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May 22, 2023

April May results

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Sean Pender Trophy defended by Stuart.

Stuart Le Noury defended the Sean Pender Handicap Trophy in the 10th edition of the event.. Over a distance of 2 kilometres he moved into the lead in the final 150 metres to finish ahead of Kevin Le Noury, closely followed by Rob Elliott.

Stuart also finished first in a 3 kilometres road walk at Les Amarreurs in 15.12. Donna Allan improved her Guernsey age best time in a 3 kilometres handicap walk at Cambridge Park . Her time of 17.25 giving her a convincing win from Rob Elliott and Mick Le Sauvage.

Sunday April 16th  2023

3 kilometres road walk handicap

Cambridge Park, Guernsey 

1 Donna Allan W45 24.25 (watch time) / 7.00 (handicap) / 17.25 (actual time)

2 Rob Elliott M60 25.34 / 5.00 / 20.34

3 Mick Le Sauvage M80 25.49 / 0.00 / 25.49

4 Kevin Le Noury M65 25.54 / 4.00 / 21.54

Sunday May 7th 2023

3 kilometres road walk

Les Amarreurs, Guernsey 

1 Stuart Le Noury M35 15.12

2 Rob Elliott M60 21.00

3 Mick Le Sauvage M80 24.30

Sunday May 21st  2023

2 kilometres handicap park walk

Sean Pender Trophy

1 Stuart Le Noury M35 15.45 (watch time) / 5.45 (handicap) / 10.00 (actual time)

2 Kevin Le Noury M65 16.01 / 1.30 / 14.31

3 Rob Elliott M60 16.05 / 2.30 / 13.35

4 Mick Le Sauvage M80 16.26 / 0.00 / 16.26

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking 

March 19, 2023

March results

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Couple of wins for Stuart Le Noury over 5 kilometres and 2 miles. In winning the 2 miles track walk he collected the Eric Waldron Trophy for the 12th time with a time forty seconds quicker than last year.

Sunday March 5th 2023

Saumarez Park, Guernsey

5 kms road walk

1 Stuart Le Noury M35 25.53

2 Donna Allan W45 33.44

3 Rob Elliott M60 35.28

4 Kevin Le Noury M65 38.02

2.5 kms road walk

1 Mick Le sauvage M80 20.29

Sunday March 19th 2023

Footes Lane, Guernsey

2 miles track walk

Eric Waldron Trophy

1 Stuart Le Noury M35 16.21

2 Rob Elliott M60 22.09

3 Kevin Le Noury M65 23.27

4 Mick Le Sauvage M80 26.35

February 12, 2023

January and February

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A sad time for Sarnia Walking Club with Life Member Owen Le Vallee passing away at the age of 95 years. Owen had been a major influence in Guernsey sport for many years. He had been one of the pioneers getting Guernsey into the Commonwealth Games and was manager of the teams for many years from 1970. He was also the man to get the Island Games off the ground.

Another man with Guernsey connections has also passed away. Ray Middleton, race walker with Belgrave Harriers and team mate of Guernseyman Len Duquemin, John Moullin and later on Andy Le Heron passed away at 86 years.

Ray, a top UK race walker in the 1960s , Great Britain international and silver medallist from the 1966 Commonwealth Games visited Guernsey in 1967 to take part in the West Show 20 miles road walk. A man of his quality was expected to win and duly did so setting an Allcomers 20 miles record of 2 hours 43 minutes and 35 seconds on a far from easy course.

Rest In Peace Owen Le Vallee and Ray Middleton

Stuart Le Noury successfully defends Bob Wright Handicap Trophy

Stuart Le Noury defended the trophy he won in 2022 with another series win in the Bob Wright Handicap Series. This time, as in 2022 he won the series on count back after having more race wins that his father Kevin, with both tieing on 97 points over the seven races. Mick Le Sauvage took third place ahead of Rob Elliott.

In the final three races Kevin crossed the line first on two occasions, narrowly ahead of a faster finishing Rob Elliott by one second both times. Mick Le Sauvage, still racing into his eighties scored the other race win over 2 kilometres on the track.

Sunday February 12th 2023

Bob Wright Handicap 7

Cambridge Park, Guernsey 3 kms road

1 Kevin Le Noury M65 23.50 (watch time) / 2.15 (handicap) / 21.35 (actual time)

2 Rob Elliott M60 23.51 / 3.15 / 20.36

3 Stuart Le Noury M35 24.32 / 8.45 / 15.47

4 Mick Le Sauvage M80 25.11 / 0.00 / 25.11

Sunday January 22nd 2023

Bob Wright Handicap 6

Footes Lane, Guernsey 2 kms track

1 Mick Le Sauvage M80 15.50 (watch time) / 0.00 (handicap) / 15.50

2 Stuart Le Noury M35 16.02 / 5.45 / 10.17

3 Rob Elliott M60 16.14 / 2.45 / 13.29

4 Kevin Le Noury M65 16.33 / 2.15 / 14.18

Sunday January 8th 2023

Bob Wright Handicap 5

Imperial, Pleinmont, Guernsey 2 kms road

1 Kevin Le Noury M65 16.19 (watch time) / 2.00 / 14.19

2 Rob Elliott M60 16.20 / 2.30 / 13.50

3 Mick Le Sauvage M80 16.20 / 0.00 / 16.20 

Bob Wright Handicap Series

1 Stuart le Noury 97 points (wins on count aback having scored more first places), 2 Kevin Le Noury 97, Mick Le Sauvage 94, Rob Elliott 92.

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

December 12, 2022

November and December results

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Kevin Le Noury ends year on a high

Kevin Le Noury ended the Sarnia Walking Clubs racing year with a win in the annual Le Val des Terres Hill Climb and a lead in the Bob Wright Handicap Series which resumes in January. Only two competitors took part in the traditional end of year Hill Climb, both of these well past their best years. Kevin, winner back in 1996, set off first with course record holder Rob Elliott a minute later. As Elliott crossed the line neither walker knew who had won.  Both knew it was close but were kept waiting as the timekeeper went back to the start, with both walkers strolling back down the hill. Results announced and Le Noury finished in first place with 6.58 and Elliott four seconds behind. 

The third race of the handicap series was over 1 mile on the track, with Mick Le Sauvage losing his lead in the final 50 yards as Kevin Le Noury went past, only to have fast finishing son Stuart take the lead seconds later. Elliott then went past Le Sauvage to claim third place. A close finish for the handicapper to bring four walkers over the line in five seconds.

Race four over 5 kilometres saw a win for Stuart Le Noury with a 26.35 clocking.

Sunday November 13th 2022

Bob Wright Handicap Series Race Three

1 mile track

Footes Lane

1 Stuart Le Noury M35 12.27 (watch time) / 4.30 (handicap) / 7.57 (actual time)

2 Kevin Le Noury M65 12.29 / 1.15 / 11.14

3 Rob Elliott M60 12.31 / 1.45 / 10.46

4 Mick Le Sauvage M80 12.33 / 0.00 / 12.33

Sunday November 27th 2022

Bob Wright Handicap Series Race Four

5 kilometres road walk

Les Amarreurs, Vale

1 Stuart Le Noury M35 26.35

2 Rob Elliott M60 37.39

3 Kevin Le Noury M65 38.04

4 Mick Le Sauvage M80 45.22

Handicap result 1 S Le Noury 42.50, 2 K Le Noury 44.04, 3 R Elliott 45.09, M Le Sauvage 45.22

Sunday December 11th 2022

Le Val des Terres Hill Climb

815 metres

1 Kevin Le Noury M65 6.58

2 Rob Elliott M60 7.02

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

October 23, 2022

SEptember and October results

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Richmond Trophy win for Stuart

Stuart Le Noury walked through the small field to win the Richmond Trophy with an actual time of 15.19 for 3 kilometres, ahead of father Kevin Le Noury in second place. Stuart then opened up the Bob Wright Handicap Series with another win on a wet and windswept course at Saumarez Park. Mick Le Sauvage was second across the line just ahead of Kevin Le Noury. Rob Elliotts recent comeback ended after half way with a reoccurring injury after making inroads on those set off ahead of him. The second race of the Series saw a win for Mick Le Sauvage ahead of Kevin Le Noury. 

Sunday September 25th 2022

Richmond Trophy

3 kilometres handicap road walk

Cambridge Park

1 Stuart Le Noury M35 23.04 (watch time) / 7.45 (handicap) / 15.19 (actual time)

2 Kevin Le Noury M60 23.58 / 2.30 / 21.28

3 Rob Elliott M60 24.03 / 3.15 / 20.48

4 Mick Le Sauvage M80 24.09 / 0.00 / 24.09

Sunday October 2nd

Bob Wright Handicap Series Race One

5 kilometres road walk

Saumarez Park

1 Stuart Le Noury M35 41.17 (watch time) / 14.30 (handicap) / 26.47 (actual time)

2 Mick Le Sauvage M80 42.51 / 0.00 / 42.51

3 Kevin Le Noury M60 43.05 / 6.00 / 37.05

 Rob Elliott M60 DNF 2.5 kms 18.19 (actual)

Sunday October 23rd 

Bob Wright Handicap Series Race Two

3 kilometres track

Footes Lane 

1 Mick Le Sauvage M80 24.00 (watch time) / 0.00 (handicap) 24.00 (actual time)

2 Kevin Le Noury M60 25.13 / 3.00 / 22.13

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

August 14, 2022

Final Championship races 2022

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Stuart Le Noury and Donna Allan win 2022 Club Championships.

2022 Mens club champion Stuart Le Noury ended the 10 race series with another two wins over 1 mile and 2,000 metres. On the track over 2,000 metres he recorded 10.36 and in a road mile at Delancey Park he recorded 8 minutes dead. Womens Club Champion for the year is Donna Allan who finished the mile race in just under 9 minutes, removing a second off her 4 year old personal best time. Walkers were joined by Sparkhill Harrier race walker Hilary Mann who finished third overall in 10.35.

Kevin Le Noury, ahead of Mick Le Sauvage in second and Stuart Le Noury in third won the Jubilee Tankard for the handicap section of the series.

Sunday July 17th 

Sarnia Walking Club Championship

2,000 metres track walk

Footes Lane, Guernsey

1 Stuart Le Noury M35 10.36

2 Kevin Le Noury M60 13.59

3 Mick Le Sauvage M80 15.38

Handicap: 1 S Le Noury (6.00) 16.36, 2 K Le Noury (2.45) 16.44, 3 M Le Sauvage (1.00) 16.38.

Sunday August 14th

Sarnia Walking Club Championship

1 mile road walk

1 Stuart Le Noury M35 8.00

2 Donna Allan W45 8.57

3 Hilary Mann (Sparkhill Harriers) W55 10.35

4 Rob Elliott M60 10.50

5 Kevin Le Noury M60 11.10

6 Kevin Allan M40 11.28

7 Mick Le Sauvage M80 12.35

Handicap Club members only: 1 D Allan (2.05) 11.02, R Elliott (0.45) 11.35, 3 K Le Noury (0.45) 11.55, 4 S Le Noury (4.15) 12.15, 5 M Le Sauvage (0.00) 12.35.

2022 Club Championship

Carol Bates Memorial Trophy: 1 Donna Allan 45 points

Sportsmans Trophy: 1 S Le Noury 120 points, 2 K Le Noury 99, 3 M Le Sauvage 82, 4 R Elliott 12, 5 D Dorey 9.

Jubilee Handicap: 1 K Le Noury 105.5 points, 2 M Le Sauvage 101.5, 3 S Le Noury 83, 4 D Allan 37, 5 R Elliott 12, 6 D Dorey 9.

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

July 3, 2022

Roy Le Marquand RIP

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Roy Le Marquand Rest in Peace

Roy (Number 12) in 1982 Church to Church

Roy Le Marquand recently passed away at the age of 90 in Guernsey. His race walking career started back in the 1960s where he was regularly active over a range of distances in Guernsey as well as in the 53 miles London to Brighton walk.

He continued to race only once a year from around 1970 when he regularly competed in the annual Church to Church 19.4 miles road walk. He went toe to toe with another regular Church competitor in Mick Le Sauvage as to who could complete the most times. This stopped in 1994 when Roy walked the event for the 33rd and final time.

Even now, after another 28 years he is third on the all time list for the number of finishes. His first Church event was in 1962 and in 1971 he recorded his best time of 3 hours 12 minutes and 55 seconds.

1967 was a good year for him setting a number of personal best times over a range of distances.

5 kms in 25.59, 5 miles in 42.31, 6 miles in 51.16, 7 miles in 59.10, 10 miles in 87.09, and a year later 50 kms in 5.22.45.

Rest In Peace Roy

Recent results

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Sunday June 12th

Sarnia Walking Club Championship 6

Cambridge Park, Guernsey

5 kilometres road walk

1 Stuart Le Noury M35 28.29

2 Kevin Le Noury M60 35.15

3 Mick Le Sauvage M80 41.20

Dave Dorey M75 DNF 3.1 kms in 30.55

Handicap Result: 1 K Le Noury 41.15 (6.00), 2 S Le Noury 42.29 (14.00), 3 M Le Sauvage 43.20 (2.00)

Sunday July 3rd 

Sarnia Walking Club Championship 7

Les Amarreurs, Vale, Guernsey

2 kilometres road walk

1 Stuart Le Noury M35 10.37

2 Kevin Le Noury M60 13.46

3 Mick Le Sauvage M80 15.32

Handicap result: 1 K Le Noury 16.46 (3.00), 2 M Le Sauvage 17.02 (1.30), 3 S Le Noury 17.07 (6.30)

May 29, 2022

May results

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Late win for Stuart in Pender trophy

Stuart Le Noury continues to dominate the local race walk scene with two Championship wins and a late win in the Sean Pender 2,000 metres handicap track walk. He seemed well out of contention with a lap to go but with 200m left there was a possibility he could catch the two left in from of him. Coming into the final 30 metres he moved into the lead to pip long time leader Mick Le Sauvage by four seconds, followed by Kevin Le Noury.

Sunday May 1st 

Sarnia Walking Club 

Championship 4

5 kilometres road walk

Les Amarreurs, Guernsey

1 Stuart Le Noury M35 27.58

2 Kevin Le Noury M60 35.20

3 Mick Le Sauvage M80 39.39

Handicap result: 1 K Le Noury (6.00) 41.20, 2 M Le Sauvage (2.00) 41.39, 3 S Le Noury (15.00) 42.58

Sunday May 15th 

Sean Pender Trophy

2,000 metres handicap track walk

Footes Lane, Guernsey

1 Stuart Le Noury M35 15.45 (watch time) / 5.30 (handicap) / 10.15 (actual time)

2 Mick Le Sauvage M80 15.49 / 0.30 / 15.19

3 Kevin Le Noury M60 15.57 / 2.00 / 13.57

4 Dave Dorey M75 16.57 / 0.00 / 16.57

Sunday May 29th 

Sarnia Walking Club

Championship 5

3,000 m track walk

Footes Lane, Guernsey

1 Stuart Le Noury M35 15.39

2 Kevin Le Noury M60 20.46

3 Mick Le Sauvage M80 23.10

Handicap Result: 1 M Le Sauvage (1.00) 24.10, 2 K Le Noury (3.30) 24.16, 3 S Le Noury (9.00) 24.39

Rob Elliott for SWC

Guernsey Race Walking

May 2, 2022

Len Duquemin RIP

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Len Duquemin – Rest in Peace

Sarnia Walking Club, Guernsey and Belgrave Harriers

It is with sadness that I have to report that Guernsey race walker Len Duquemin has passed away peacefully at the age of 91 years in Melbourne, Australia. He had spent the last 18 years there after moving from England with his partner Joy.

Lens finest race was in the 1970 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh, Scotland where he finished in 6th place in the 20 miles race walk. At the age of almost 40 years old he recorded a personal best time of 2.42.48 after a conservative start and fast finish in which only the winner recorded a faster last 5 miles split time.

Local sports reporter Dave Prigent covered the event with these words “ Our Len, one of the greatest competitors Guernsey has ever produced won the reward for all his sacrifices he made when he strode proudly into the Meadowbank Stadium. For 2 minutes he had the stadium to himself – Guernsey spectators had lumps in their throats as Len walked head high around the track and crossed the line with arms spread wide”

Wonderful words for a memorable moment….followed by Lens wife Pearl running onto the track to embrace him after he crossed the line.

Lens walking career started 8 years earlier in the Guernsey 1962 Church to Church walk, where he finished in probably an unnoticed 3 hours 44 minutes. Within a few years the race walking bug had taken hold and by 1966 he had set a Church record time of 2.47.26 as well as setting a new record time in the Jersey 27.5 miles Parishes walk with 4.27.26. This was followed up in 1967 with a record in the Sark 5 miles walk held on the dusty hard roads on this small Channel Island.

Len was a founder member of the Sarnia Walking Club and made rapid improvements in his times locally and in races in England. Len and his wife Pearl, along with fellow islander John Moullin then made a big decision to move to England to race regularly against stronger competition. They joined the Belgrave Harriers club and had much success with them.

He had success with the Sarnia Walking Club in 1967 leading the field home in the prestigious Garnet Cup over 10 miles in which the club gained first place in the team section.

Len found himself on the British shortlist for the 1968 Olympics but the effects of a jab at the doctors put paid to any real chance. Competing in the 50 kilometres trial he collapsed after 20 miles whilst well up the field. He had an allergic reaction to the jab and had no recollection of even driving home afterwards. A week later he competed in the 20 kilometres trial, walking with his arm in a sling and finishing 9th. As Len later said “and that was that”, expressing his disappointment.

A short lived retirement after the 1970 Games saw Len return to Guernsey a year later to win the 1971 Church walk and resume his racing in England and beyond.

Showing little sign of slowing up he continued to produce quick times and by 1973 had proved himself worthy of a second Commonwealth Games to be held in New Zealand in early 1974. He had a 2 hours 44 minutes 20 miles performance, walked in the Belgrave Championships as a good form indicator, but things turned bad after that. Soon after arriving in New Zealand and carrying the Guernsey flag in the opening ceremony, he was bed bound with the flu and only recovered shortly before the race, ending up with a disappointed Len walking 2.53.37 for 9th place.

Lens impressive list of performances include races at National level in RWA competition, AAA track Championships and club races. He recorded 51.38 and 14.04 for 7 miles and 2 miles on the track, with road times of 74 minutes for 10 miles and 95 minutes for 20 kilometres. At the longer distances he walked 50 kilometres in 4 hours 39. His longest walk was in the London to Brighton 53 miles in which walked in 8 hours 44 minutes. Len told me the story of how he finished and then had to be almost carried to the baths at the changing room such was the effort he found the distance.  After retiring from regular race walking he raced in half marathon runs when in his mid 50s with a best of 82 minutes.

On a personal note, I knew of Len Duquemin from early on in my own race walking career started as an 11 year old. I only really knew he was a fast race walker with times meaning very little to me at a young age. I recall taking his photo winning the 1971 Church walk and then actually meeting him properly when I was 17 years old. Strange circumstances of me sitting on the road side knackered after 20 kilometres into a 30 kilometres race. He was standing roadside watching! I still remember his words of wisdom from that moment.

I had the pleasure of racing with him in Guernsey when he was almost 50 years old and he could still walk 10 miles in 80 minutes. I also enjoyed the training sessions with him around the Torteval lanes in later years when we could both reminisce about our race walking and love of the event which he kept to the end of his life.

Rest In Peace Len

Rob Elliott

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