25,000 for Bexley’s Multiple Sclerosis branch.  At that organisation, Mick helped out with both entertainment and transport and was highly thought of.  Mick gave up his time to be an athletics mentor for fellow Cambridge Harrier Stephen Lawrence, who tragically lost his life in a high-profile 1993 murder.

Mick was promising at more than athletics, as when living in Plaistow he excelled on table tennis tables, once competing against Chester Barnes in a local league match.

Thanks to Mick for all he’s done to keep our British race walking going.  If all race walkers had made as many appearances as Mick, and been as enthusiastic as him, this sport would have been much, much stronger.

July 28, 2019

Piette TRophy

Donna Allan finishSunday July 28th 2019

Sarnia Walking Club

Piette Trophy for 3.8 miles (approx) handicap road walk

Rocquaine Bay, Guernsey

RWA Permit 9060-1

Rob Elliott and Donna AllanLocal Best time for Donna (pictured left) at Rocquaine

Donna Allan, racing in her first Piette Trophy handicap race, over approximately 3.8 miles, knocked over four minutes off Rose Druckes best local womens time as she crossed the line in 34.33 for the course along the Rocquaine coast road. Her target next year will no doubt be to get close to the all comers best time which is a couple of minutes quicker set in 1975 by French International walker Jacquelline Delassaux.

A small field of walkers set off in the hot conditions in the two lap out and back course with first off Mick Le Sauvage caught early on by Kay Coulson who started thirty seconds behind. When Donna set off she had the local time in her mind and hit the halfway point in 17.01 and well inside her target. Stuart Le Noury, last off was heading towards a solid race but realised early on after only the first lap that Donna was well out of sight and would be the winner as she closed in quickly on the other competitors. 

Slowing slightly in the second half Donna still had over a minute and a half cushion on second walker home Stuart Le Noury who walked an actual time of 31.11. Phil Lockwood took third place with Kay Coulson in fourth, just ahead of Mick Le Sauvage.

1 Donna Allan W40 41.33 (watch) / 7.00 (handicap) / 34.33 (actual)

2 Stuart Le Noury M 43.11 / 12.00 / 31.11

3 Phil Lockwood M45 44.03 / 4.00 / 40.03

4 Kay Coulson W50 45.03 / 0.30 / 44.33

5 Mick Le Sauvage M80 45.10 / 0.00 / 45.10

Stuart Le Noury
Mick Le Sauvage and Kay CoulsonPhil Lockwood

July 19, 2019

3 kms road walk

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Friday July 19th 2019

Sarnia Walking Club

Avantis Championship Race 8

3 kilometres road walk

Les Amarreurs, Vale, Guernsey

Le Noury closes in on Championship 

Stuart Le Noury walked closer to retaining the Avantis Championships with a victory over 3 kilometres on the road course at Les Amarreurs. On a humid evening he crossed the line in 14.41, well ahead of Rob Elliott 17.52 and Phil Lockwood 19.19. Kay Coulson took the womens honours in 21.37.


1 Stuart Le Noury M 14.41

2 Rob Elliott M60 17.52

3 Phil Lockwood M45 19.19

4 Kevin Le Noury M60 20.19

5 Kay Coulson W50 21.37

6 Mick Le Sauvage M80 21.52

Handicap : handicap / handicap time

1 S le Noury 8.15 / 22.56, 2= K Coulson 1.30 / 23.07, 2= M Le Sauvage 1/15 / 23.07, 4 K Le Noury  3.00 / 23.19, 5 R Elliott 5.30 / 23.22, 6 P Lockwood 4.30 / 23.49.

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

July 7, 2019

20 kms road walk

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Sarnia Walking Club

Avantis Championships Race 7

20 kms road walk

North Side Circuit, Guernsey

Hot morning slows walkers

The early morning start with temperatures hovering around a reported 24 degrees didn’t help the field of race walkers as they tackled the 8 laps course around the Vale Castle area in the Avantis 20 kilometres Championship race.

The expected race winner Stuart Le Noury was commenting on conditions being too hot early in the race as he built up his usual early lead. After two laps and 5 kilometres his 28.19 was almost three minutes ahead of the next competitor Donna Allan. By the half way point Stuart Le Noury was slowing with 59 minutes and Donna through four minutes later in 63.11. Rob Elliott was third in 66.10 with Phil Lockwood back in fourth around two and a half minutes behind.

The slight breeze at Bordeaux Harbour was a welcome respite from the heat as Donna started making inroads on leader Stuart Le Noury, closing the gap at 15 kilometres to less than three minutes. Leader Stuart timed at 93.10 with Donna on 95.53. Realistically there was little chance of the order changing as Stuart strode home in 2.05.29 and Donna back in 2.07.44. The conditions not helpful to tackling her best time set last year. 

Rob Elliott with a lead of almost two minutes over Phil Lockwood at 15 kilometres should have had that position sewn up, but Phil Lockwood who walked a relatively even paced race had other ideas as he closed the gap on a tiring Elliott with 200 metres to go. Moving ahead into the final straight Phil had gained a few seconds advantage and knowing Elliott can usually fight back in a tight finish he still had a few glances backwards to check his third position was safe.

Phil crossed the line in 2.17.54 after a half way split of 1.08.44, with Elliott four seconds down.

Kevin Le Noury finished in fifth place in 2.26.45, well ahead of his last years performance and managed a win in the handicapped section of the race. Kay Coulson walked 12.5 kms before calling it a day with new M80 walker Mick Le Sauvage walking 10 kms in 1.17.44.


1 Stuart Le Noury M 2.05.29

2 Donna Allan W40 2.07.44

3 Phil Lockwood M45 2.17.54

4 Rob Elliott M60 2.17.58

5 Kevin Le Noury M60 2.26.45

DNF Mick Le Sauvage M80 1.17.44 (10 kms)

DNF Kay Coulson W50 1.39.59 (12.5 kms)

Handicap positions: handicap / handicap time

1 K Le Noury 15.00 / 2.41.45, 2 P Lockwood 26.00 / 2.43.54, 3 D Allan 42.00 / 2.49.44, 4 R Elliott 35.00 / 2.52.58, 5 S Le Noury 53.00 / 2.58.29.

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking at

June 23, 2019

Avantis Championship 3 kms

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Sunday June 23rd 2019

Sarnia Walking Club

Avantis Championship Race 6

3,000 metres grass track walk

Back to their roots 

Stuart Le Noury walked to a win over Rob Elliott lapping him on the line in the process as he finished in 15.33 at Cambridge Park over 3,000 metres. Phil Lockwood took third place ahead of a close race for fourth between Peter Beckerleg and Kevin Le Noury.  Peter holding the edge throughout most of the race and holding his challenger off by a second.

Leading woman was Kay Coulson in 22.25 ahead of Jayne Le Noury. For two of the walkers it was a return to the grass track at Cambridge Park after a gap of over 50 years. Making use of the temporary track whilst the Footes Lane track is being renovated and moving off the park paths, Masters walkers Dave Dorey, well into his 70s and Mick Le Sauvage almost touching 80 years old, went back to their track roots with Dave Dorey recalling the days when Sarnia Walking Club used the track for their ‘One Hour” walks amongst others.

1 Stuart Le Noury M 15.33

2 Rob Elliott M60 17.58

3 Phil Lockwood M45 19.35

4 Peter Beckerleg M60 20.46

5 Kevin Le Noury M60 20.47 

6 Kay Coulson W50 22.25

7 Mick Le Sauvage M75 22.33

8 Dave Dorey M70 24.07

9 Jayne Le Noury W55 24.54

Handicap result: handicap / handicap time

1 P Beckerleg 3.00 / 21.30, 2 R Elliott 6.00 / 23.58, 3 K Le Noury  3.15 / 24.02, 4 M Le Sauvage 1.30 / 24.03, 5 S Le Noury 8.45 / 24.18, 6 P Lockwood  4.45 / 24.20, 7 D Dorey 0.15 / 24.22, 8 K Coulson 2.00 / 24.25, 9 J Le Noury 0.00 / 24.54.

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking


June 10, 2019

Championship sponsors

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The Sarnia Walking Club Championships will once again be sponsored and for 2019 will be known as the Avantis Championships, previously known as the Heritage Championships.

Our thanks go to Avantis Limited for their continued support.

Avantis Logo (RGB)

June 9, 2019

2 kms park walk

Sunday June 9th 2019

Sarnia Walking Club

2 kilometres road walk

Championship Race 5

Delancey Park, Guernsey

RWA Permit: 9056-1

Championship leads extended

Stuart Le Noury and Donna Allan continue to extend their leads in their respective Championships after finishing first and second in the combined 2 kilometres walk at Delancey Park. Stuart walked the course in 9.25 followed by Donna Allan in 11.44. Phil Lockwood took third place in 12.18 followed by his son Ellis in 12.56.

Kay Coulson finished in first place in the handicapped section of the walk, ahead of Jayne Le Noury in second and Dave Dorey in third.

1 Stuart Le Noury M 9.25

2 Donna Allan W40 11.44

3 Phil Lockwood M45 12.18

4 Ellis Lockwood U15 12.56

5 Kevin Le Noury M60 13.20

6 Peter Beckerleg M60 13.49

7 Kay Coulson W50 14.05

8 Mick Le Sauvage M75 14.33

9 Dave Dorey M70 15.21

10 Jayne Le Noury W55 15.31

11 Kevin Allan M40 16.15

Handicap result: handicap / handicap time

1 K Coulson 1.15 / 15.20, 2 J Le Noury 0.00 / 15.31, 3 d Dorey 0.15 / 15.36, 4 S Le Noury 6.15 / 15.40, 5 M Le Sauvage 1.15 / 15.48, 6 P Beckerleg  2.00 / 15.49, 7 K Le Noury 2.30 / 15.50, 8 P Lockwood 4.00 / 16.18, 9 D Allan 4.45 / 16.29, 10 K Allan 1.30 / 17.45.

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