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April 29, 2017

Championship Three 3 kms

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Friday April 28th 2017

Sarnia Walking Club

Championship Three

3,000 metres track walk

Osmond Priaulx, Guernsey

Another win for Stuart Le Noury with Rob Elliott taking second place almost two minutes behind. A close race for third with Kevin Le Noury getting the better of Peter Beckerleg. An isolated Mick Le Sauvage walked for fifth place with the only woman starter Jayne Le Noury finishing ahead of final man home Dave Dorey.

All walkers were down on expected times for some reason. Winner Stuart had run the London marathon only five days earlier so his time was justified. He ran the distance in 3 hours 23.01.

The next race is for the Graham Mann Memorial Trophy starting at Les Amarreurs at 9.30 am on Sunday May 7th. The distance is a 3 kilometres handicap team event with walkers watch times added up to find the winning team.

This race will be the 50th walk for the trophy, starting out as a 6 miles team event in 1968 before moving to a 3 x 2 miles relay and now a 3 kms team event. The trophy is in memory of young Graham Mann, a walker in the 1960s and a Sarnia Walking Club treasurer who tragically lost his life in an accident.

The Mann relations have been involved with the club from its inception with the late Wyndham Mann being the President in its early years . The late Austin and wife Hazel Mann, sponsors of the event in the latter years were secretary and treasurer for many years. Hazel passed away recently.


1 Stuart Le Noury M 15.16

2 Rob Elliott M55 17.09

3 Kevin Le Noury M55 20.06

4 Peter Beckerleg M55 20.28

5 Mick Le Sauvage M75 21.16

6 Dave Dorey M70 23.58  


1 Jayne Le Noury W55 22.12

Mixed handicap (handicap, handicap time)

1 P Beckerleg (2.00, 22.28), 2 R Elliott (5.45, 22.54), 3 M Le Sauvage (1.45, 23.01), 4 K Le Noury ( 3.00, 23.06), 5 J Le Noury (1.00, 23.12), 6 S Le Noury (8.00, 23.16), 7 D Dorey (0.00, 23.58).

April 24, 2017

Cambridge Park 5 kms

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Sunday April 23rd 2017

Sarnia Walking Club

5 kilometres road walk

Cambridge Park, Guernsey

Six walkers from the Sarnia Walking Club tried out another new lap of a local park, this time over 950 metres. The stroll in the park on a warm Sunday morning was successful with no course problems noted.


Donna Allan was content with walking close to Phil Lockwood through the first kilometre in 7.08, with Peter Beckerleg a close third only seconds behind. Going through 3 kilometres in 20.51 Donna had opened up a 19 seconds lead over Lockwood, increased to 2.28 by the finish.


Well off the pace after the first lap, Kay Coulson soon had Dave Dorey in her sights and reeled him in over the next few kilometres before easing ahead on the last lap.



DSC_0683A welcome sight at the finish line was past competitor Roy Le Marquand who was out for a slow stroll around the park. Roy was active in the 1960s and 1970s and was a regular Church to Church competitor with a best of 3.12.55 set in 1971. He completed the course on 33 occasions between1962 and 1994.

Roy has completed the London to Brighton walk over more than 50 miles and has personal best times of:

5 kms 25.59 in 1967, 7 miles 59.10 in 1967, 10 miles 87.09 in 1967, 50 kms 5.22.45 in 1968.

1 Donna Allan 33.51

2 Phil Lockwood 35.23

3 Peter Beckerleg 35.46

4 Mick Le Sauvage 36.21

5 Kay Coulson 38.12

6 Dave Dorey 39.26

April 9, 2017

7 miles road walk Chilcott Cup

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Sunday April 9th 2017

Sarnia Walking Club

Channel Island Ceramics Chilcott Cup

7 miles road walk

Albecq to North Side, Guernsey

Stuart wins 7 miles Chilcott Cup

Stuart Le Noury easily broke seven miles in the hour to record another win in the annual Channel Island Ceramics Chilcott Cup. On a clear warm morning he strode out from the start at Albecq and crossed the line at North Side in 58.30.

A close finish for second place was won by the experienced Rob Elliott from relative newcomer Donna Allan. Walking at a faster pace over a similar distance than her recent 10 kilometres personal best, she caught Elliott with half a mile to go and opened up a few seconds gap around the Vale Castle and heading down to the long straight finish at North Side.

A still confident Elliott held the gap for a while before catching and moving away in the final yards. The one hour mark for 10 kilometres gets closer for Donna.

Olga Le Noury held off Kevin Le Noury for fourth place. 

Kay Coulson in 6th place had a good race finishing in 1.20.30 and backed up her performance in England last week where she set a new personal best time of 1.12.09 over 10 kilometres. The event was the Cecil Gittins Memorial race at Gravesend where she finished as 6th woman.

Back to the local event and Mick Le Sauvage held off Peter Beckerleg by a few minutes with Jayne Le Noury bringing the race to a close.

1 Stuart Le Noury M 58.30

2 Rob Elliott M55 1.09.10

3 Donna Allan W40 1.09.13

4 Olga Le Noury W35 1.18.59

5 Kevin Le Noury M55 1.19.25

6 Kay Coulson W45 1.20.30

7 Mick Le Sauvage M75 1.22.23

8 Peter Beckerleg M55 1.24.37

9 Jayne Le Noury W55 1.26.11

April 3, 2017

Cecil Gittins 10 kms

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Walking over a distance of 10 kilometres, Kay Coulson recorded a new personal best time by well over a minute when competing in the Cecil Gittins memorial walk in Gravesend, England. In this second edition of the event , held on a 2.5 kms hilly circuit on the Gravesend Cyclopark on April 1st Kay finished with a time of 72.09, well up on her walk best of 73.27 set last month in Guernsey. She finished as 6th woman in this well supported event.

Walking alongside the male competitors Kay finished very close to organiser of the race David Hoben who is a regular visitor toGuernseys annual Church to Church walk.

April 2, 2017

Championship 5 kms

Sunday April 2nd 2017

Sarnia Walking Club

Championship Race Two

5 kilometres road

2.5 kilometres road

Saumarez Park, Guernsey

Donna Allan first home

Donna Allan and Phil Lockwood took the honours in the second race of the clubs Championships. First overall was Donna Allan in 32.17, ahead of Lockwoods 33.26. Expected winner of the mens section, perhaps mindful of the upcoming London marathon walked to third place in the mens section, behind father Kevin.

Two minutes down on the leading woman was Olga Le Noury, ahead of Jayne Le Noury in third.

The club are sad to report the recent passing of past treasurer Hazel Mann in her 89th year. Hazel and her late husband Austin were treasurer and secretary of the Sarnia Walking Club for many years. Hazel had continued to sponsor the trophy held in memory of Austins relation, namely the Graham Mann team trophy.

Men 5 kms

1 Phil Lockwood M40 33.26

2 Kevin Le Noury M55 34.03

3 Stuart Le Noury M 34.22

4 Peter Beckerleg M55 34.51

5 Mick Le Sauvage M75 35.31

6 Dave Dorey M70 39.56

Women 5 kms

1 Donna Allan W40 32.17

2 Olga Le Noury W35 34.19

3 Jayne Le Noury W55 37.21

Under 13 2.5kms

1 Ellis Lockwood U13 18.27

Mixed Handicap

1 O Le Noury 38.19, 2= P Beckerleg and J Le Noury 38.51, 4 M Le Sauvage 34.01, 5 K Le Noury 39.03, 6 D Dorey 39.56, 7 D Allan 41.17, 8 P Lockwood 41.26, 9 S Le Noury 48.22.

March 31, 2017

Channel Island Ceramics sponsorship

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Channel Island Ceramics are to continue to sponsor two of the Sarnia Walking Clubs annual trophies.

The Eric Waldron and Chilcott trophies first walked for in the 1960s are events held over 2 and 7 miles respectively.

Stuart Le Noury continued his winning streak in the Eric Waldron race held last Sunday with the Chilcott race being held on Sunday April 9th from Albecq to North Side.


March 26, 2017

Eric Waldron 2 miles track

Sunday March 26th 2017

Sarnia Walking Club

Eric Waldron 2 miles track walk

Osmond Priaulx, Guernsey 

sponsored by Channel Island Ceramics

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Win number eight

Stuart Le Noury raced to his eighth Eric Waldron title over the two miles track distance with an easy win in the latest race. Dominating from the start he lapped the field to finish in 15.23, only four seconds behind his personal best time set a few years ago. Second home was Rob Elliott, himself a multiple winner of this event many years back. 

Third place went to Donna Allan in 19.01, adding a new Guernsey age best to her recent collection. The time was the third fastest by a local woman, behind times set by Jenny Elliott and sister Kathryn Tostevin in this now rarely walked distance.

Youngest walker Ellis Lockwood made a good effort in the closing laps to close down Kay Coulson, with Coulson only just holding on by a second.

1 Stuart Le Noury M 15.23

2 Rob Elliott M55 18.02

3 Donna Allan W40 19.01

4 Kevin Le Noury M55 21.11

5 Olga Le Noury W35 22.15

6 Peter Beckerleg M55 22.27

7 Mick Le Sauvage M75 22.28

8 Kay Coulson W45 23.02

9 Ellis Lockwood U13 23.03

10 Phil Lockwood M40 23.06

11 Dave Dorey 24.50

Updated version of Who is Eric Waldron? Follow the link to a profile:

He donated the trophy to the GIAAC 53 years ago in 1964, which in turn was passed on to the SWC in 1970. Inaugural winner of the 2 miles track (grass track at Cambridge Park) walk was Len Duquemin winning narrowly from John Moullin, both given the same time of 16.09.1. Duquemin improving his time to 14.46.5 in 1966, which until 2009 was the Guernsey Allcomers Record for a 2 miles track walk, until Carl Thomson walked 14.40.4.

The event moved to the roads after that from 1969 to 2002. From 2003 the race has moved back to a track walk for most years to 2017.

Len Duquemin`s track time has frequently been surpassed with winning times on the road. Walker’s fastest winning times in this race are, Rob Waterman 14.30 in 1969, Andy Le Heron 14.15 in 1972, Mick Elliott 14.33 in 1974, Rob Elliott 13.58 in 1981, Mark Elliott 13.56 in 1985, Carl Thomson 14.02 in 1990, Jason Le Noury 15.10 and Stuart Le Noury 15.19.

Fastest time for the event is by Mark Elliott in 13.56 (1995). Youngest winner is Jason Le Noury at 15 years old in 2004. The walk has once been won by a woman, Jenny Elliott in 1999 and once had a tie for first place between local Kevin Le Noury and visitor Sean Pender.

Full list of winners for Eric Waldron Trophy

1964 Len W Duquemin 16.09.1
1965 Len W Duquemin 15.22
1966 Len W Duquemin 14.46.5
1969 Rob Waterman 14.30
1970 Rob Waterman 14.42
1971 Rob Waterman 15.06
1972 Andy Le Heron 14.15
1973 Rob Waterman 15.02
1974 Mick Elliott 14.33
1975 Mick Elliott 15.25
1976 Mick Elliott 14.52
1977 Rob Elliott 14.57
1978 Rob Elliott 14.47
1979 Mick Elliott 15.08
1980 Rob Elliott 14.37
1981 Rob Elliott 13.58
1982 Mick Elliott 15.28
1983 Dave Dorey 16.42
1984 Mark Elliott 15.17
1985 Mark Elliott 13.56
1986 Rob Elliott 14.48
1987 Rob Elliott 14.47
1988 Rob Elliott 15.10
1989 Carl Thomson 15.30
1990 Carl Thomson 14.02
1991 Rob Elliott 13.58
1992 Carl Thomson 15.32
1993 Rob Elliott 15.27
1994 Carl Thomson 14.19
1995 Carl Thomson 14.35
1996 Alun Williams 18.07
1997 Alan Roger 17.49
1998 Alan Roger 17.15
1999 Jenny Elliott 17.19
2000 Kevin Le Noury/ Sean Pender 18.29
2001 Rob Elliott 15.37
2002 Rob Elliott 16.00
2003 Terry Bates 16.37
2004 Jason Le Noury 16.44
2005 Jason Le Noury 16.24
2006 Terry Bates 17.05
2007 Jason Le Noury 16.42

March 12, 2017

Championship One 10 kms

Sunday March 12th 2017

Sarnia Walking Club

Championship Race One

10 kilometres road walk

North Side, Guernsey

RWA Permit 7005-1

Stuart and Kay win opening championship walks

Stuart Le Noury opened up his defence of the Sarnia Walking Club Championships with an easy win in the 10 kilometres road walk held around North Side. On a calm wind free day he crossed the line in 51.41, well ahead of second man home Rob Elliott. 

Out on his own from the start and walking after a training run just before the start , Stuart walked 19 seconds quicker than last months 10 kms race. Elliott was also marginally quicker than in his last walk at the distance.

Phil Lockwood took third place in 66.12. Kevin Le Noury walked well for fourth with Peter Beckerleg holding off Mick Le Sauvage by around half a minute.

Kay Coulson took first place in the womens section in 1.13.27 with her best time in a race walk , ahead of Jayne Le Noury.


1 Stuart Le Noury M 51.41

2 Rob Elliott M55 1.00.52

3 Phil Lockwood M40 1.06.12

4 Kevin Le Noury M55 1.08.53

5 Peter Beckerleg M55 1.11.52

6 Mick Le Sauvage M75 1.12.21



1 Kay Coulson W45 1.13.27

2 Jayne Le Noury W55 1.15.03

Handicap positions

1 S Le Noury 1.14.41, 2 R Elliott 1.16.52, 3 K Le Noury 1.16.53, 4 J le Noury 1.17.03, 5 M Le Sauvage 1.18.21, 6 K Coulson 1.18.27, 7 P Beckerleg 1.18.52, 8 P Lockwood 1.19.12.

March 5, 2017

Philadelphia one mile handicap

Sunday March 5th 2017

Sarnia Walking Club

Philadelphia Team Trophy

1 mile handicap road walk

Les Amarreurs, Vale, Guernsey

RWA Permit 7004-1

Double for Kay Coulson

Almost always putting in a quick performance in these team races, Kay Coulson secured double success as she led the field home in the one mile handicapped walk at Les Amarreurs finishing with an actual time of 10.50. In very windy conditions the long straight road from near Donkey Divers to the sea at Les Amarreurs  was full head on wind before turning along the coast to be faced with side on wind before the relative calm around Vale Church.

In the team event for the Philadelphia Trophy she was joined by 4th placed Jayne Le Noury and 7th placed Dave Dorey for a combined total watch time of 34.52. But it was close. The second team of Kevin Le Noury, Olga Le Noury and Peter Beckerleg only three seconds behind.

1 Kay Coulson W45 11.20 (watch time) / 0.30 (handicap) / 10.50 (actual time)

2 Kevin Le Noury M55 11.31 / 1.15 / 10.16

3 Olga Le Noury W35 11.36 / 1.15 / 10.21

4 Jayne Le Noury W55 11.38 / 0.00 / 11.38

5 Mick Le Sauvage M75 11.42 / 0.45 / 10.57

6 Peter Beckerleg M55 11.48 / 1.15 / 10.33

7 Dave Dorey M70 11.54 / 0.00 / 11.54

8 Rob Elliott M55 12.05 / 3.05 / 9.00

9 Donna Allan 12.31 / 2.25 / 10.06

Team positions (total watch times)

1st K Coulson, J Le Noury, D Dorey 34.52

2nd K Le Noury, O Le Noury, P Beckerleg 34.55

3rd M Le Sauvage, R Elliott, D Allan 36.18

February 26, 2017

Fixture list March to September

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New Sarnia Walking Club fixture list published from March to September 2017.

pdf version to print fixtures-2017-march-to-september

excel version fixtures-2017-march-to-september

Please note some of the race start times have been brought forward by 30 minutes from tail end of last fixture list sent out.

Sarnia Walking Club, Guernsey
RWA Category B walks
Fixtures March to September 2017
Sunday March 5th Philadelphia Team 1 mile Amarreurs Road, Vale 9.30 am
Sunday March 12th Championship 1 10 kms North Side, Vale 9.00 am
Sunday March 26th Eric Waldron 2 miles track Osmond Priaulx, Footes Lane 9.30 am
Sunday April 2nd Championship 2 5 kms Saumarez Park, Castel 9.00 am
Sunday April 9th Chilcott Cup 7 miles Albecq to North Side 9.00 am
Sunday April 23rd Training including 5 kms Cambridge Park, St Peter Port 9.00 am
Friday April 28th Championship 3 3 kms track Osmond Priaulx, Footes Lane 6.30 pm
Sunday May 7th Graham Mann Team 3 kms handicap Amarrueurs Road, Vale 9.30 am
Sunday May 14th Sean Pender 2 kms track handicap Osmond Priaulx, Footes Lane 9.30 am
Friday May 26th Championship 4 5 kms track Osmond Priaulx, Footes Lane 6.30 pm
Sunday June 11th Championship 5 3 kms Amarreurs Road, Vale 9.30 am
Sunday June 25th Championship 6 20 kms North Side, Vale 9.00 am
Sunday July 2nd Track One hour Osmond Priaulx, Footes Lane 8.30 am
Friday July 7th Championship 7 2 kms track Osmond Priaulx, Footes Lane 6.30 pm
Sunday July 16th Championship 8 10 kms Pleinmont to Grandes Rocques 9.00 am
Sunday July 30th Piette Cup 3.8 miles handicap Rocquaine Bay 9.30 am
Sunday August 6th Championship 9 10 kms Delancey Park, St Sampsons 9.00 am
Sunday August 20th Championship 10 1 mile Osmond Priaulx, Footes Lane 9.30 am
Friday September 1st Road walk 3 kms Amarreurs Road, Vale 6.30 pm
Sunday September 3rd Church to Church 19.4 miles Havelet Bay, South Esplanade 9.00 am
£10.00 entry fee Men & Women Start time 9.00 am
Contact: Race Secretary
Jayne Le Noury, Jedburgh, Sohier Road, Vale, Guernsey, GY3 5PX
e-mail:     Tel:246865
Sarnia Walking Club Championships: 8 out of 10 races to score
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